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Trending brand videos: An epic sing song and cats reacting to cats

Lion KingWaiting for your flight to get moving and take-off can sometimes be a bit of a boring affair, but not on this Aussie flight to Sydney!

Here are the top trending brand videos from this week:
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Ireland goes viral for Paddy’s Day

With St Patrick’s Day being irelandinspireswoone of the most popular annual festivals in the world, it comes as no surprise that the topical ad from the Irish Tourism Authority, Failte Ireland, has topped the branded video chart this week, following the 2014 Paddy’s Day celebrations on Monday 17th March.

The video acts as an animated postcard to the world – showcasing the strengths and qualities which make Ireland a great place to live and visit. Accompanied by the soundtrack ‘Higher Love’, from Dublin born singer James Vincent McMorrow, the ad promotes an inspirational and positive image of today’s Ireland, designed to appeal to tourists, investors and those attracted to the energy and adventure the nation can offer.

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How digital natives are shaping the future of music content production

beyonceOnline video platforms are now the primary source for watching, listening, discovering and sharing music. With one billion unique monthly users, YouTube leads the way, eclipsing Spotify, iTunes, and now even TV and radio.

Today, if an artist or record label wants to promote a new single or album, YouTube is the first port of call. They do not necessarily wait for a slot on primetime TV or radio – an important behaviour change for the music industry where we are consuming media in much more visual ways.

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Australia’s Gourmet Escape has great UK content but leaves social media thirsty

imageMargaret River in Western Australia is holding their annual Gourmet Escape event this weekend. They are using UK celebrity chef’s to engage the public but their social media strategy lacks any real impact or engaging content.






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YouTube removing the ladder under the music industry

IMG_0722The Wall Street Journal are running their Tech Cafe the for second year, in Shoreditch in the heart of London’s tech scene. This morning the music industry was firmly in the spotlight, with former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason giving his take.

What became clear was that despite continuing love of vinyl records, it is online, through socially shared content, where the music industry is moving. Both Mason and those asking him questions had a huge focus on the effect of Spotify and, more pertinently, YouTube. Read More »

The apps that matter: Facebook leads Google Maps in the UK

google maps appIt may be the world’s No 1 smartphone app by active usage but Google Maps (pictured) has been beaten not just by Facebook’s official mobile app but also by YouTube in the UK.

GlobalWebIndex’s tracking of the apps that were actually used by the world’s one billion smartphone owners in the second quarter of 2013 has revealed some interesting national preferences when it comes to the UK.

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Why ad skipping is the future of digital advertising

you tube ad skippingSkipping ads online is undoubtedly a common activity now. Since 2010 when YouTube first introduced the option, consumers have grown accustomed to being able to click past ads they don’t wish to see after just five seconds.

Because of this, advertisers increasingly have the opportunity to pay only for ads that demonstrate some level of engagement. This is being recognised by online video hosting channels, such as YouTube, where advertisers are billed only if a user clicks on or watches at least 30 seconds of an ad (or watches an ad to completion if it is less than 30 seconds long).

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Budweiser shows how content is King for Beers on mobile

budweiser made in americaBudweiser are really rocking with their mobile engagement of their “Made In America” concert and shown how bite sized chunks of cool and compelling content really does make you King of Beers.

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Streaming radio battle rages in Singapore

Spotify has finally come to Singapore! The world renowned streaming music playlist/personalised radio brand has landed after years of developing its brand in America and Europe and building up a loyal following. The main stumbling block in Asia for all these music/video content players is rights.

Asia is infamous for illegal downloading. The 240 million people who live in Indonesia for example only bought 11 million CDs last year compared to the 6 million illegal downloads they do a day, at a conservative estimate.

Singapore is actually the world capital of illegal downloading per capita fuelled by the obsession with the latest tech gadgets, high speed internet and multiple music playing devices…..and desire for a freebie (despite having the world’s highest GDP per capita, US$30k above the UK)!

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Boyce Avenue – social media killed the record company

Boyce Avenue performed a classic acoustic set at the Music Matters conference last week in Singapore and wowed those who had never seen them (like me!) despite having ONE BILLION views on YouTube.





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