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How brands are using virtual and augmented reality in the real world

With both virtual reality and augmented reality being the headline grabbing attraction at MWC16, its appeal as a marketing tool to drive desire and innovation with any brand is potentially its immediate use, rather than the product itself.


With the exception of the brands who manufacture the products themselves, none use the technology for marketing purposes.

Travel, hotel, and adventure clothing companies however are embracing it and seeing positive returns in some cases.

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The Daily Poke: A click of the fingers

Tapping, swiping, pinching – the way we currently interact with wearables and other devices is something we’ve touched on before at Poke Towers.


The big question is, what comes after the familiar touchscreen interface?

Well, tech designers over at Google ATAP may have the answer.

Their Project Soli is a virtually interface-less interface. Essentially it’s a chip that detects micro movements in the human hand and thus, allows devices to be operated by simple hand gestures.

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Math Men + Mad Men + X-Men: The importance of fusing data, creative and technology

WEB_Mad_MenThe battleground between Steven Hawking and Don Draper is a thing of the past. Ever since British Airways raised the bar at last year’s Cannes with its magic carpet billboard, the old adage of pitting Math Men and Mad Men against each other in the development of marketing campaigns has disappeared.

We are now operating in a world where effective campaigns can start with either great data or a great idea. Read more on Math Men + Mad Men + X-Men: The importance of fusing data, creative and technology…

Your competition is not your competitors – it’s the future

HAMBURG, GERMANY - DECEMBER 28:  Participant hold their laptops in front of an illuminated wall at the annual Chaos Computer Club (CCC) computer hackers' congress, called 29C3, on December 28, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. The 29th Chaos Communication Congress (29C3) attracts hundreds of participants worldwide annually to engage in workshops and lectures discussing the role of technology in society and its future. (Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images)

Of all the pearls of wisdom offered by this year’s Festival of Media Global in Rome, this has to be one of the best. We all know how technology has irrevocably changed the media landscape, but what many in the industry haven’t quite got to grips with yet is how it will not just impact, but shape, the future.

Agencies now need to operate at two speeds – on one level, to make constant, data-led micro-decisions on behalf of their clients, but then to raise their heads beyond this to roll out a broader comms strategy that is driven towards the future. The role of the media planner is not dead, but needs to step further into the marketer’s shoes to understand the consumer by being fully immersed in the power and potential of technology. Read more on Your competition is not your competitors – it’s the future…

The Daily Poke: Draw attention to yourself

Draw attention to yourselfYour choice of laptop may say a lot about you. But now it can say even more – whatever you want it to, in fact. All thanks to a simple sticker decal idea that turns your laptop into a whiteboard at the squeak of a pen.

The aptly named DrawAttention allows you to write on and wipe off messages to prospective clients in as you tap away in public areas, or collaborate with colleagues in brainstorms and meetings. Ideal when you can’t get a word in… Read more on The Daily Poke: Draw attention to yourself…

The evolution of consumer digital experiences

WEB_Microsoft_Digital_Trends_GraphicConsumers are becoming more digitally savvy and their relationship with technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, presenting both challenges and opportunities for marketers.

Microsoft’s newly released 2015 Digital Trends research explores consumer expectations around online experiences and examines how the findings impact brands. Read more on The evolution of consumer digital experiences…

The end of Google Glass?

Google GlassThe end of Google Glass, in its current incarnation – yes. As a future viable, perhaps watered down, consumer based product – I doubt it.

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Sponsored: Everyone’s welcome to the content revolution

Richard Herd, Jamie Oliver

Speaker: Richard Herd, Jamie Oliver channel manager

This article is brought to you by our partners the CMA

With the International Content Marketing Summit just a few weeks away, Clare Hill, managing director of the Content Marketing Association, talks about the latest trends and explains why this year’s event has a special significance.  Read more on Sponsored: Everyone’s welcome to the content revolution…

Ninjas don’t need instruction manuals. Neither do shoppers.

ninjaYou are an expert. An expert in shopping.

A natural. So good, you don’t even realise how good you are.

To coin some pseudo-marketing-psychology, you have moved to the fourth stage of learning when it comes to making purchase decisions: you have an ‘Unconscious Competence’ in shopping. You are a Shopping Ninja. Read more on Ninjas don’t need instruction manuals. Neither do shoppers….

How to engage the connected consumer

Connected TV will become an important part of the living roomToday’s technology-driven world is moving us rapidly into the second age of digital marketing. The shift towards constant connectivity is one that’s transforming how brands connect with people. They now have access to consumers via a variety of channels whilst having the ability to engage and influence each one. Furthermore the proliferation of mobile devices and wearable technology is having staggering effects on consumer behaviour, shifting the power of purchase from brands to consumers.

In light of all of this it’s not surprising to see that one of the most talked about topics in the marketing industry today is the ‘connected consumer.’ This evolving state of affairs presents both opportunities and challenges for brands. Read more on How to engage the connected consumer…