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The Daily Poke: Turning the tide on your hashtags


Following Twitter and Instagram posts around the topics that really matter, well sometimes it’s just too much information. But now there’s a new tool that lets you monitor activity, and at the same time presents it back to you in a neat, accessible form. Read more on The Daily Poke: Turning the tide on your hashtags…

The Daily Poke: Don’t I know you?

Dont I know youWhen it comes to facial recognition, current technology is pretty easy to fool. Stick on a false moustache and it’ll immediately clock you as Tom Selleck. Over at Facebook though, they’re developing a new system that looks at the whole you – hairstyle, clothing, body shape – before making a positive ID. Read more on The Daily Poke: Don’t I know you?…

Creating lasting connections with changing consumers

collectively site

WEB_Collectively_websiteFast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands face a unique challenge when attempting to engage consumers. While many FMCG products fall under the “essentials” category, people often buy products on autopilot, due to cost, availability and habit.

FMCG brands have begun to recognise the need to create a connection with the consumer before they enter the shop. Social media, mobile, and paid social advertising afford these brands the opportunity to create a deeper connection than is possible with regular ads. They can initiate and participate in conversations, tailoring their responses and offers to individuals rather than audience segments. Social media also offers a direct way to track changing consumer desires, such as the demand for ethically sourced products and packaging. Read more on Creating lasting connections with changing consumers…

Does social media ad spend equate to consumer engagement?


Instagram and Pintrest have both announced that they are opening the doors to advertisers, and M&S is aiming to invest 20% of total media spend on social media to increase its story telling. And as if that wasn’t enough social media hype, this was hot on the back of the BBC claiming that it is planning to turbocharge its Instagram profile after an executive claimed that it has learned more about social media from brands, including Burberry, Nike and Netflix.

One could say that social media is making an impact on traditional advertising, as expected in a brand’s pursuit of Generation Y. However, what about the rest of us who are a shade older and perhaps with more disposable income, or younger or I hasten to add, just not interested in social media.

After all not everyone who likes M&S or its demographic customer is necessarily a fan of social media. Read more on Does social media ad spend equate to consumer engagement?…

Infographic: The stats behind social media

Social mediaThe Wall has come across a rather handy infographic this week delving into the stats behind social media, as well as six key platforms for businesses and why.

Produced by Pixel By Pixel, the ‘Let’s Get Social’ infographic has some interesting insights into the world of social, including 80% of online users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook and 56% of customers tweets on Twitter are being ignored. Read more on Infographic: The stats behind social media…

Six key elements to retailer’s social media success

Dominos PizzaChef
(TK Maxx/YouTube)

(TK Maxx/YouTube)

Retailers are flocking to social media, with spending on paid social media advertising rising by 73% to £396m during the first half of 2014. But paid advertising isn’t the only way that retailers can get and hold the attention of customers on social media.

Creative, engaging content lies at the heart of any decent social media strategy. Retailers that post regular content, created with the consumers needs in mind, go a long way to building the kind of brand community that people won’t just “like and leave”.

In my experience, there are six key ways that retailers can use social media to effectively engage their audience. Read more on Six key elements to retailer’s social media success…

The Daily Poke: Time to take gifs seriously

Time to take gifs seriouslyChannel 4 have just launched 4NewsWall – a new news site offering users a ‘wall’ of gifs. Created for 16-34-year-olds, each gif can be clicked for further reading, with links to share everything on your social channel of choice.

Read more on The Daily Poke: Time to take gifs seriously…

Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt



On the 21st anniversary of the creation of its famous slogan, ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’, UK woodcare brand Ronseal decided to celebrate the notable date by dropping the strapline.

Created in 1994 at the behest of Ronseal’s marketing director who wanted a campaign that promoted the honesty of both the brand and the products. It is now the third most recognised slogan of all time and according to the BBC has become part of the vernacular.

The phrase is used by media outlets across the world, from a news channel in New Zealand reviewing a film, to the latest results from a university developing new technologies for hydro-power. Read more on Re-brand of Ronseal – social media stunt…

The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet

Chhirpy TweetWith the global explosion of selfies, snapchats and (a seemingly inexhaustible supply of) cat videos, cyberspace has always been an essentially visual place. Attempting to redress the sensorial balance is new, sonic-based app, Chhirp.

Translating Twitter’s 140-character count into the spoken word, the app lets you share 12-second sound-bites instead of the soooo last decade thumb-typed text. Listen out for Chhirps on Twitter, or on the app’s own newsfeed. Each audio clip plays on a loop, and a counter registers how many times it gets played. Or how many times a Chhirp is chheeped? Read more on The Daily Poke: Chhirpy Chhirpy Tweet Tweet…