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Microsoft in talks to acquire social network Yammer for $1bn

Microsoft is reported to be in talks to acquire business social network Yammer for in excess of $1 billion.

Bloomberg reports that a deal is close at hand and could be signed as early as tomorrow.

Acquiring Yammer would give Microsoft some much needed social networking to offer its business customers and would allow it to build Yammer into its other products. Read More »

Facebook IPO: A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? 19 billion dollars

Facebook's Mark Zuckberg: set to reap $19 billion from Facebook IPOToday Facebook debuts on the Nasdaq stock market in the US at $38 a share and will be valued at $104bn, netting Mark Zuckerburg $19bn. Yesterday we heard that Pinterest could be valued at $1.5bn. Recently, iPhone app Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1bn.

Social media has become embedded into our everyday lives, into business, the media and Government. It’s why the companies behind the technology are deemed such prized commodities at the moment. While the disruption that social media services have caused is indisputable, whether these services are so deeply meshed into our existence that they really are long term financially viable propositions is less clear. Is the age of sharing going to finish as quickly as it started?

To coin a phrase, if looks like a bubble, and acts like a bubble, it probably is a bubble.
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Glancee, Highlight, Sonar, Ban.jo – I can find you

A few weeks back everyone was talking about Highlight. A great networking tool that seems to have been the most talked about app at SXSW. (More on that later)

I’ve been playing with some Social Networking apps for a while and wanted to give some thoughts and show you some of the stand out ones.

Social Networking
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Research downgrades the importance of Facebook Sponsored Stories

So I’ve had this inkling for a while. It goes a little something like this…

What your friends like does not have a massive impact on your purchasing decisions

I know, I know… it’s a hugely outspoken thing to say. After all, Facebook have dictated to everyone in the marketing world that people are hugely influenced by what their friends eat, wear, listen to and watch. Sponsored stories; the advertising function Facebook advertisers use to tell people what their friends have liked, is supposed to be hugely powerful to anyone who wants to believe it.

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The lowdown from LinkedIn – it’s all about the individual

A few weeks ago I wrote a story about LinkedIn and their aggressive approach in turning their platform into Temptation Island when it came to moving jobs. My ire was drawn from all the fabulous new ways they’ve conjured up to move jobs. Clever display adverts that put my head under a fancy job title, jobs I might be interested in floating down my newsfeed and a daily digest of jobs I might like on a weekly basis, usually at my weakest on a Monday.

The post had quite a lot of interest from business owners, to recruitment consultants to, would you believe it, LinkedIn themselves. They got in touch and wanted the chance to explain their vision and why my view, though valid, might have different facets unconsidered in the original piece.

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The 5 ways to get a huge social media following fast

Looking for a huge numbers of fans? Can’t wait a second longer? Then read on, this blog post is for you…

  1. 1. Buy your fans
    This is definitely the easiest way to guarantee a following fast; decide how many ‘fans’ you want then simply go to any dodgy-looking site (probably via a Facebook ad) take your wallet out (remember to stick your head in the sand) et voila, success! But wait a second; by definition once you directly pay for a relationship what does that relationship become? What does it really mean? There’s a very obvious analogy here, one that doesn’t involve any love at all… Read More »

Monetizing influence will destroy the fabric of social media

What is influence? It’s a massive question in the world of social media. Thousands of man hours are being pumped into companies who are trying to solve the problem in the hope that one day, you’ll be able to search a category and an application will spit out exactly the 5 top influencers you need to be communicating with to push your product.
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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are terrestrial TV…

vintage televisionSocial media has clunked its way through many evolutions over the years. The past four has seen the digital world settle into a social rhythm. Facebook being the daddy of them all, Twitter is the cooler, younger kid on the block, and LinkedIn taking the lead as the place to hang out to talk serious stuff. The commonality with all of those platforms is they are essentially for everyone. The barriers to entry are extremely low. Most tech savvy people will generally have those three, even if they’re not active in all three (I bet everyone who reads this has all three).

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The week in Search… Plus Your World

Google has started the year by encouraging us to take more notice of our friends while simultaneously upsetting some of its other <cough> ‘friends’.

The launch of Search Plus Your World on Tuesday makes sense of some of the moves we’ve seen over the past few months, notably the creation of the Google+ network and encrypted search via SSL connections. Read More »

Social Media Outrage and Twitribution – The short lifespan of a trending topic

I was recently asked about the effects of social media and public outrage. Specifically, the question was around Jeremy Clarkson and his ‘oh so controversial’ comments on the BEEB last week. You know, the comments that were definitely nothing to do with shifting copies of a Christmas DVD.

Anyway, let’s paint the picture of how the average outrage works in social media. Read More »