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In the Walking Dead of Content Rock and Jazz are Andrew Lincoln

16598-3691-34I don’t miss many things about living in London (certainly not the weather and the underground) but I do sometimes miss the culture. Having the choice of seeing one of a dozen concerts with top class entertainers every night, top class comedians in places from clubs to concert venues and top class theatre from comedy to drama every night is something to be admired.

Singapore would love to be able to offer such a wide range of content for its residents but it really is a zombieland of decent live content, comedy and drama. Whereas in London I would become complacent about the live entertainment I saw because of the choice in Singapore I buy anything and everything that moves so rare do decent concerts occur.

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World leaders: 80% of the most powerful people use Twitter

Barack Obama does his AMA on RedditWorld leaders taking to Twitter has slowed down throughout 2013 reveals research by The Digital Policy Council (DPC). Although the heads of state flocking to the microblogging platform is decelerating, 80% of world leaders are now using Twitter.

The DPC has been ranking world leader Twitter usage since 2009. Its latest 2013 report reviews 133 heads of state out of 167 countries – personal or national office accounts. Many countries are represented by a national office Twitter account such as France’s @Elysee, Russia’s Kremlin @KremlinRussia (@KremlinRussia_E for the English language account), the United Kingdom’s @number10gov, The United States’ White House @whitehouse and so on.

The report highlights that for many countries, the national office Twitter account was the main or even sole Twitter voice for governments (out of the 133 heads of state tweeting, 37 were national offices). This includes the accounts in the top half the DPC table – offices such as Germany, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. Read More »

A mind of their own

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.02.24Currently, my morning commute is fairly simple and always follows a similar pattern – I get in my car, choose a CD to pop into the stereo, drive to my parking spot, and catch up with Facebook’s latest goings-on as I walk to the office.

This routine has served me well for the past few years, but in another five, it could all have changed. In the future it is completely possible, though fiscally improbable(!), that I will be travelling to work in a car that doesn’t need me to drive it, listening to music selected and played to me according to the mood my brainwaves are signalling at the time, whilst my phone is automatically responding to the latest Twitter and Facebook posts on my behalf…all without having to lift a finger or touch a screen. Read More »

AC/DC and Beyonce make social media sing

acdcFinally the music industry has woken up to the power of social media. Beyonce’s surprise new album has blown away all itunes records with no traditional marketing and AC/DC will have their biggest hit in 40 glorious years, both thanks to the power of social media.





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Tea Pigs brews up a tasty brand

Screen-Shot-2012-05-07-at-17.42.11How do you make tea sexy? Call your brand Tea Pigs and communicate in a way that acts more like a friend than a brand, have some very interesting flavours and become very customer focused.






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Partnerships make brands sexy

CHow do you make cloud computing sexy? Add Stephen Fry. How do you make Starwood sexy? Add Bayern Munich. How do you make The Hard Rock sexy? Add Linkin Park.

Brand partnerships are an amazing way for one brand to leverage the positive brand values of another brand to 1) target a new customer audience 2) reinforce loyalty in the existing customer base 3) change brand perception 4) double marketing and brand power.



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Australia’s Gourmet Escape has great UK content but leaves social media thirsty

imageMargaret River in Western Australia is holding their annual Gourmet Escape event this weekend. They are using UK celebrity chef’s to engage the public but their social media strategy lacks any real impact or engaging content.






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Being banned in Singapore is better than sex for AshleyMadison.com

Picture-223It’s pretty easy to get massive viral PR in Singapore and increase customer engagement. Create a website that specialises in adultery. “Bring it” to Singapore. Let the politicians, facebook and public do the rest, then finally “ban it”. Bang you have the No.1 “dating” site in Singapore and over 100,000 new customers with zero spend. Genius.

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How are football clubs combating Twitter misuse by players?

With over 13.8 million Twitter followers combined, Premier League football clubs have quickly become a source of information and entertainment to the Twitter universe. Some 25% of sports fans consume sport based content via Social Media, and this figure is expected to keep growing as the adoption rate for second screen viewing increases. Undoubtedly, football and Twitter are a match made in heaven – fans can air their opinions openly, converse with players, pundits and fans across the globe and it regularly acts as a “breaking news” outlet for transfer, injury and match information.

If you’re in any doubt about the engagement of football on Twitter, then research from Sports Social Media monitoring platform – Social Pundit – suggests that since the start of the Premier League season, fans have retweeted club tweets 9.7 million times across the league.

On Facebook, the combined total of Likes is close to reaching an enormous 100,000,000 millions fans, that further proves the impact football has on social media and vice versa.

However, as club Twitter accounts become more influential and more referenced in the media, it’s no surprise that the footballers themselves are more influential on the social media landscape. Recent years have shown that footballers in particular can be a problem for even the very best clubs on Social Media. Tweets can me made in the heat of the moment and with a horde of journalists mass following every footballer from senior to u-16s, every tweet is a potential story. Read More »

Linkin Park Recharge music marketing with gamification

Linkin_Park_LP_RechargeLinkin Park are never afraid of testing new musical formats as well as new marketing mechanics. The latest album is a remix dubstep/dance album of their acclaimed rock album “Living Things”. The latest marketing employed is gamification through social media, Xbox live music streaming and creating awareness for the world’s energy poverty.





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