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Infographic: what do brands think of Vine?

vine sessionsWhat do brands including Agent Provocateur, Johnson & Johnson and Doritos think of Vine? Social video seeding agency The 7th Chamber asked these and other consumer brands, as well as media agencies, and found that a year after its launch Vine is widely seen as being a useful part of a marketing strategy.

Of the 70 brands and agencies surveyed, 38 per cent said they are currently using Vine for marketing and advertising. Almost half – 45 per cent – consider it to be a staple in their media mix.

If you’re a user who painstakingly creates six-second masterpieces (or have built up a big Vine following in some other way), you might expect to hear from an agency, with 60 per cent of the respondents saying they have or are considering using Vine influencers to promote branded Vines. Read More »

World leaders: 80% of the most powerful people use Twitter

Barack Obama does his AMA on RedditWorld leaders taking to Twitter has slowed down throughout 2013 reveals research by The Digital Policy Council (DPC). Although the heads of state flocking to the microblogging platform is decelerating, 80% of world leaders are now using Twitter.

The DPC has been ranking world leader Twitter usage since 2009. Its latest 2013 report reviews 133 heads of state out of 167 countries – personal or national office accounts. Many countries are represented by a national office Twitter account such as France’s @Elysee, Russia’s Kremlin @KremlinRussia (@KremlinRussia_E for the English language account), the United Kingdom’s @number10gov, The United States’ White House @whitehouse and so on.

The report highlights that for many countries, the national office Twitter account was the main or even sole Twitter voice for governments (out of the 133 heads of state tweeting, 37 were national offices). This includes the accounts in the top half the DPC table – offices such as Germany, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. Read More »

As Vine turns one, which brands are using it best?

adidas vineA year ago today Twitter officially launched Vine.

2013 has turned out to be an astonishing year for app. It’s been embraced by the public and brands alike who have lept onto this platform determined to get one of their Vines to be one of the five tweets a second containing a Vine link.

Who can blame them? Studies are showing that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video. But despite this big opportunity and its six second time limit, some brands have still managed to bore the pants off the audience. Read More »

Talksport Twitter boycott – how the brands are fighting back against the trolls

twitter_2094423bYesterday, radio station talkSPORT announced that they would no longer be promoting Twitter. This surprising move came as a response to the broadcaster’s grievance that Twitter had not adequately responded to complaints from their star football pundit Stan Collymore about the racist and threatening abuse he has received on Twitter.

Talksport said it will no longer promote tweets or pundits’ accounts on air or in Sport magazine, nor will tweets be read out on air until the station feels the issue has been sufficiently dealt with, in a show of support with the former Liverpool forward. Could it be that brands fighting back is what makes Twitter listen about the problem of trolling? Read More »

Sainsbury’s fishing triumph highlights importance of community managers

sainsburys twitterThis time last week saw Sainsbury’s social media channels gaining a great deal of media attention – a result of a rather fishy conversation taking place through the supermarket’s Twitter handle. Much like the infamous Tesco Mobile/Jaffa Cake banter that took place last year, Sainsbury’s appeared to spot an opportunity to have some fun with a customer’s tweet, and run with it.

It all started when Marty Lawrence (@TeaAndCopy) mentioned Sainsbury’s (@Sainsburys) in what appeared to be a complaint as to how his battered fish was missing a ‘bar cod’. The community manager then responsible for Sainsbury’s Twitter account (displayed as David), was prompt in responding with his own equally witty fish pun. As to be expected, Marty counterattacked with even more, thus resulting in a hilarious back-and-forth between the customer and supermarket giant. Marty has documented the conversation on Storify below. Read More »

AC/DC and Beyonce make social media sing

acdcFinally the music industry has woken up to the power of social media. Beyonce’s surprise new album has blown away all itunes records with no traditional marketing and AC/DC will have their biggest hit in 40 glorious years, both thanks to the power of social media.





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Mandela’s death: Kanye, Obama, Styles and selfies

nelson mandelaWith the passing of one the last century’s most influential individual, we expected to see a phenomenal wave of respect and mourning online. As a 21st Century global behavioural trait, it has almost become custom for people to pay their respects publicly, with a tweet or Facebook status, and however strange it may have seemed as a concept 10 years ago (I’m struggling to find a parallel with pre-social online behaviour) it gives us an incredible insight into how conversation across the world sparks, evolves, finds influence, and eventually dies out. From a simple ‘RIP’ through to a crafted piece of prose, each and every message of respect is a statement.

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Twitter boosts ad offer for TV and alcohol targeting

Twitterlaptop640CafeTwitter continues to try and improve, and prove, the value of its ad tools for brands. While brands increasingly realise they have to be on Twitter to communicate with their customers, and “promoted tweets” appear to have been a success, I don’t see brands feeling the need to spend money on Twitter to generate an audience. That’s great for brands and marketers, not so good for Twitter!

Targeting on Twitter is harder than Facebook or Google, simply because it has less verified demographic information about its users. In the last week or so Twitter has released new tools and information improving how it will target alcohol ads at those legally allowed to drink.

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Infographic: Ashes cricketers causing a social stir

It hardly seems anytime at all since England’s cricketers were celebrating a magnificent  Ashes series victory over Australia, but in the early hours of this morning the two teams resumed hostilities at the Gabba in Brisbane, Australia.

Staying up to watch the start, I noticed  the huge amount of conversation about the series taking place on social networks. I have no figures to prove this at the moment, but the conversation seemed to dominate Twitter more than in the daytime series in the UK. Perhaps people could tweet freely about the cricket without worrying bosses would turn it off at work, or they wanted to share their thoughts on the match when everyone else in the house was asleep!

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Saw it on the grape-VINE: how brands are using six-second videos

Bacardi vineBy now everyone should know what Vine is, and you’ve probably also seen people creating some ingenious six-second video masterpieces. But should your brand be embracing it or keeping it at arms length?

For me the answer is simple: “Embrace away”.  In fact, wrap yourself in it like some kind of, I don’t know, ivy-like climbing plant. If you feel Vine is going to provide you with a medium to create content that’s of value and relevance to your audience, then get stuck in and experiment.

The beauty of Vine is its simplicity and low barrier of entry; with a good idea you can produce a Vine for practically nothing.  Why wouldn’t you want to experiment with what’s clearly becoming a popular and talked about tool on that basis? There are enough examples out there of both personal and brand-funded Vines that you can already identify areas where it’s been used to good effect. What’s the worst that can happen?

(Cut to Vine that triggers end-of-world.)

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