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Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud

Man wired up to Adobe's 'BS' detector to separate myths from metrics

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In their continuing fight to ride the wave of emerging technology and tame the data collected from social media, marketers have a new suite of tools to arm their brands with.

Focused on metrics, not myths, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud helps marketers turn their data into insight and actions quicker, providing a single service that pulls together data from social interactions and targeted advertising to help marketers get ahead. Read more on Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud…

The future of advertising and agencies

This week, the IPA published a report snappily titled Social Media Futures – The future of advertising and agencies in a networked society. A 10-year perspective, the launch of which was covered both by the FT:

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Panasonic’s influencer campaign at CES

Bloggers Speak with Panasonic NA Chairman Yoshi Yamada

Brian Morrissey in Adweek covers the latest influencer campaign from Panasonic:

Among the hundreds of journalists at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week there are five people producing reams of copy, photos and video about the show, new product demos and press conferences. Unlike the reporters, though, they are popular bloggers in Las Vegas courtesy of Panasonic.

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Five social media New Year’s resolutions for your business

I thought I’d take a crack at compiling a list of five social media New Year’s resolutions that apply to all businesses, large and small. If you’re wondering why these resolutions are important, find out why my company does what it does or subscribe to our blog.

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Social media more popular than ever

An almost unbelievable couple of graphs from Robin Goad at Hitwise, the first showing that 10.09% of all UK internet visits last week were to ‘Social Networking and Forums’.

UK Social Media traffic Dec '07 - Dec '08

And the second showing Facebook’s inexorable growth.

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How to choose a social media agency

Philip Buxton, the former editor of Revolution, has written a great checklist for brands choosing a social media agency:

  1. A new approach – since everyone claims to ‘do’ social, look for those seeking to develop new models for approaching it, not those seeking to map on their existing models

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The outlook for 2009

Econsultancy have published a good overview of the economic outlook in 2009 for the digital marketing industry, with one of the data sources quoted being Wednesday’s eMarketer report predicting 7.2% growth in UK online ad spend.

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The wiggly world of social media

Little did I know that setting up We Are Social would lead to such glamorous opportunities. For example, yesterday I was asked to appear on Small Business Advice TV to talk about social media marketing and in particular, the example of Wiggly Wigglers, winners of the inaugural Global Dell Small Business Excellence Award for their use of social media. You can watch the show here:

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The dangers of artificial word of mouth

Take your pick – you can read this guidance note from the IPA, a little dry, but useful to understand where the law stands on the issue – or you can read this short story by Hari Kunzru which will be of less practical use but will leave you moved…

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The Connected Agency

Forrester have just released a new report, The Connected Agency, which anyone interested in what agencies will look like in 5 years time should read (it's free, but you need to register first). Brian Morrissey sums it up:

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