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How LinkedIn supports the professional journey, and profits from it

LinkedInLogoNewIf you talk to anyone about social networks, you’ll hear different things about what each one is meant for.

In an onstage interview with Sharethrough’s co-founder and chief executive Dan Greenberg at NATIVE 2015, LinkedIn’s vice-president of global marketing solutions Alison Engel made it clear what she wants LinkedIn to be known for. “LinkedIn is about the journey,” Engel said on stage.

Sure, people update their LinkedIn profiles as their careers change, but Engel explained that the center of gravity is about professionals who are aspirational about their careers. Even for those not actively searching for a new career move, they are looking to acquire new skills, tips and information to add to the journey. How can LinkedIn assist in that journey? Read more on How LinkedIn supports the professional journey, and profits from it…

Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt



On the 21st anniversary of the creation of its famous slogan, ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’, UK woodcare brand Ronseal decided to celebrate the notable date by dropping the strapline.

Created in 1994 at the behest of Ronseal’s marketing director who wanted a campaign that promoted the honesty of both the brand and the products. It is now the third most recognised slogan of all time and according to the BBC has become part of the vernacular.

The phrase is used by media outlets across the world, from a news channel in New Zealand reviewing a film, to the latest results from a university developing new technologies for hydro-power. Read more on Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt…

Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud

Man wired up to Adobe's 'BS' detector to separate myths from metrics

This post is provided by our partner Adobe

In their continuing fight to ride the wave of emerging technology and tame the data collected from social media, marketers have a new suite of tools to arm their brands with.

Focused on metrics, not myths, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud helps marketers turn their data into insight and actions quicker, providing a single service that pulls together data from social interactions and targeted advertising to help marketers get ahead. Read more on Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud…

The Social Media Overkill!

I don’t know how many more times I can answer the same question from people. It usually goes something like this;

Social media wannabe: “Hey, are you on Pinterest yet?”

Me: “No! go away!”

I know this sounds harsh, but it’s simply a fair representation of the conversations I’ve been having too much recently. I think it was less than a week after Pinterest became “mainstream” when the questions were being asked about why I (or my company) weren’t on the platform yet. As if we’re missing out big time. We’re losing the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s now or never!!!!!

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Are your customers Pinterested?

I’m going to try and not let this post fall into the trap of Pinterest-bashing as seems to be increasingly easy to do so these days. The inevitable backlash from Pinterest being the cool new kid on the block is in full swing, and for all the fawning, doe-eyed ‘Pinthusiasts’ clamoring to praise the site, and all the marketers running round like headless chickens trying to discover how best to use it for selling stuff, there’s the growing band of dissenters taking the contrary opinion. Read more on Are your customers Pinterested?…

The week in Search… Plus Your World

Google has started the year by encouraging us to take more notice of our friends while simultaneously upsetting some of its other ‘friends’.

The launch of Search Plus Your World on Tuesday makes sense of some of the moves we’ve seen over the past few months, notably the creation of the Google+ network and encrypted search via SSL connections. Read more on The week in Search… Plus Your World…

Google’s What Do You Love highlights its products – and a gaping hole

What Do You Love: Google wants to know

Google has quietly launched a new website called What Do You Love, highlighting the many, many products it offers (and, inadvertently, the ones it doesn’t).

What Do You Love has the familiar clean look of Google’s very first product, the Google search engine.

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Tipping the backlash: The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator

Whatever you do folks don’t hack off the internet. Look at the the backlash that came Malcolm Gladwell’s way following his New Yorker piece on why “the revolution will not be tweeted”, which was dismissive of effect that social media can have on protest movements such as those recently seen in Egypt and Tunisia.

Now some talented wags, Cory Bortnicker and Brett Molé,  have come up with  another way to hit back at the author of books such as the The Tipping Point and Outliers, with the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator. Read more on Tipping the backlash: The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator…

New Facebook film not to be promoted on Facebook

In  ironic but sadly unsurprising news Boom Town have confirmation from Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group that Facebook will not be used to promote David Fincher’s new film The Social Network that depicts the early days of, you guessed it, Facebook. Read more on New Facebook film not to be promoted on Facebook…

eModeration Social Media Round-Up #41

Welcome to eModeration’s round-up of all that is intriguing, alarming
or odd in the world of social media, compiled by Kate Williams. For
more social media snippets, follow @emodkate – or for general twittery,

This week (a little bleary-eyed): The Social Election; Facebook’s fork
in the road; and Apple redux.

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