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With 200 million members LinkedIn is now valued at more than $18 billion

With 200 million members LinkedIn is now valued at more than $18 billionAs we reported in January LinkedIn revealed it had hit a significant milestone as it passed the 200 million-member mark.

Of those 200 million more than 11 million members are in the UK, a similar number are in Brazil, and 74 million are in the US. It is far smaller than Facebook and Twitter, but quietly the professional social network is attracting very positive numbers. Not only are its membership numbers shooting up, but so is its value.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal  LinkedIn is now valued at more than $18bn.  Read More »

Twitter valued at $11bn as it begins preparation for a possible 2014 IPO

Twitter could seek an IPO in 2014 making it the IPO of the decadeAfter a rocky 2012 for technology companies coming to the market, which left Groupon, Zynga and Facebook bruised, no one wants to rush towards an IPO in 2013 and particularly not Twitter, which finished the year strong after its role in the US presidential election.

When it does make the leap it could well be, as some have put it, the IPO of the decade. It is currently valued between $8bn and $11bn and  could easily accelerate beyond that figure if 2013 continues in the same vein as 2012 and it continues to follow the revenue trail and build its social advertising business on the web and crucially in the mobile space. Read More »

Zynga closes UK office, closes games and axes 150 staff

farmville maker Zynga cuts 5% of staff and closes UK office

We have already seen stocks in social networking firms quickly decline this year and last night more of the bubble burst as social gaming firm Zynga announced, timed to coincide with the launch of the iPad Mini, that it was cutting 5% of its 3,200 workforce.

The cuts will include the closures of its operations in the UK and Japan although no word on how many are affected by these cuts.

Along with the job cuts Zynga plans to dispose of 13 older games and reduce its investment in the game The Ville.  Read More »

Insiders say Twitter will seek an IPO in 2014

An illuminating profile of Twitter CEO Dick  Costolo in the New York Times looking at his stewardship of Twitter since the three founders either left to focus on other projects, Biz Stone and Evan Williams now run incubator start-up incubator Obvious, or took more strategic roles as Jack Dorsey has done.

In amongst the background insights into Costolo, who is a former stand-up comedian, is a mention of a possible date when Twitter might seek an initial public offering and follow Facebook and LinkedIn to the markets.

The date for the IPO is said to be sometime in 2014 giving Twitter more time to grow and develop revenue streams. Read More »

Zuckerberg reassures staff as Facebook shares hit new low

Mark Zuckberg: tells staff he will not be selling his Facebook shares anytime soon.Facebook shares hit a new low last night as they fell to $17.73.

It was the first time Facebook shares have fallen below $18. They fall puts the stock almost $21 off of the $38 IPO price.

The latest drop in Facebook comes as analysts at Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase cut their targets and long-term outlooks for the social networking site’s shares.  Read More »

Groupon stock down by more than 70% from IPO price

Groupon - stock in the deal deals site off by more than 70% from its IPOShares in daily deals website Groupon fell by more than 70% in after hours trading yesterday as it became the latest next generation dotcom stock to hit trouble along with Facebook and Zynga, which last week lost its COO.

Groupon shares hit a life-time low of $6.05 in after-hours trading before recovering some what and rising to 7.55 as investors took advantage of the fall.

The drop came as Groupon missed quarterly revenue expectations and gave a cautious profit outlook. Read More »

Zynga loses COO as its stock continues to struggle

Farmville maker Zynga loses COO as share price continues to dipZynga has parted company with its chief operating officer John Schappert with immediate effect as shares in the social games firm continue to fall.

Shares in the FarmVille and PetVille game maker were down by more than 2% when they closed last night and now stand at $2.95.

Zynga floated on the Nasdaq at $10 a share in December. While it briefly bobbed above its IPO price its stock has been on a downward trajectory since. Read More »

Facebook launches new mobile ad unit to capitalise on apps

Yesterday Facebook raised the mobile stakes as it made its online gaming debut with the launch of a real cash  bingo app.

That’s clearly part of its much needed strategy to make money out of mobile, which will be key to Facebook’s future growth and revenues.

Another part of that strategy has also emerged and that is a new ad unit that will allow advertisers to promote their mobile apps on Facebook. Read More »

Twitter TV – coming to a screen near you soon

Twitter looks to be making a fascinating move into become a fully fledged media player, producing original content, according to an Ad Week article.

It says that the San Francisco-based company, along with multiple Hollywood producers and network executives are in serious talks about the possibility of launching several original video series via Twitter. Read More »

Research finds advertising and gaming revenue booming in the social space

Social gaming (yes, that means Farmville,) is expected to generate $6.2 billion this year, As social media dominates more and more of the internet, the companies behind some of the most popular networks are unsurprisingly looking at how to maximise their revenue. Research company Gartner have published some very interesting analysis on how social media makes money.

They say: “Advertising is, and will continue to be, the largest contributor to overall social media revenue and is projected to total $8.8 billion in 2012.” Read More »