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Asian audiences embrace YouTube

YouTube starsA recent survey by VMA Group Asia-Pacific has revealed there has been a significant rise in the use of video content in Asia.

Of the 437 corporate communications professionals surveyed in VMA Group’s 2014/15 Pulse report, 77% were using YouTube to engage with external audiences. This is a big increase on the 43% reporting the same last year and represents the biggest growth of all social channels. Read More »

6 Reasons why social selling is replacing cold calling

IMG_20141128_063959Social selling is in the process of replacing phone selling/cold calling and here’s why:

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Sponsored: Everyone’s welcome to the content revolution

Richard Herd, Jamie Oliver

Speaker: Richard Herd, Jamie Oliver channel manager

This article is brought to you by our partners the CMA

With the International Content Marketing Summit just a few weeks away, Clare Hill, managing director of the Content Marketing Association, talks about the latest trends and explains why this year’s event has a special significance.  Read More »

Is Taco Bell the savviest brand on social media?

Taco BellOn my commute back from office last night, I noticed few odd and alarming tweets. Allow me to quickly present my case:

Bridget Carey, from CNET was tweeting in ALL CAPS! And Nilay Patel had this to say. Taco Bell story? Some die-hards were flipping out.

Like any self-respecting digital marketer, I figured I had to be on top of this recent development. So I went to Taco Bell’s twitter. Then to its Instagram feed. Then to its Facebook page. And finally to its Google+ page as well. This is a collection of what I saw. Read More »

Nine tips for managing social media at scale

social mediaManaging social media at scale can be a tricky balancing act. You need to have strong direction from the central team, yet give local teams enough leeway to be creative. You need to stick to budget, yet have enough resource to adequately staff the campaign, and have people on stand-by if they’re needed to deal with better-than-expected response.

How can brands ensure they will be able to manage a global social media campaign successfully? I’ve just co-authored a whitepaper on the issue, and here are my team’s top nine tips for getting it right.

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5 ways LinkedIn beats Facebook for B2B marketing

1400 x 425There appears to be a very ill-informed debate about whether LinkedIn or Facebook is better for B2B marketing. To me it’s a no brainer, LinkedIn wins every time. Why bother wasting time on facebook when it won’t work for you?

Here are five reasons LinkedIn beats Facebook for B2B marketing:


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The end of ‘Happy Wednesday’

HWIt’s now likely that Facebook will be the first major social media platform to go to zero per cent organic reach. This means all that effort you’ve put into building a community on Facebook will be wasted as no-one will ever see your content again.

Unless you pay to promote it. And if you’re paying, your content had better perform.

We’ve known for a while that Facebook’s algorithm restricts the flow of content to your news feed so that you’ll only see what it thinks you’ll find the most relevant. Controversially, in March 2012 Facebook announced it was restricted to 16%.

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The art of brand storytelling is more important than ever in today’s media rich world

StarWarsAt Disney we pride ourselves on producing content that entertains, is built to last and that people love. After all, we’ve been doing it for a long time.

What began in 1923 as the Disney Brothers Studio Company, which rolled out original cartoons starring a certain mouse, has evolved into the Disney we know today – still telling much-loved stories but now also developing these across digital, mobile, video and social channels.

Our book of stories grew in October 2012 with the acquisition of Lucasfilm.

The Star Wars universe of heroes and villains has now been added to the same trove of iconic characters as Iron Man and the Avengers, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and Mickey and Friends.

This could only have happened if we’d been assured that George Lucas’ passion for his brand translated into the potential for more stories, adventures and battles between good versus evil, light versus dark.

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Winner stays: Nike brings out their World Cup 2014 ad

RonaldoWith the World Cup nearly upon us, brands are continuing to unleash their insanely epic and expensive campaigns to the world, just in case you haven’t heard that it all kicks off in about 40 days. Last week saw Castrol featuring footie star, Neymar, in their epic video, which continues to snowball out of control with views and shares. However, this week Nike have stepped up and revealed what they’ve got for the event. And sweet Jesus, it is epic!
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Facebook throws its email service in the junk

The Best Days to Post on Facebook, Based on IndustryEmail has always been Facebook’s Achilles Heel. In 2010 the ubiquitous social network tried to rectify this by launching its own email system, trying to attract its users to ditch their tried and tested providers.

However, it has not been plain sailing and the lack of consumer interest culminated last month with Facebook’s decision to close its email service accompanied by the concession from one spokesperson: “We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address.” Read More »