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“Now is the time for marketers to take on the bigger issues”

marketing wordcloudThe ongoing confidence highlighted in today’s IPA Bellwether report is great news.

And today, media, especially digital, is relatively inexpensive. Which has a number of implications for marketers. First, marketers have many tools at their disposal as, on the face of it, marketing has never been so affordable. However, low barriers to entry for a mass media approach make for a crowded market. Which means gaining cut-through is increasingly challenging.

Brands continue to worry about channel proliferation, big data, social media and the associated complexity. However, with greater confidence, brands can afford to explore their options a little more. Read More »

5 reasons “search for” is the best call to action for brands

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrThe era of ‘buy now’, ‘experience this’ and ‘order yours today’ in above the line advertising is over. With so many media channels for people to choose from and so much competition for attention, these traditional call to actions (CTAs) are becoming less effective – they are too obvious.

Welcome instead to the age where CTAs encourage their audiences to scrutinise and debate. The age where advertising promotes brand interaction instead of product sales. The age of ‘search for us’.

But why should you be driving customers to Google, instead of straight to your website? Read More »

Rise of the global creative media agencies

IdeaThe idea that we are standing at the precipice of a new age in the communications industry, wherein the more ‘creative’ media agencies are separating from the ‘old-school buying’ media agencies and securing creative mandate from advertising agencies occurred to me in the most poignant way over a year ago.

Imagine, the first local-market meeting with a new client after a new global media contract has been secured. The pitch was led and won on the other side of the world and this local client had very little input into the pitch process. Now, the local client is following their directions to onboard us, the new local media partners. It has been rumored that our new local client was perfectly happy with her smaller-scale buying-centric media agency. Read More »

Back to School goes online but a third resist the lure of digital research: infographic

asda blackboardThose of you with children will know that now is back to school season, a frantic couple of weeks when pencil cases are checked, uniforms tried on again and black shoes assessed for size. Even if you don’t have children, it’s hard to avoid the posters advertising cheaper clothing and stationery dotted along the high street.

Staggeringly in 2013, this annual ritual takes place in a digital vacuum for 32% of parents, who do not research their purchases online, according to our research into the impact of online on this year’s preparations for the new academic year.

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Ryanair website gets more traffic than BA and EasyJet combined, on zero paid-for search

ryan air print adsBudget airline Ryanair received more web traffic during June than British Airways and easyJet combined, but at the same time it spent nothing on online advertising or paid-for search.

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Unlocking advertising potential with new Facebook’s image tools

facebookThe sharing and tagging of photos is, and has always been central to the Facebook experience. The announcement of three new Facebook patents being granted (filed by two current Facebook employees in Oct 2011), could mean that the way in which we share image content will change forever. These three patents, when combined, look to not only automate how image content is shared on Facebook but to also sort and categorise imagery in a way that is customised for you based on the objects you’re linked to within the open graph.

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2013 search strategies – Five thing that will shape the industry

2012 was an interesting year for the digital marketing industry with the continued rise of Facebook despite a shakey IPO and a concerted, but perhaps doomed fightback from Microsoft’s Bing. And let’s not forget the interesting new platform of Google+, who celebrated its first birthday in June this year. It may not have caught the public’s attention but certainly promises to be very influential in the future of search.

The continued impact of Google’s Penguin and Panda has certainly re-shaped the search and SEO industry. Brands of all shapes and sizes have had to learn how to adapt to more ‘white-hat’ tactics to ensure they won’t be penalised by Google’s algorithm updates which targets webspam.  Read More »

Facebook looks to boost revenue with alliances with Yahoo and European carriers

Facebook turn on mobile paymentsAfter a tough introduction to life as a public company, Facebook is determinedly looking at ways to boost revenue, particularly in the critical mobile space. Having turned on carrier billing in the UK, US and Germany, they have today put the service live in France.

This means that users can now purchase items within the HTML5 environment such as virtual gifts and game credits, and have the cost added directly to their mobile phone bill. Instead, of having to go through premium rate SMS or credit cards services, purchases can be made in just two clicks.

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Divorce comes to SEO

Last night Google launched a new tool and stressed that only experts should use it. The link disavow tool allows webmasters and brands to divorce themselves from pesky low quality inbound links that will not simply go away.

There is likely to be caution but general approval over the tool. The search engine has gotten better and stricter about noticing and policing attempts to manipulate inbound links.

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Google’s new guidelines impact PR, social, affiliate marketing and SEO

In New York it is Search Week. Mayor Michael Bloomberg put his name to the proclamation that cites a strong tech community, digital growth and the goal of being the world’s premier digital city.

The announcement coincides with Danny Sullivan’s SMX East; the search conference running in the city this week. New York are not the only ones to time announcements to match up with SMX East – Google has too. A blog post on the official Webmaster Central Blog last night announced an updated version of the Quality Guidelines.

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