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Lonelygirl15 presents… KateModern

You've probably seen this already, but just in case:

Interactive video show 'Lonelygirl15' has united with social networking site to launch a spin-off of the Californian drama based in London.

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Virtual Me

Electronic Arts and Endemol have announced the launch of Virtual Me, which:

is intended to bridge the gap between traditional TV (how OLD does that sound), videogaming and the internet. A user-friendly tool will help users to create life-like cyber clones or avatars, giving the possibility to be a rock or a movie star (at least in the 10100101011 binary world), and offering them the chance to participate in talent TV shows like Fame Academy or Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

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Online Drama – Prom Queen

prom queen

Iain Tait brings news of Prom Queen, a new 80 episode internet-only drama:

  • Each episode is just over 2 minutes long and features pre and post-roll ads – a couple of seconds pre and about 10 seconds post.

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Joost: it’s the metadata, stupid!

NewTeeVee on why Joost will change everything:

Timestamped comments and tags are certainly one interesting possibility. Combine this with FOAF-like social networking structures, and you got yourself a whole new way to explore TV programming.

Read more on Joost: it’s the metadata, stupid!… update: It’s f*****, which I reported on in early Feb, is really in trouble:

Traffic at Anheuser-Busch's online TV network cratered in March following an already underwhelming debut in February. Bud.TV drew 152,000 unique visitors last month, 40% fewer than February's 253,000 visitors, according to numbers released today by ComScore Media Metrix.

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YouTube primetime: 5PM to 8PM weekdays


So we told you how to game YouTube and get even the most pointless video to the top of the Most Viewed list. The next question is: what’s the best time to execute your evil plan? According to the latest ComScore report about online video viewing, it would be between 5 and 8 pm on weekdays.

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Homes with PVRs, watch less ads, buy less

Stating the obvious maybe, but Joseph Jaffe brings news of:

a newly released study conducted by IRI and TiVo has demonstrated the inevitable: lower product sales within TiVo homes.

Within the CPG category, one product saw a sales drop as large as 12%, where two other unnamed brands registered declines of 5% and 1% respectively.

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BitTorrent goes legit

Something I missed over the weekend, news that BitTorrent has gone straight.

As Jack Schofield comments:

So now you'll be able to use the same system to download a movie for free and keep it forever, or download it for $3.99 and have it expire a day later. Yeah, that'll fly….

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2007: The year of broadband TV

Netimperative reports:

Downloading TV content via the internet is set to become this year's broadband phenomenon, according to price comparison and switching site,

According to research by YouGov of 11,224 broadband users in October 2006, the average UK broadband user is already spending 30 minutes a week downloading films and a further 23 minutes a week watching TV online.

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The future of online is not network TV

Now, you already knew this of course. But as a reminder, Brand Republic reports:

If you thought the future of the web was TV, you would be mistaken as Google issued a warning to companies that think they can broadcast distribute network TV shows and films globally.

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