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Can video ads give your brand a sporting chance?

superbowllogo2012Major sporting events draw massive TV audiences and, in turn, substantial advertising revenue. During the 2014 Super Bowl a 30 second TV advert cost $4m – illustrating the value of this specific ad space. Brand competition for this year was fierce and with 164 million viewers tuning in to watch the Super Bowl, it seemed to be the case that the mass exposure justified this enormous investment.

However, due to a shift in viewing habits, TV ads are no longer the only way to advertise during the many highlights of the sporting calendar. These events now present huge one-off opportunities for brands to reach and engage their audiences on mobile devices and connected TVs – technologies that lend themselves naturally to video advertising. Read More »

What Scarlett Johansson can tell us about the decline of TV

sodastream super bowl scarlett johanssonIf only every day was Super Bowl day. It’s a common wish for TV advertisers. The reason? On Super Bowl day they can rest assured that there’s often as much interest in the ad-breaks as there is in the game itself – especially if, as my colleagues in the US tell me, the game is as one-sided as it was this year.

Super Bowl advertising was firmly in the spotlight during the last few weeks. Scarlett Johansson’s advert for SodaStream became particularly infamous after being banned by US broadcaster, Fox, in the weeks leading up to the game. The controversy meant the unedited version of the ad went viral, with over 1.8 million views in 24 hours, and it’s now at 11 million and counting. Read More »

The most innovative ad from Super Bowl 48 didn’t happen on TV

Anna KendrickAs VW pointed out in its teaser ad, there seem to be a tried and tested formula for Super Bowl spots, which usually includes celebrities and/or animals, slapstick humour and very high production values. For the 48th edition of ‘the biggest show on Earth’ a lot of advertisers stuck to some variation of this creatively, which is understandable since a 30” spot on Fox can cost up to $4m. However, this year many more brands were thinking beyond airtime to tap into the cultural phenomenon that is the Super Bowl. Read More »

Super Bowl – the rise of the advertising blockbuster

sodastream super bowl scarlett johanssonAs memories of mince pies and the Christmas ad battle fade away, the global television event of the year is almost upon us. Whilst Seattleites and Denverites are eagerly awaiting the Super Bowl to will on their team to claim the mantle of world champion, for others, it is the commercial breaks that are the real draw. This year is no different, with celebrity-laden adverts taking the limelight before and during the big day. But why is it that the adverts capture the imagination of people almost as much as the sport itself?

Christmas in the UK is the main advertising event of the year where brands battle for the hearts – and wallets – of consumers. With the John Lewis’ Bear and Hare ad notching up over 12 million hits on YouTube to date and companies such as Cadbury investing in its first ever Christmas campaign, it’s a time when companies look to capture peoples imagination and showcase the brand to the world. Read More »

What’s the importance of the ‘always on’ approach?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the ‘always on’ approach. Agencies, clients, media – everyone has an opinion on why it’s something we should or shouldn’t be adopting, and what it actually means.

Some people say it’s the result of having instant access to data, rather than the previous 72-hour turnaround that Facebook used to make us wait for. Others claim it’s come about purely because social media doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch – and that people can access your content and interact with a brand at any time, anywhere. Read More »

Advertising Week Europe – from web 3.0 and six seconds of story telling

Education, inspiration, connection, innovation and celebration. That is what I was told to expect when Advertising Week Europe (AWE) started on Monday and I must admit they pretty much kept to their word. There were a few things that stood out to me throughout the week most notably how we are on a slow move to Web 3.0 and the death of the TVC and rise of the six seconds of story telling. Read More »

How to make real-time creativity count

The oreo super bowl ad that ran on TwitterThe Super Bowl, the Brit Awards and the Oscars have acted as honeypots for brands seeking to ride the real-time zeitgeist in recent weeks.

There has been some truly inspired activity, like the now infamous Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl blackout. But there have been many more half-baked efforts that fail to be embraced by social communities or to add any real value to the brand involved. This can lead to a whole lot of wasted time and energy that does a brand’s reputation more harm than good. Read More »

Forget ‘new media’. It’s ‘now media’

RamKrishna RajaWhat do Oreo’s successful Super Bowl Twitpic and a Furby craze in Thailand have in common Both are example of the power of ‘now media’, according to RamKrishna Raja, digital managing director at IPG Mediabrands.

In case you missed all the social buzz about the Super Bowl last weekend, Oreo was the surprise social-media winner among all those brands that were slugging it out in the digital gridiron. Read More »

The social Super Bowl 2013 – the winners and losers [infographic]

Budweiser: Super Bowl 2013 campaignThis year has been a huge one in terms of social media and the Super Bowl with many advertisers including Oreo, who we wrote about earlier, Tide, Calvin Klein and  Go Daddy doing very well.  The Whispr Group has created this infographic that highlights some of the standout moments and evaluates social media ROI for the top brands buzzed about on Twitter last night as the Baltimore Ravens took down the San Francisco 49ers amid a power cut.

The above advertisers weren’t the only advertisers to do well. The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, Brotherhood, basically went viral. It was the most shared and watched ad of the Super Bowl so far with over 1.5 million shares and 6 million views (that means every 3.6 people who saw it shared it). Read More »

Oreo wins big on Super Bowl night with Twitter power-out ad

The biggest moment on Twitter during last night’s Super Bowl was not during play itself, but when the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome for 35 minutes and cookie brand Oreo scored the biggest ad win of the night.

The power went early in the third quarter, with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6, and the response by advertisers was a true social media one with ads being produced in minutes. Read More »