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As the New York Times cuts are newspaper blogs dead?

NewYorkTimesBuildingThe New York Times is cutting a number of its blogs and is reviewing the future of many more. The Green blog, Media Decoder and The Choice (about getting into and paying for university) have all been chopped.

The axing of the blogs at the New York Times has sparked a fresh round of debate about whether blogs and blogging is dead. It happened when Twitter arrived and is a question that seems to be asked every year.

The blogs axed at the NY Times are to be followed by a number more, according to Capital New York. It reports that next to go are all of the Times’ sports blogs. Read More »

Mail Online closes on the New York Times as it records biggest web day

The Daily Mail’s website, the MailOnline, is closing on the New York Times as it records its biggest day for global daily unique browsers as it racked up 9,558,256 to the site and its apps on April 16.

Less than a week later on the April 22, MailOnline recorded 9,226,255 global daily unique browsers for its second best day ever.  Read More »

The Guardian celebrates reaching one million Twitter followers

The Guardian celebrates passing the one million Twitter follower milestoneNice idea here from the Guardian to celebrate reaching the Twitter  milestone of one million followers. To mark the occasion it wants to find out more about its followers and where they are tweeting from.

It is asking @Guardian followers to share their view by taking a picture of where they are tweeting from and tweet the picture to @Guardian with the hashtag #1msides – apparently a “selfie” is also acceptable if you’re that way inclined.

It has been promoting the occasion with a Promoted Tweet, which the paper has employed a number of times to date. Read More »

How the Mail Online plans to win in America

How the Mail Online plans to win in AmericaForbes has been speaking to the Mail Online’s global CMO, Sean O’Neal, about its growth in the US and future plans.

What’s interesting is that O’Neal sees Mail Online’s future success coming from winning readers from a diverse group of titles from across the US media spectrum. That list include The New York Times, The Huffington Post and People Magazine.  Read More »

Telegraph introduces metered paywall with £1.99 a month charge

Telegraph to introduce a paywalThe Telegraph has introduced a metered paywall joining the FT and The Times as major British newspapers asking readers to pay for content.

The move follows the launch of a paywall on its international site in November 2012. Like the original New York Times paywall, and the recently announced Washington Post, The Telegraph will offer readers 20 stories for free each month before they hit the paywall.

With the Telegraph joining the rush to a paywall The Guardian remains the only major upmarket British newspaper, other than the Independent, not to have a paywall.

Readers are being offered a number of subscription packages including ‘The Telegraph Web Pack’, which offers unlimited access to the Telegraph’s website, plus access to its apps, for £1.99 per month or £20 per year. Read More »

Times paywall drastically hits reach as it sinks below Indy and Standard

The Times: articles the paper are not shared around social media networks as they are locked behind a paywall.The Times has seen its readership fall way below that of its rivals, according to the latest National Readership Survey’s PADD report covering January to December 2012.

The survey found that The Times is now read by fewer people than any other general quality newspaper brand. It has a combined print and digital readership of 5,506,000. That puts it along way behind the The Guardian, Telegraph and even the Independent and the London Evening Standard.

Read More »

The Washington Post to launch a metered paywall this summer

The washington Post plans to introduce a metered paywall this summerThe Washington Post is to follow The New York Times and erect a metered paywall this summer.

The move to a paywall future will likely give newspapers struggling for survival around the world pause for thought, particularly in the UK. In November, the Telegraph introduced a metered paywall strategy for overseas users.

The latest move makes The Washington Post one of the last big American newspapers to erect a paywall. Read More »

Mail Online is like “journalism crack” says editor Martin Clarke

Martin Clarke, publisher of Mail Online, has described the Daily Mail’s all-conquering website as the “crack cocaine” of journalism.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Clarke said people are addicted to it as he talked about the success of the paper that has beaten The New York Times and The Guardian to become the world’s biggest newspaper online. Read More »

How a New York Times reporter got a social media minder

How The New York Times Jerusalem bureau, Jodi Rudoren, was given a social media minderThe Washington Post reports on the curious case of The New York Times reporter, Jodi Rudoren, who has been given her own social media minder who will be looking at every Tweet and Facebook status update that she writes to check and edit them before sending.

We all know that social media can be tricky and that its instantaneous nature can cause huge issues for us all, which is a problem considering how essential Twitter has become to most working journalists today. There have been cases of journalists Tweeting in haste and suffering Twitter storms at length. It has in the worst cases proved the undoing of some journalists. Read More »

How Israel is fighting its war with Hamas online with live blogging and Twitter

As the fighting in Gaza continues today, with both sides continuing to trade blow, Israel has shown a new side to how it conducts its fight with Hamas as it turns to social media to offer a level of apparent transparency that has not been seen before in the conflict in the Middle East.

We have already seen how important it is to use social media to get your message out in Syria. There both President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the Free Syrian Army have turned to social media.

The Israeli Defense Force is both liveblogging its operations in Gaza and is very active on Twitter through its @idfspokesperson account, which have been tweeting news, images and videos of missiles being fired into Israel. Read More »