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How important is digital and retail experience for brands?

mobile in store wall

Now in its second year, new Shopper Tribes research from Gekko has found that fewer shoppers are researching products online before buying in-store, with numbers falling by 7% over the past year.

As buying behaviours become more complex, with consumers increasingly taking a multi-channel approach when purchasing goods, the relationship between the digital and retail experience is ever more important for brands. Read more on How important is digital and retail experience for brands?…

Retail reinvention: lessons from the digital rag trade


(Mr Porter/

The meeting point of retail and editorial was traditionally ‘the magazine’. A style bible like Vogue or Harper’s, for example, would carry glossy colour ads of beautiful things, commercial messages betwixt a sacrosanct and inviolable editorial.

I say ‘would carry’ when, of course, this practice still exists. Yet while it remains a present tense model, it is now so very far from being the only model. Read more on Retail reinvention: lessons from the digital rag trade…

The Daily Poke: Emotikea

emoticons‘I haven’t been hoovered in weeks!’ ‘These dishes won’t do themselves!’ ‘What’s this red stuff on my new rug?!’

Ahh, the passive-aggressive ‘clean-me’ note, bane of many a flat share and family home. But it’s time to heave a huge sigh of relief, as those Swedish spreaders of homely love, IKEA, have come up with a solution to soften the blow of sending a house-related order.

No longer satisfied with filling the globe with their ubiquitous and oddly-named domestic designs, IKEA are moving in on our digital lives too. With a similarly expansive collection of 100 emoticons for smartphones everywhere. Read more on The Daily Poke: Emotikea…

The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE

Chat in the checkout LINEEvery month, 181 million people chatter away on their much-loved LINE app. Only they’re not just babbling about how dehydrated there are, whether they need another cappuccino or have a craving for yakisoba, they are getting their groceries delivered at the same time. As long as it’s just bottled water, coffee and instant noodles they need, currently at least. (THX Tim.) Read more on The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE…

The rise of the chief data officer

CodeWhile there is a huge amount written about data scientists, much less is said about the role of the chief data officer (CDO) in our industry.

However, the value of this individual to any business must not be underestimated. In fact, Wired describes the emergence of the CDO as “a transformational change that elevates the importance of data to the top of the organisation”. Read more on The rise of the chief data officer…

Would you rather be fabulous than medium?

imagesAn innovative female clothing brand from Holland is changing the way that women are viewed by clothes shops. Instead of having small, medium and large than have gorgeous, amazing and fabulous. Read more on Would you rather be fabulous than medium?…

Ninjas don’t need instruction manuals. Neither do shoppers.

ninjaYou are an expert. An expert in shopping.

A natural. So good, you don’t even realise how good you are.

To coin some pseudo-marketing-psychology, you have moved to the fourth stage of learning when it comes to making purchase decisions: you have an ‘Unconscious Competence’ in shopping. You are a Shopping Ninja. Read more on Ninjas don’t need instruction manuals. Neither do shoppers….

Smartphone Marketing – the next era

MobileholdingphoneMobile marketing is reaching an evolutionary point that has not been seen since the launch of SMS and the introduction of smart phone apps. It begs the question of whether it is just coincidence that some major innovations and behavioural changes come at a time when the markets are depressed and businesses need different technology to give them that competitive edge. This is exactly what the industry is experiencing in spades at the moment.

The tools available to today’s marketers include everything from new devices, gesture driven user interfaces, location awareness, augmented reality, audio detection, single click payments, scanning, loyalty and coupons. These can be picked up by brands to fix the fragmented multi-channel consumer world that has turned the traditional purchase journey on its head. Read more on Smartphone Marketing – the next era…

How brands can finally monetize Facebook

facebookVanity marketing has had its day. Organisations can no longer afford to spend money on social media campaigns that deliver no quantifiable return. It is time for Facebook to justify its $80bn valuation and for social marketers to demonstrate something more tangible than nebulous brand recognition figures.

Read more on How brands can finally monetize Facebook…