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Does my brand need an app or not?

Net-A-Porter was the first luxury fashion retailer to launch an iPhone app back in 2009. The increasing fragmentation of communication platforms has presented brands with both opportunities and challenges when talking to their audiences. If anything, the sheer number of digital channels is causing problems for brands trying to convey their message while maintaining brand identity.

One key area of focus and a choice faced by many businesses is whether or not developing an app is the best option. Mobile is naturally a crucial area of growth, fuelled by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets.

However, with the introduction of HTML5, the web is catching back up.  No one is likely to say there isn’t space for both websites and apps in our lives, but the question of what separates the two of them is being asked with increasing frequency. What things does the web do well that apps can only hope to emulate badly, and vice versa? Read more on Does my brand need an app or not?…

Facebook to launch its own App Store and charge for downloads

The Facebook App StoreFacebook is finally launching an App Store of its own. The store is currently in beta testing, but the idea is for something similar to the Apple or Google app stores. It will provide a place to promote and discover new social apps and is due to go live in the coming weeks.

Significantly as well as helping us all find new Facebook apps it will also allow developers to charge users for downloading apps for the first time. Read more on Facebook to launch its own App Store and charge for downloads…