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Twitter unveils new search capabilities with major impact for breaking news

Big bird: Twitter improves search and improves breaking news resultsTwitter has announced changes to Twitter Search that could have a major impact on breaking news and how we find it. We all know that we go to Twitter when news breaks and either scan our timeline or do a quick search. A search can throw up a myriad of results not all of which will be relevant as it’s impossible for a computer to understand context. For instance how would it know that a search for “big bird” was referring to politics and not Sesame Street? Or that people searching for “horses and bayonets” are interested in the Presidential debates?

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Twitter improves Twitter Search and introduces Tweet by email

Twitter has taken the wraps off several updates and new features overnight including improvements to its search that gives more prominence to images, video and the news that is shared. The other significant change it is introducing, that is likely to see a great deal of use, is the ability to share a Tweet from Twitter.com directly via email. Sharing to other social networks would also be a welcome addition.

The changes to search follow the recent introduction of autocomplete, related queries and spelling corrections. Starting today Twitter users will see search results that highlight photos, videos and news shared all wrapped up in a more tailored social context. Read More »

Twitter Search “Set To Change Forever” from tomorrow

Twitter: better searching is on the wayTwitter is preparing to announce imminent changes to the way that its limited search function works.

This according to Twitter engineering manager, Pankaj Gupta, tweeted earlier today that big changes are coming to the service.

To date Twitter search has been hard to use and comes with limited functionality. It isn’t particularly sophisticated and doesn’t for instance allow you to search among your own followers or for your own tweets. Read More »