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What #DontJudgeChallenge can teach brands about monitoring UGC

ice bucket challenge by Anthony Quintano:FlickrConsumers share an estimated 1.8 billion photos every day across social media and upload 300 hours of YouTube video every minute. The good news for brands is that large audiences naturally tend to congregate around social and visual content so it’s no wonder that brands seek to embrace and engage with visual content in a creative way.

One of the best examples of this was seen in last year’s #IceBucketChallenge, where what started out as a local relatively small scale internet challenge quickly turned into a global viral phenomenon. Participants would film themselves throwing a bucket of iced water over their head and nominate friends to carry on the chain. More than 17 million people got involved to support ALS and other causes, in total raising $220m. Even brands like Samsung got in on the action resulting in positive earned media value. Read more on What #DontJudgeChallenge can teach brands about monitoring UGC…

Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt



On the 21st anniversary of the creation of its famous slogan, ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’, UK woodcare brand Ronseal decided to celebrate the notable date by dropping the strapline.

Created in 1994 at the behest of Ronseal’s marketing director who wanted a campaign that promoted the honesty of both the brand and the products. It is now the third most recognised slogan of all time and according to the BBC has become part of the vernacular.

The phrase is used by media outlets across the world, from a news channel in New Zealand reviewing a film, to the latest results from a university developing new technologies for hydro-power. Read more on Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt…

How is Twitter video set to impact brands?

twitter officeTwitter’s announcement this week that it will be launching a new video function allowing users to film, edit and post video clips confirms that 2015 is set to be the year of video.

But what does this move tell us, and, more importantly, what do these changes signify for marketers faced with a fast evolving digital landscape? Read more on How is Twitter video set to impact brands?…

Brands should “enhance the conversation” to infiltrate mobile messaging apps

dubsmashMobile messaging apps have developed to become the ultimate private social network for users. No need to navigate through complex privacy settings on Facebook, or experiment with new private networks such as Ello.

We’ve seamlessly created the ultimate tailored feed,that far exceeds the algorithmic-led capabilities of any traditional social network.

Whatsapp’s 70% daily active users show that mobile messaging is where the eyeballs – or fingertips – are at. Read more on Brands should “enhance the conversation” to infiltrate mobile messaging apps…

How brands can harness the new age of celebrity

CaraCelebrity endorsements can feel like they have a life of their own, as brands look to stand out from the crowd and drive engagement with consumers.

This is especially true online, where video content is booming. Celebrities are everywhere. However, increasingly the same celebrities are being used by a host of brands in specific sectors – think Cara Delevingne. Read more on How brands can harness the new age of celebrity…

5 content marketing predictions for 2015

Social mediaMore budget was shifted into content marketing in 2014, but next year brands will need to look at the strategy behind that investment and the results they’re getting for it.

There are several areas they might have missed; things they either need to visit or revisit; and places to consider putting test budgets in place.

We’ve identified five key trends for the coming months: Read more on 5 content marketing predictions for 2015…

A mobile future: Is this the key to music industry survival?

Music FestivalThe future of music consumption has become a public affair. The recent struggle between Spotify and Taylor Swift being a fine example. How are artists, managers, record labels and brands expected to build a business in the age of ‘free’ music?

The internet revolution was only one step in the evolution of media consumption which made access universal. In the age of mobile revolution we are now at the crossroads, faced with the challenge of making this now, all-powerful medium sustainable and rewarding for creators, as much as for the end consumer.

Read more on A mobile future: Is this the key to music industry survival?…

Video content will be dominated by ‘real people with passion’ in 2015

Clare HillThis week’s International Content Marketing Summit demonstrated the richness and diversity of the content marketing industry.

And in 2015, the industry is set to build on the 30% growth it witnessed this year. So what are the key trends we can expect to see next year?

Read more on Video content will be dominated by ‘real people with passion’ in 2015…

5 things to avoid when marketing to a youth audience

youthFor marketers, there is no greater challenge than promoting your goods and services to young people. In the past the challenge was to produce advertising that wasn’t too patronising, cringeworthy, or transparently craven.

Read more on 5 things to avoid when marketing to a youth audience…

Top take-outs from this year’s MIPCOM

Simon Cowell mipcomThe 30th edition of the annual MIPCOM TV market set a couple of records last week with 112 countries and 13,700 delegates attending – both all-time highs. Furthermore, of those who attended it has been reported that 1,300 were acquiring digital and VOD rights.

Many themes were explored over the four days but below are my main takeaway points for those who didn’t get to attend.

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