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Content: The unifying belt

On Saturday evening in front of a thunderous home crowd Anthony Joshua defeated Charles Martin to become the IBF heavyweight champion of the World.


For the first time in almost two decades, speculation of a long-awaited unified champion could be heard amongst spectators and commentators.

With domestic bouts against David Haye and Tyson Fury on the cards and an international tie with Deontay Wilder in the offing, the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO belts could soon belong to the same champion.

Heavyweight boxing has been divided between four championships for almost 30 years. Each belt signifies a different facet of the heavyweight division, yet they all belong under the same umbrella, and ultimately perform a singular function by regulating and administering the sport.

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Sponsored: Everyone’s welcome to the content revolution

Richard Herd, Jamie Oliver

Speaker: Richard Herd, Jamie Oliver channel manager

This article is brought to you by our partners the CMA

With the International Content Marketing Summit just a few weeks away, Clare Hill, managing director of the Content Marketing Association, talks about the latest trends and explains why this year’s event has a special significance.  Read more on Sponsored: Everyone’s welcome to the content revolution…

Tips for branding your video series on YouTube

youtubelogoThere are many ways to brand your content on YouTube, and we thought as a Tuesday morning treat that we’d share a few of these strategies with you – because we’re nice like that! Read more on Tips for branding your video series on YouTube…

Has Google killed guest blogging?

Photo by Kirsty AndrewsThe keener eyed of you might raise an eyebrow that a guest blogger is tackling this topic, but over the past week guest blogging has come once again under scrutiny.

The industry chatter about the risks of guest blogging has been getting louder for more than a year. The first the warning shot was fired by Google’s head of web spam Matt Cutts with his decay and fall of guest blogging post. Three months later and after a host of website penalties, it had become clear that guest posting was indeed a major risk if undertaken for the objective of SEO. Read more on Has Google killed guest blogging?…

Why not make September be the month you think about SEO?

bigstockSeoWordCloudMost likely you are back from summer holidays and jumping back into work life. You are juggling a hectic schedule and wondering if you can manage it all. The last thing on your mind is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but if you read this (very long!) blog post, you’ll get some extra insight into what this mysterious subject is all about and why you should care about it. You’ll also find some practical ways (from me the novice, and two experts) that will help you fold SEO practices into your daily life.

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Ryanair website gets more traffic than BA and EasyJet combined, on zero paid-for search

ryan air print adsBudget airline Ryanair received more web traffic during June than British Airways and easyJet combined, but at the same time it spent nothing on online advertising or paid-for search.

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Projecting ROI for SEO is Mission Impossible

And I’m certainly no Tom Cruise. Before I explain this issue it’s important to understand that a website is like the human body. Your health is not only based on your current routines (eating, exercise, etc.) but lifestyle choices you’ve made previously. If you stop smoking today you’ll still have a higher chance of getting heart disease for many years to come.

It’s the same for a website. Past black-hat or grey-hat practices may affect you in the future in ways you can’t foresee. As such, projecting ROI for new clients or prospects is impossible. Those who try to attempt it are simply guessing, while doing a good job of convincing the site owner of the accuracy of their predictions. Read more on Projecting ROI for SEO is Mission Impossible…

Guest Blogging is not Content Marketing

Like many of the digital folk reading this, I read a lot of blogs, books and pretty much anything that piques my interest. Hell, I’ve even been known to drop into the occasional Google+ Hangout. Doing the rounds, there is a common theme on approaches to content marketing.

Though the wording changes from article to article they generally all follow the same rule: use Google and some advanced queries to pull up websites that return [“KEYWORD” “submit guest post”]  or [“KEYWORD” “Write for us”] or something else along those lines. Read more on Guest Blogging is not Content Marketing…

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman offers graduates the secrets to success

It is not often that you come across a set of self help type career advice that makes a huge amount of sense and is very much worth sharing.

This Slideshare deck from billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is one such set of advice. It’s smart. Particularly if you are about to graduate or even if that day is a few years behind you. Read more on LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman offers graduates the secrets to success…

Better than chasing headlines? How publishers can track the biggest conversations

Publishers of all sizes; bloggers, newspapers and even those Twitter users who track their Klout score know the value in breaking news and making headlines. Headlines earn page impressions and mentions. These translate into influence and money.

Making the headlines is tricky business though. It requires speed, connections and the ability to point the spotlight at your content or risk a swift second mover out manoeuvring you. Read more on Better than chasing headlines? How publishers can track the biggest conversations…