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Does your marketing data speak the same language as your business?

Tape measure by Randen PedersonMeasuring marketing performance has never been more important, yet many marketers only review results once a campaign has ended, rather than evaluating throughout. As a result, it can be easy for marketers to become sidetracked and miss valuable, actionable insights. Given today’s advanced analytic tools, it is possible to quantify marketing performance as part of an ongoing process to ensure any activity aligns with your business objectives.

Seven out of ten (70%) marketers report that their marketing efforts are under greater scrutiny than they were in the past. Challenged to align marketing strategies with the objectives of the business as a whole, they need to prove that campaigns are delivering consistent results against specific goals. At the same time, they need to ensure that the organisation is willing and able to take action on the insights being generated by marketing measurement, so that resources can be focused on strategies that deliver the best returns for the business

To meet these challenges, marketers need to put in place a robust goal-based measurement framework. By implementing the following five steps in the planning stages of a campaign, marketers can ensure they are utilising resources effectively and providing the optimum ROI for their brand: Read More »

Managing the risk of your search engine marketing tactics

Photo by hosullivanAlthough you wouldn’t immediately think so, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and the popular board game Risk have a lot in common.

In the tactical game of Risk, victory or defeat is based on how the dice are rolled. Offensive and defensive strategies are based on the strength of your army and how many battles you’re willing to lose before winning the war on that territory. Similarly, in SEM, victory for online marketing managers is decided on customer behaviour online and the strength of keywords. Just as you would in a game of Risk, online marketing managers must make sacrifices – only in this case they have to ask themselves how much they are prepared to lose in order to occupy a keyword position to win a customer and reach their ROI target. Read More »

Is the digital industry unprepared for further rapid growth?

iskills 1Based on last year’s performance, 2014 is predicted to be a good year for the UK advertising industry with digital marketing at the forefront of growth. As development in this sector continues, the Emarketeers iSkills survey, has set out to understand what shape the digital marketing industry is in when it comes to skills, experience, resource and recruitment.

Here are our key findings from the survey: Read More »

Some tips on using social media for lead-generation

Twitter logoMost companies now recognise the need for a social presence for their business, whether that’s a corporate blog for a company with a serious business message, a fun Pinterest board for a design company or a Facebook page for a consumer brand launching its latest product. While Twitter works for engagement and brand awareness for media brands that can tap into two-screening (be that Heat Magazine or Channel 4) or huge global brands with huge marketing budgets (such as Coca Cola), a belief persists within most businesses that the ROI of Twitter as a channel cannot be measured or proven.

For many businesses, particularly B2B companies, proving ROI is all about generating leads. So when businesses learn that 82% of social media leads come from Twitter, suddenly the business case for investing in Twitter becomes much more tangible.

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How brands can finally monetize Facebook

facebookVanity marketing has had its day. Organisations can no longer afford to spend money on social media campaigns that deliver no quantifiable return. It is time for Facebook to justify its $80bn valuation and for social marketers to demonstrate something more tangible than nebulous brand recognition figures.

The problem is that social campaigns don’t generate sales. Consumers rarely click on Facebook ads – perhaps then even only by mistake. So how can brands exploit this rich platform of one billion regularly returning users and deep behavioural insight to turn engagement into revenue?

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Understanding how to engage with consumers on their own terms

listening to customersOften, one of the hardest things for marketers to decide is exactly what they should do next. The beauty of social media is that every second of every day, customers are telling businesses precisely what they want, why they want it, and how they want to get it. You just have to listen.

Social media is the single largest source of unsolicited consumer opinions the world has ever seen. It’s an incredibly powerful channel for marketers to capture and distil this data for business use. In many ways this is market research turned on its head – we never need ask anyone a question, and yet they continue to offer opinions, insights and perspectives about us, our products, our competitors and their products – by the billion, day in day out. And what’s more, it’s a mostly untapped resource.

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Full-funnel advertising in a new era of commercial creativity

ian priest IPAWhen Ian Priest (pictured) began his new role as president of the IPA in April, he spoke about his vision of “the creation of a new commercial contract between clients and agencies to act as a guide for our mutual gain”.

This was a bold step in recognising the importance of seeing a true commercial return on creative activity. The industry has done much to shed its ‘fluffy’ image, but there is still a way to go in demonstrating what great advertising can do today. Read More »

Why you measure Facebook engagement inaccurately

Let’s be clear: nobody is measuring their social activity effectively. This may seem like a sweeping statement but understand that this claim is based on a five fundamentals:   Read More »

Three Myths of social media ROI [infographic]

Despite how far we have come in social media and its exponential growth ROI still remains one of, if not the biggest, challenge that marketers face when it comes to using social. This infographic takes a good stab at dispelling some of those myths that have over time become widely accepted truths.

First up it challenges the idea that measuring Facebook likes and Twitter followers equals social media ROI. Read More »

Search spend is slowing, but paid search remains key to digital marketing strategy

Search spend is slowing by Paid Search remains crucial to digital marketingForrester recently released a forecast that people in the search industry may find a little disquieting. These gods of digital marketing research are predicting that year-on-year growth in paid search is set to slow to 19% in the current year. This is compared to 31% for last year and 24% between 2009 and 2010.

Unsettled by the findings, I decided to audit our own growth in paid search spend.

And the results neatly mirror Forrester’s: spend growth amongst Tug’s PPC clients, held from 2010 to 2012, slowed from 46% in 2010/11 down to 17% in 2011/12. So could this mark a nail in the coffin for paid search? Of course not.  Read More »