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The new IAB standards fuelling programmatic native ads

An update to the IAB standard for buying and selling native ads at scale was recently released for public comment.


The spec, known as Native 1.1, is an extension of a larger update to the OpenRTB 2.3 protocol, soon to be 2.4, which in 2015 ushered in an era of standardisation for native advertising: programmatic native.

I’m confident in saying the release of the Native 1.1 extension marks a major advancement for the native ad market and is specifically designed to enable broader growth of programmatic native.

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What does Bing and Yahoo’s ‘consciously uncoupling’ mean for 2016?

Way back in 2009, which seems prehistoric from a digital perspective, Yahoo and Bing created a partnership to “create value for advertisers and establish ongoing stability for partners.”

Yahoo homepage

Many, myself included wondered if this partnership could finally provide some competition for Google. Competition after all breeds excellence and well, I’m an optimist and everyone loves an underdog story.

Essentially the partnership relied on Yahoo’s sales and account teams and Microsoft’s search results and technology. Did they challenge Google? In short, no, but there may be hope. Read more on What does Bing and Yahoo’s ‘consciously uncoupling’ mean for 2016?…

Vlog: Yahoo on digital training and gamification

WEB_Yahoo_Academy_digital_trainingLizzie Barclay, senior marketing manager at Yahoo, spoke exclusively to The Wall about its digital online training platform, Yahoo Academy, and why the company has taken a gamification approach to it.

The free to use platform, which launched earlier this year, has been created to help digital marketers of all levels and disciplines further their industry knowledge. It covers an array of topics including social media, data, content marketing, mobile and programmatic. Read more on Vlog: Yahoo on digital training and gamification…

Smartphone dominance is here; marketers must shift their approach

smartphones by Yutaka Tsutano/FlickrYesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Yahoo being incorporated as a company. While it’s amazing to think how much the internet has evolved and changed in the last two decades it’s even more exciting to look forward.

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How to really nail content marketing

Megaphone2Content marketing has come of age.

It’s a much more intimate experience and it’s important that brands take the right approach. Tone is clearly important, as is the use of storytelling for marketers to engage in a two-way dialogue with their target audience.

Advertisers are having to quickly become adept at using different forms of media, often visual and short-form, such as animated gifs to capture consumer attention and create a conversation. Done right, content marketing can seriously cut through the noise. Read more on How to really nail content marketing…

Lights, camera, innovation! How digital is driving cinema-going

cinema by Humberto Marum on FlickrAs more people watch films online through subscription services viewing long-form content on devices has become a daily habit.

At Yahoo we conducted entertainment research to look at whether this trend for consuming films online is impacting on cinema’s footfall in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The great news for movie studios is that it’s not an either or consumption pattern – our research reveals that it’s the same audience who use online streaming services who are more likely to buy tickets to the movies (14% more likely). They engage with content whatever size the screen. Read more on Lights, camera, innovation! How digital is driving cinema-going…

Mobile advertising: Why blending in is the new standing out

yahooChanging content consumption habits, driven by the proliferation of devices means brands are having to innovate the way in which they communicate with consumers, particularly on mobile devices. At Yahoo, we looked at how consumers are reacting to brands’ new efforts to engage with them, what they like already and what they want in future.

Our study looked specifically at mobile native advertising and reveals that, when consuming a stream of content on mobile, users don’t filter ads specifically from the stream – in the way that they do through ‘banner blindness’. Read more on Mobile advertising: Why blending in is the new standing out…

5 key differences between the Japanese and UK/US search markets

Tokyo Japan by Guwashi999 FlickrIt’s not often you get the opportunity to work in Tokyo, let alone in one of the region’s leading digital agencies. Luckily for me, our partnership with Frontier Digital Marketing in Japan gave me the chance to re-locate for a three month placement.

Here are the five key differences that I observed between the Japanese search market and that of the UK/US, including some top tips for anyone looking to run search campaigns in the region.

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The new face of mobile ads

appleiPad2In the past six weeks, three of the most visible companies in the digital world have made similar announcements: Google, Twitter, and Yahoo have disclosed plans for dedicated advertising products for app marketers.

Why the sudden rush of activity? Simple: the incredible success of Facebook’s mobile app install ads can’t be ignored. App-specific advertising products are the future of mobile app advertising – here’s why. Read more on The new face of mobile ads…

Categories are great for awards… but not real life

BRda judgingSpring is the air, and the industry award season is in full swing.  Across London, agencies are scrambling to write up their best work, begging for deadline extensions like students who’ve pissed away a whole term in the union bar and left their coursework to the last minute.

When the shortlists get revealed, though, all that hard work seems worthwhile. Today, I’m off to join my fellow judges to compile the shortlist for the Brand Republic Digital Awards. Working through the longlist ahead of the judging, two things struck me about our industry. Read more on Categories are great for awards… but not real life…