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Hottest virals: World’s toughest job, plus kids react to Walkmans

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The Pillion Trust is a small, frontline charity tackling poverty in London and their ingenious “Fuck The Poor?”hidden camera video is a controversial and thought-provoking social experiment which challenges our attitude to inequality.


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Upcoming: Women Shift Digital Conference (26th November)

chi onwurahIf you are a fan of Ada Lovelace Day then you may also want to know about the upcoming Women Shift Digital Conference. This new conference will be a powerful celebration and get together of about 200 women and men, acknowledging the roles of women in the digital and technology sectors.

The Women Shift Digital Conference will be held at Level 39 in Canary Warf on Tuesday, 26th November. This special gathering will feature inspiring keynote speakers and panellists, demonstrations and debates from leaders and movers in micro-enterprises to SMEs, institutions to companies. Read More »

Why hold technology when you can wear it?

Smartwarch - Wearable TechnologyIn the past year, the battle of smartwatch devices began. Crowd-funded start-up company Pebble Technology paved the way for a new development – smart technology that you wear on your wrist. Their pre-release of the Pebble has now been followed by Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Gear’, with speculation building over the date of Apple’s ‘iWatch’ launch and rumours that Google have also joined the race.

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Japanese students invent the “girlfriend coat” for lonely geeks

Japanese students invent girlfriend coatAfter sitting around together for too long perhaps bemoaning that their love of Manga comics and general geekery had prevented them from getting girlfriends some Japanese students from the University of Tsukuba have found a solution and developed the “girlfriend coat”.

It is a coat that keeps you company and gives you the feeling that there’s always someone there for you. It hugs you and talks to you and says things to you that a real girlfriend would say such as “you said you’d call”, “I’m sorry! I’m late!” and that “really doesn’t suit you”.  Read More »

Going public on the private screen

Whilst online surveys often overstate the uptake of technology, Ipsos MediaCT’s offline Tech Tracker data tells us that just over four in ten GB adults now own a smartphone, representing an increase of roughly 30% in the last two years. The rise of the smartphone has coincided with the increased popularity, and normality, of social media usage. Arguably the two are connected, the modern mobile device being the ideal format for keeping up-to-date, and updating, as it means people are always online, even when on the move. Read More »

UK’s ‘Tech Influence 25′ of 2012 revealed

With Propeller PR’s expertise in the media and tech media space, we’ve partnered with PR software provider Cision to reveal our ‘Tech Influence 25′ list. Rory Cellan-Jones, technology correspondent for the BBC tops the list.

He’s closely followed by Charles Arthur, technology editor for The Guardian, and Mark Prigg, science & technology editor for the Evening Standard. Read More »

Facebook’s Musical Side – Are You Listening Yet?

You may have heard the news that Facebook has partnered with more than a dozen music services, making for richer musical experiences for the social networking site’s millions of members. But are you listening yet?

The top three favourites so far are Spotify, MOG and Rdio. Other services in the mix include TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Audiovroom, earbits, Deezer, SoundCloud, Rhapsody, Vevo, Jelli, Songza and Slacker, among others. All have been introduced as part of Facebook’s Open Graph approach, that aims to feed music, movies, TV, news, books, media and something called “lifestyle apps” into the social mix. All was revealed at the f8 conference back in September when Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage, alongside music darling Spotify. Read More »

The rise of the creative technologists – bridging the gap between creative and technology

Don’t you just love mad scientists? They used to be people you only saw on the telly. You know, blokes with lots of wispy, backcombed hair and eyes that looked like they were propped open with matchsticks. They had a perpetual look of wonderment and terror as if they had accidentally attached electric wires not to a Van de Graaf generator, but to their own genitalia instead.

But now every good agency has a mad inventor. Except they’re more clever than mad. And they’re not called mad scientists any more, either, but Creative Technologists (although they’re mad scientists at heart.) Read More »

When the ‘new’ can be the ‘old’ with a technology-fuelled spin

‘Why are your ears pointed, Mr Spock?’
‘To heat up butter popcorn, Captain.’

People will always be a bit interested when someone takes the very familiar, gives it a tweak, and makes you see it in a different way.

The appeal is probably due to the child-like excitement that comes when ‘What if…’ and ‘Why not!?’ prevail over sound reasons not to. It’s fun. It’s unexpected. It pushes the boundaries. It’s precarious, and there’s a bit of jeopardy involved. Throw some innovative technology into the mix and the result is an interesting trend for reinventing the familiar, using digital means. Read More »

Your Insight Wanted: Help build a B2B social media plan

Along with Kate Warwick, the founder of PR Savvy, we are developing a social media public relations plan, and workshops, to help a number of the agency’s B2B clients prepare for how they will approach this emerging medium.

While social media for B2C companies is better defined, with terrific case studies to look at such as what Comcast, Skittles and JetBlue have achieved, we are finding that it is harder to find a lot of examples of many relevant and successful B2B social media PR campaigns. Read More »