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Hoverboarding, human vs shark, and calls for dads

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 15.59.37

Thankfully, the huge influx of footie ads has relaxed a touch now that the World Cup has actually kicked off.

Last weeks brand chart was stuffed to the brim with footie stars and balls flying everywhere, but this week we’ve got a bit of a break with Father’s Day related campaigns and water sports that are of a sci-fi standard.

Sure, Samsung has dragged out their next enthralling instalment of aliens Vs Galaxy 11 and Pepsi Max have brought out an Unbelievable football match with teams of free runners and an inflatable pitch, but it feels good to see a chart that isn’t completely dominated with all things foot and ball.

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Viral chart: Watch dogs, a hero cat and a crazy clown prank

Ronaldo world cupThis week’s brand chart

After a recent spate of trending videos from brands gearing up to the World Cup, such as Winner Stays by Nike & Now Is What You Make It by Pepsi, all stuffed to the brim with appearances from football legends, you have to wonder if these players actually have any time left to get on the pitch and play any football.



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Understanding global device traffic in a multi-screen world

ScreensIn case you hadn’t noticed, there has been an explosion in the number of smartphone and tablet devices on the market today.

During the last decade, thousands of new connected devices on a range of different platforms have emerged to transform the way we consume and engage with content.

From Google Glass and smart fridges to ‘browsers at bus stops’ that might allow you to plan your journey, the internet is becoming ubiquitous and mobile in ways never before seen.

In fact, as the Internet of Things becomes a reality, we can expect more and more devices to ‘go online’. Innovations in connected devices represent a tremendous opportunity for businesses, but they have also created a very fragmented space, with new device categories emerging all the time.

The goalposts keep on moving and businesses are caught in a never-ending battle to ensure that their content works across all devices, all of the time.

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What’s app-ening in emerging markets?

The Apple iPhone 5The app and device battlegrounds are rife with established players and newbies fighting it out to provide the emerging markets with new handsets, alternative app stores and fresh mobile content. New moves include Nokia’s alliance with Android with new releases including the Nokia X, Apple covertly re-releasing the iPhone 4 in India and Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S5 in the UAE.

However, none of the major mobile players have quite cracked the code to success in emerging markets. Competing factors include price point, brand popularity, localised content and viable payment options, but no one has yet found the winning combination. Read More »

A week of smart launches: Samsung and Apple

samsung galaxy gear watch wearableIt’s been a busy few days in the world of tech product launches. Last week, Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch, then this week, Apple revealed its upgrade on last year’s best selling iPhone 5 – the iPhone 5s, as well as the ‘budget’ iPhone 5c. We examined the social conversation around each launch to see how the products were received by observers on social media.

Our research around the Galaxy Gear showed it was a product that divided opinion. Of the 58,000 mentions it received on Twitter, blogs and forums, 41% were unimpressed and underwhelmed. Concern was expressed about the smartwatch’s compatibility and price. Others criticised its style, suggesting it was too big and comparing it to an iPod Nano with a wristband.

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Why hold technology when you can wear it?

Smartwarch - Wearable TechnologyIn the past year, the battle of smartwatch devices began. Crowd-funded start-up company Pebble Technology paved the way for a new development – smart technology that you wear on your wrist. Their pre-release of the Pebble has now been followed by Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Gear’, with speculation building over the date of Apple’s ‘iWatch’ launch and rumours that Google have also joined the race.

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Should brands invest in an Instagram video strategy?

Cadbury on VineThe new snack-sized video is a logical next step from Instagram, as it provides another channel through which they may be able to add advertising. It’s also a vital foray into video from Facebook as it still struggles with its advertising offering. The real question for brands is whether this is really worth a serious investment in time, manpower and money. Those brands that have established a Vine strategy will have the easiest time with Instagram Video, but as it stands, Twitter’s latest video offering is still a new concept for many companies.

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Samsung, Jay-Z and their viral successes

Jay-Z and Samsung top viral ad chartSamsung are probably congratulating themselves for a win on bagging a partnership with Jay-Z.

According to social video expert Unruly, who furnish Campaign with data for our weekly viral ad chart, the recent tie-up that has seen the music mogul give away his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to a million Samsung Galaxy owners, has generated more than half a million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

The shares are across two recent videos by Mr Z (pronounced Zed) – a three-minute documentary-style offering that explores his creative processes and positions him as a digital-thinker who has seen a change in the music industry and wants to provide a better user experience – and, I’m sure at some point, make a shed load more money?

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Lifeshare – the next stage in advertising’s evolution

Way back – and I mean way, way back – Stone Age man discovered that drawing on rocks could tell a tale compellingly without the use of the spoken grunt. With that first daub, argue some, the age of advertising was born. I’m not sure I’m quite that much of a romantic, but advertising certainly has its roots steeped in the annals of history – think of the Egyptians and their use of papyrus, or of Constantinople and the street advert for a brothel which can be seen even today. Undoubtedly, the first big leap came with the invention of the printing press and the first ever newspaper ad, the first of which ran in the early 1700s. Then came radio, tv and of course the internet.

Which brings us right back to the present – and the current discussion occupying marketers’ minds. It’s not news to state that the advent of the web has turned nearly everything we know about how brands communicate with consumers on its head. But what happens next in brand communications is crucial for marketers – and fascinating enough for Cheil Worldwide to explore in our Cannes seminar this week: Every company is a media company: ‘we create media thereafter the media shapes our lives.’

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Indonesia – the world’s most social mobile centric country

Indonesia – the world’s most social mobile centric countryOver 60 million mobiles will be purchased in Indonesia in 2013, a staggering figure. With a 114% penetration rate of mobiles this market is driven by the replacement market and social media.

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