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What’s Trending, YouTube Music Awards and the rise of social TV

IMG_0857Back in 2011 online host Shira Lazar started her own show on  US network  CBS called What’s Trending. The title was fairly self explanatory – it looked at the people and the topics that were causing a stir online.

Unfortunately, sometimes the thing causing the stir was the show itself, such as when rapper Lupe Fiasco declared President Obama a terrorist live on air, or when a junior staffer mistakenly tweeted that Steve Jobs had died. The latter incident caused CBS to end its association with the programme. Read More »

When networks network: TV gets social

MTV Geordie ShoreMTV’s Geordie Shore (pictured) recently became the first-ever TV show to incorporate Snapchat, as part of its digital marketing campaign. The real-time picture chatting app was used for the first time to distribute exclusive content, drive audience engagement and create buzz ahead of the premiere of the sixth season, which kicked off this week.

Since Geordie Shore launched in 2011, my colleagues in the marketing department of MTV UK have consistently blazed a trail in their use of social media to generate excitement and real-time engagement with the show’s audience. It now boasts over 7 million followers. Snapchat is the latest social media craze to attract a raft of young fans; and if Geordie Shore’s audience is there, and it’s the right type of show to promote via this platform, it follows that we must use it to connect with them.

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Twitter ties TV and tweets together with ad targeting system

Twitter is targeting TV advertisers with a new system that will identify people who are tweeting about a brand’s ads.

Called TV ad targeting on Twitter, and developed followings its acquisition of social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs, it is designed to help marketers extend and enhance their TV ad campaigns.

Initially available only in select areas in the US, advertisers will be able to see which Twitter users have been exposed to their ads on TV and target them with Promoted Tweets. Read More »

Facebook battles Twitter for second screen TV dominance

The biggest battle in social media at the moment is being waged on TV, as Facebook and Twitter fight to dominate the market. Arguably Twitter is miles ahead in this battle and it has made the second screen a major priority as we saw recently with its acquisition of social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs. Twitter will be able to use the data Bluefin digs out to sell to agencies and brands looking for insight in how they are performing in social media.

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Twitter to buy social TV firm Bluefin Labs for around $70m

Twitter has the social TV x factor: The x factor judges

UPDATE: Twitter has confirmed the reports that it has made what is thought to be its biggest acquisition to date, outstripping that of TweetDeck, with the deal to buy social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs, which if anyone was in any doubt, underscores the increasingly close relationship between the social network and television (see confirmation at the foot of post). Twitter has not said how much it is paying for Bluefin, but industry speculation is that it is spending more than $70m (£44m) based in part on the $20.5m (£13m) Twitter has raised over its four-year life from investors including Softbank and Time Warner.

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Don’t miss out on the social tv gold rush

London 2012 Olympics - the Opening ceremonyThe Olympics may be over for another four years but the impact that social media has had on the business world throughout the two weeks and two days of addictive television will ripple on for a very long time to come.

These superb Olympic Games will be remembered for their majesty (specifically the scene between HRH and 007, certainly a television first), for their positive communal impact on our financially weary nation, and for being the most impressive platform for proving the importance of social media in our working and everyday lives. Read More »

Social TV: The current state of play

As one of the biggest behaviour changes we’re seeing since the box was invented, Social TV genuinely interests me. Gone are the days when families would huddle around their TV to share their favourite programs. Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, those days aren’t gone altogether, however there’s a much bigger huddle in the room when you add in the various people we share that experience with through our smartphones, tablets and laptops. The family is no longer focussed entirely on each other, in fact there could be a number of conversations going on at the same time. When it comes to the television itself, there is a trend of people choosing to watch shows on demand through their computers and tablets instead of having a television in the room at all. Read More »

Hashtag power: Twitter numbers highlight success of C4’s Dispatches #TicketScandal

Last month Channel 4 aired an edition of Dispatches focusing on ticket agencies and some of the underhand practices they employ. It sparked major online buzz and C4 powered that as it flashed the #TicketScandal hashtag on the screen throughout the show.

Now Twitter has released some timely numbers showing just how well that programme did. It managed to rack up almost 12,000 tweets in 24 hours, which helped it to pack out three of the top trending topics on the night that it aired. Read More »

Welcome to the digital living room [infographic]

This great infographic charts the change technology has delivered to our living room from the arrival of the first digital video recorder back in 1999; to how we watch content; where we are getting our online content from; to the arrival of Netflix; and the rise of social TV.

It’s that combination of online video, the web, on demand TV and social that brings us to what is a televisual cross roads changing fundamentally the TV experience.

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Social media and The X Factor: what we learnt [infographic]

•    Social media predicted the winner
•    There’s no ‘hindsight bias’ here
•    Tulisa gains most Twitter followers for the first time in the series

With the eighth series of The X Factor now drawing to a close, we are able to reflect on what we have seen and learnt over the last 10 weeks.  For those that have been following along with our weekly blog posts since the live shows began, our focus has naturally been on social media – and the role this has played both for the contestants, but also for the programme makers.

We have crunched the numbers and analysed the data each week, and we’ve done it manually – investing many, many hours in the process.  We’ve not had access to the qualitative insights a robust social media measurement tool can provide, nor the data and analytics that the X Factor in-house teams do. There are a plethora of tools out there we could have looked at, but for consistency, we elected to remain with readily available figures that aren’t open to interpretation.  The numbers are what they are.  Regardless, the limited data that we have captured has been able to provide an incredible amount of insight, which we hope those of you that have followed along over the weeks have seen. Read More »