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The Guardian celebrates reaching one million Twitter followers

The Guardian celebrates passing the one million Twitter follower milestoneNice idea here from the Guardian to celebrate reaching the Twitter  milestone of one million followers. To mark the occasion it wants to find out more about its followers and where they are tweeting from.

It is asking @Guardian followers to share their view by taking a picture of where they are tweeting from and tweet the picture to @Guardian with the hashtag #1msides – apparently a “selfie” is also acceptable if you’re that way inclined.

It has been promoting the occasion with a Promoted Tweet, which the paper has employed a number of times to date. Read More »

Social media remained negative during Thatcher funeral [infographic]

Margaret Thatcher funeral - pic via @frasereC4Three infographics here looking at social media reaction to the Margaret Thatcher’s semi state funeral yesterday, which lit up the Twittersphere. While the talked of protests turned out to be something of a damp squib, and few appeared to agreed with them, there were crowds of supporters and many more curious onlookers lining the streets of London leading to St Paul’s Cathedral as the military procession marched slowly by.

The first two infographics look at overall social media sentiment while the third looks at the reaction of national newspaper readers on Twitter. Read More »

“Adapt or die” – The Mail, Independent, Newsworks and Expedia on tablet take-up

Guy Zitter, group managing director, Mail Newspapers

Tablets are not killing newspapers, they’re offering a lifeline to the revitalisation and rebirth of ‘news brands’ beyond the dreaded paywall, say the experts. Assembled at Newsworks’ Tablet Summit, representatives from the likes of Guardian Media Group, Mail Newspapers, The Independent, Expedia and News International gave their take on the future of the newspaper industry as tablet take-up rockets. Guy Zitter group managing director at the Mail put it starkly. He said it was a case of ”Adapt or die”.

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The Guardian scraps Facebook frictionless sharing app

The Guardian ditches its frictionless sharing facebook appThe Guardian is scrapping some of the functionality within its much derided frictionless sharing Facebook app, in a seeming attempt to generate more direct traffic for its website. The app was launched in September last year, soon after Facebook’s F8 developer conference, which opened up Facebook as a platform. The Guardian were one one the first users of Facebook’s Open Graph system announced at that conference.

The app meant that users could read Guardian stories directly in Facebook, and the stories they were reading appeared in the newsfeed and ticker, and so where highlighted to reader’s friends.

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Twitter restores Guy Adams’ account as it admits “we did mess up”

A storm in a Twitter Cup. Guy Adams account is suspended and reinstated over NBC tweetIt was a storm in a Twitter cup. Guy Adams the Independent journalist who had his account suspended, after publishing the email address of an NBC executive, has had his Twitter account reinstated.

In a blog post reminding users about its private information policy and its Terms of Service Twitter admitted that the team working with NBC on its Olympics coverage did over step the mark and pro-actively flagged Adams’ tweet to NBC and told the broadcaster how to make a complaint.

For that part of the story Twitter held its hands up and apologised admitting “that we did mess up”. It went further, to reassure Twitter users, and said that “this behaviour was not acceptable and undermines the trust we users have in us”. Read More »

Twitter suspends Independent journalist Guy Adams’ account after NBC tweet

Twitter has suspended the account of the Independent’s Los Angeles correspondent, Guy Adams, after a tweet criticising NBC’s wobbly Olympics’ coverage, which has been trending on Twitter under the hashtag #NBCfail.

NBC has confirmed it did file a complaint with Twitter and the account of @guyadams has since been suspended.

The suspension followed a tweet from Adams from that included the email address of the NBC executive responsible for the US broadcaster’s Olympic coverage.

UPDATE: - Adams has since published an article on the Independent about his suspension (see below).

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Independent names its Twitter 100, crowns Branson UK No 1

The Independent has published its annual Twitter 100 and this year it is topped, controversially according to some, by Virgin chairman Richard Branson who displaces the more engaged Sarah Brown.

It is a slightly bizarre list on several fronts. The Top Ten is not a top ten at all, but rather a top 13 as there are so many people in joint positions. Later in the list there are four people at joint 80 and a whopping seven at joint 90. Still it holds some interesting choices. Read More »

Guardian Facebook app driving a million pageviews a day

Facebook has released some intersting stats on its Open Graph features for media partners, which include Yahoo! News, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Daily,  that it announced at f8. We already know that Facebook is a major driver of news traffic with twice as many getting their news via Facebook than any of social network, but the amount of traffic it is drving on a daily basis is striking.

The Guardian is picking up around one million pageviews a day while the Washington Post is getting 3.5 million monthly readers for its social reader app. The Independent has in excess of one million monthly active users are connecting their Facebook accounts and Yahoo News has seen a 600% increase in traffic. Read More »

The Independent begins charging and launches £19.99 iPad app

Big changes at the Independent today, which last week celebrated the first birthday of its ‘i’ newspaper, as it unveils a new website with an international paywall, which we recently reported was under consideration, as well as a paid for iPad app.

The Independent’s UK site remains free, but users accesing from the US and Canada will have to pay. Read More »

Independent considers international paywall as it axes editions

So The Independent and The Independent on Sunday is to axe its overseas editions, as it looks to cuts its cost base. Is this a surprise? On the face of it, no. The Guardian did the same thing in the Summer.

Publishing newspapers overseas is massively expensive, but what’s interesting is that it might lead the paper to errecting a paywall for international readers. Read More »