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Linkin Park Recharge music marketing with gamification

Linkin_Park_LP_RechargeLinkin Park are never afraid of testing new musical formats as well as new marketing mechanics. The latest album is a remix dubstep/dance album of their acclaimed rock album “Living Things”. The latest marketing employed is gamification through social media, Xbox live music streaming and creating awareness for the world’s energy poverty.





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MTV ‘breaks’ Twitter’s graphic code for Teen Wolf campaign

TeenWolfMTV France and social TV agency Darewin have teamed up to promote the season three premier of ‘Teen Wolf’ on French TV with a campaign that takes advantage of a Twitter “bug” in feeds, which appears to display a werewolf’s claw marks.

The graphic works across iOS and android 4.2 platforms. The claw marks will also appear on the MTV France Facebook page, SMS communications and promotional emails.

In a statement, MTV said an unnamed artist/hacker created the image by “breaking” Twitter’s graphic codes, resulting in a campaign that combines digital, storytelling, “hacking” and social networking.

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Does the Emirates sport sponsorship strategy fly?

8587812107_9da5e0ccfd_cEmirates offer an amazing case study when it comes to how to own and activate a sponsorship area. They dominate sport sponsorship in a way that other brands most envy. But which properties make the greatest cut through for them and how do they use social media to activate their properties?

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Redefining Facebook: how brands should use Facebook Ad Apps

facebookFacebook is expanding its mobile advertising offering with a highly specific mobile app format.

It has been introduced to bolster the social network’s fast-growing mobile business and is a key revenue focus for the future. But how effective will they actually be? And how can clients use them to drive business value?

Mobile app ads, which allow companies to promote content within their mobile apps, will encourage users to remain active within the apps beyond the install.

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New Zealand – a great Southland of potential: part 2

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.26.55New Zealand have some pretty cool local brands too and they make great play about local brand values. I saw a lot of “for Kiwis, by Kiwis”, in marketing messages. Clearly that message resonates with consumers both on line and off.


Huffer, Lower, Federation, Commoners, Thing Thing are just a few contemporary fashion brands making a mark competing with the heavyweights with a more youthful and edgy style to appeal to snowboarders and the youth (and young thinking!) in New Zealand.

Global Culture is my favourite. They consistently poke fun at established brands and culture and their motto is the brilliant “you can never be too rich, too cool or own too many t-shirts”. Interestingly none of these appear in the top 50 facebook sites for New Zealand. Read More »

A Fragile Platform – Social Media in China

China Social MediaThis month it was announced that social media users in China could be charged and threatened with three year jail sentences if they spread ‘false’ rumours through social media. If one of these rumours is viewed by 5,000 people or is reposted more than 500 times, the source of that post would be liable. Read More »

Will the new Borders store in Singapore succeed in a world without physical books?

borders 2Singapore’s Popular Books are opening a new Borders store in Singapore only 2 years after the store crashed and burned and had to close all their stores not just locally but globally. Are Popular simply trying to resurrect that dead? Or will this brave attempt to engage Singaporeans with an off line book store actually check the momentum globally of high street book stores closing?

Fundamentally if enough Singaporeans were going to off line book stores and reading rather than browsing there would be more than one chain and more than a handful of bookstores left not just in Singapore but the world. This is not just a local trend this is global.

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Are chief marketing officers taking over IT departments?

marketing technology word cloudA few years ago, Chief Marketing Officers would not have envisaged how fundamentally technology would change not only their profession but also the skills required to do the job.  Marketing departments have always had to marry creativity with a keen analytical mind, but the enabling technology was very much the domain of the IT departments.  Traditionally, there was always a clear distinction between the IT department and the end-users of IT in almost every organisation.  Apart from running odd complex database queries to create target lists, there was really no need for most marketeers to understand how technology platforms worked.

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Red Bull Singapore vs Red Bull Global: corny vs cool

RB Speed Street SingaporeWhen I first saw Red Bull’s appalling Real SG Heroes campaign I thought it was a clever tongue in cheek joke…until I realised that they were being serious. Red Bull owners would surely have a heart attack if they saw it…..

The concept seems to have come from the launch of the new Red Bull Less Sugar product although the connection bemuses me as there actually appears to be zero connection between the two. Worse still Red Bull Singapore don’t even appear to be making any connection, almost as if the two pieces of activity are working alone….but together!

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Standard Chartered climb mountains to prove mobile banking reaches peaks

stan chartStandard Chartered are known as being a safe bank. Secure. Never troubled during the financial crisis so why risk their reputation on a climb up Everest to test their mobile banking abilities?

Maybe it was the thrill of doing something completely different. Maybe it was a way of breaking them out of the monotony of the usual Singaporean banks conservative marketing campaigns. Maybe they thought what the hell and throw caution to the wind such was their confidence in their mobile banking product….

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