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The unwritten rules of social media

The latest ASA report highlights a plethora of issues that brands face in advertising, not least for highlighting the landmark first ever UK ad campaign banned on social media for inappropriateness.

Social media is clearly spearheading the change for many companies in terms of marketing priorities and it has undeniable reach and influence, and current levels of brand investment in the channel look only set to increase. However, as the medium matures, we are starting to see rules and guidelines for its use emerge, and brands can easily be swept up in its responsiveness while forgetting to filter campaigns through considerations of whether their campaign activation online is appropriate. Read more on The unwritten rules of social media…

Associated Press stirs anger on Twitter with sponsored Tweets announcement

The Associated Press stirs up anger on Twitter over promoted tweetsThe Associated Press last night stirred up a small storm on Twitter as it announced that it will begin to run sponsored Tweets in the timeline of its main @AP Twitter account and signed Samsung as its first sponsor. The story has raised concerns among some journalists as to whether this would damage AP’s credibility as a news organisation. Some have gone as as far to say they were unfollowing AP, that it shouldn’t do it and that it devalues the brand (check out the Storify reaction below).

What these aren’t are official Promoted Tweets from Twitter, but rather promotional messages sent out as Tweets on @AP. Initially it plans to send out two a day this week timed with the 2013 International CES – the consumer electronics show — in Las Vegas. Hardly a huge deal. Read more on Associated Press stirs anger on Twitter with sponsored Tweets announcement…

Social media and sport – can brands play the field right?

The Twenty20 World Cup cricket tournament kicked off this week and it will be, by admission of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the “most socially-networked event in the history of cricket”. Given that we’ve just enjoyed a summer of intense sporting activity too, thanks to the Olympic and Paralympic games, it seems hard to remember a time in which social media and sport were not intrinsically linked to one another.

And yet really, we’re all still on something of a learning curve when it comes to gracing social media etiquette – in particular it would seem on Twitter. It’s not hard to see why – professional sport is made up of a melting pot of passion and profit, while Twitter is a world stage from which any sports star – and the brands associated with them – can share their emotion and involvement with a tournament or event. For the most part this is all good – but there have been times when things have backfired. Read more on Social media and sport – can brands play the field right?…

Celebrity sponsored tweets need structure

Wayne Rooney: My tweets have been bannedKim Kardashian is crazy for shoes from ShoeDazzle, Jordan and Rio Ferdinand enjoy Snickers, Jimmy Carr is a Starbucks fan and Wayne Rooney wears Nike. We know this because their Twitter feeds say so.

The high profile tweeters were all well compensated by these various brands this year for posting tweets to their millions of followers, in Kardashian’s case to the tune of around $10,000 per tweet.

This process of compensating celebs for tweeting about brands, products and services has caused trouble with the Advertising Standards authority (ASA). Nike’s appeal to the ASA over the decision to ban a campaign on Wayne Rooney’s Twitter feed was rejected in September, maintaining the company’s position as the industry’s first brand to have a Twitter campaign banned.

Read more on Celebrity sponsored tweets need structure…

Facebook upgrade SDK to take over your iOS device

Apple and Facebook are combining forces to provide Facebook integration with iOS apps. The Facebook Developer’s blog proudly lists all the ways you will be able to use their SDK and API in your iOS app. These include building in the Facebook Open Graph, using Facebook to Login (in iOS6), and distribute your iOS app in Facebook.

For those that don’t feel enough of their information goes into Facebook, it will now be possible for an iOS app to get your app usage onto there too. Facebook is making it possible for apps to publish information to both the News Feed and the Timeline, and your picture will appear in the app. Read more on Facebook upgrade SDK to take over your iOS device…

50,000 Tweets Celebrate Rooney’s Euro 2012 Match Winner [infographic]

As England rode their luck against Ukraine to pass into the quarter finals of Euro 2012, over half a million tweets were made during the game.

Key peaks were prodigal Rooney’s open goal miss at 27 minutes, followed by what would become his decisive 47 minute goal which generated over 50,000 tweets in the following five minutes alone. Read more on 50,000 Tweets Celebrate Rooney’s Euro 2012 Match Winner [infographic]…

The top hashtags and topics of 2011: Charlie Sheen, Egypt, McDonald’s and Apple

Twitter has published its #YearInReview that highlights the leading topics and hashtags of the year.

The top two hashtags demonstrate as clearly as anything the diversity and breadth of what takes place on Twitter. The top one was #egypt followed by Charlie Sheen’s #tigerblood. Is he still winning? Read more on The top hashtags and topics of 2011: Charlie Sheen, Egypt, McDonald’s and Apple…