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Instagram has its big citizen-journalism moment

SuperStorm Sandy gives Instagram its citizen-journalism momentWhat is currently the biggest thing in social media, to which you should really be paying attention? It is always a tough question to answer, even more so this week, in the wake of the US election campaign, in which social media and digital played such a central role to Barack Obama’s re-election.

Was it a decisive factor, though, and was this ‘the Twitter election’ at which we looked in depth in yesterday here on The Wall.

We could debate that one for a long time, for the life of the next Presidency even, but one thing is not debatable. Every now and again, a game-changing event comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. Read More »

Twitter plans to add photo filters to compete with Instagram

SuperStorm Sandy pic by TitiYu

Instagram had a very good Superstorm Sandy. The network was swamped with images as users uploaded as many as ten pictures per second. Overall hundreds of thousands have been uploaded to Instagram in the past week documenting the storm and the damage it has done to New York and other areas of the east coast of the United States.

It has placed the photo-sharing network at the heart of the coverage of the storm, giving it some has said its “citizen journalism moment”, and highlighted Instagram’s growing success.

This growth that has taken it from 30 million to 100 million uses this year has been closely watched by rivals. None more so than Twitter which is said to be close to launching photo filters of its own to compete with the Facebook owned service.

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The good, the bad and the ugly of social media during Superstorm Sandy

The good, the bad and the ugly of social media during Superstorm SandyThe devastation of Superstorm Sandy (also dubbed Frankenstorm) is still being felt across much of the east coast of America, it claimed more 66 lives in the Caribbean before making its way to the US, where the death toll is now over 70.  There are eight million homes in 17 states without power and there’s an estimated cost of $50bn.

Although the immediate danger of Sandy has passed, the relief efforts, clean up and re-building will be ongoing for many years to come.

Social media has historically played an important role during crisis and times of natural disaster, and Superstorm Sandy is no different.  The word Sandy has been mentioned in social channels more than 4.8 million times and there are many examples over the last few days of how social media has been used by Government, organisations, brands and individuals for support, information, fun, trolling and… marketing.  Let’s take a look at some of the good, the bad and ugly examples. Read More »

News Fakers: Twitter troll apologises for posting fake hurricane Sandy news

Hurricane Sandy: this scary looking shot of high seas surrounding a wave-battered Statue of Liberty turned out to be production art from the disaster movie 'The Day After Tomorrow'A hedge fund analyst in New York City, Shashank Tripathi, apologised last night for posting fake Hurricane Sandy news updates on Twitter. Tripathi who uses the Twitter handle @ComfortablySmug sent out a series of fake tweets claiming more dire news about the storm hitting New York City.

One tweet about a floor of the New York Stock Exchange being flooded was widely retweeted. He also falsely claimed that an energy company, Con Ed, was cutting services to all of Manhattan.

The fake Tweets were not an isolated incident. Fake pictures were also rife. The image here? That’s not from Hurricane Sandy. This scary looking shot of waves battering the Statue of Liberty turned out to be production art from the disaster movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. Read More »

American Apparel and Gap cause Twitter outrage with Hurricane Sandy sales

American Apparel causes Twitter outrage with 'Hurricane Sandy Sale'When will brands ever learn? Do people not use the internet and read stuff? When it comes to social media we are now at a point when we have a fat pile of case files detailing how various brands have failed at social media, but this does not apparently stop other brands copying these mistakes over and over again.

This time around it is the turn of American Apparel. It has had the bright idea of rolling out a “Hurricane Sandy Sale” ad and as you might guess has sparked something of a Twitter backlash and ensured its brand will forever be linked with the words “social media fail”.

Earlier this year it was KFC Thailand doing its best to fail on social media. While the country was watching tsunami warnings and fearing the worst the fast food firm posted a message on its official Faceook page suggesting it was some time for tasty chicken as they watched the drama unfold. Read More »