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Why brands should spend longer writing their promoted trends

TwitterlogosOne of my more terrifying moments as a junior copywriter was being asked to write a promoted trend (aka promoted tweet/hashtag) for an FMCG client.

It scared me for a number of reasons: the cost (up to £120,000), the all-eggs-one-basket nature of the media, the knowledge it would greet Twitter users all day long – and finally, the shoulder-shrugging attitude from the client and agency.

Because a promoted trend is essentially just a single word, putting thought and craft into its creation wasn’t seen as an important exercise back then.

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Twitter goes for retargeting

Twitter logoSince the arrival of the Promoted Tweet, Twitter has become an integral part of any brand’s thinking around digital marketing.

When developing Twitter campaigns, marketers have been limited to using the information the platform already holds on its users – so first party data related to gender, location and interests, etc. Optimizing campaigns with information drawn from behaviour outside of Twitter, hasn’t been possible.

That was until last month, when Twitter officially embraced retargeting with the global roll-out of its ‘tailored audiences’ service, developed through a partnership with selected digital marketing specialists like Chango. Read More »

Adidas’ Wimbledon hashtags tweeted 30,000 times during Murray’s win

andy murray twitter adidas hashtagWe’ve already had some data through about spontaneous brand mentions of sponsors at Wimbledon, but now Twitter has published details of an Adidas hashtag marketing campaign based around the eventual winner Andy Murray.

Adidas used two hashtags, which were used a total of 30,000 times on the day of the final alone, with #AllinforMurray hashtag gaining 20,400 uses and #Hitthewinner, Adidas’ real-time game, getting 8,500 mentions.

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Twitter reveals results of Lenovo promotion, including sales generated by Promoted Tweets

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 22.33.43An impressive bit of openness here from Twitter, which has published results of a promotion it ran in conjunction with Lenovo UK. It has taken the unusual step of revealing not only the metrics, but the sales generated by the campaign.

Lenovo UK wanted to gain new followers on Twitter and to generate revenue during the Gadget Show Live, which is the biggest consumer electronics show in the UK. It used Promoted Accounts to reach new users and Promoted Tweets to create awareness of offers it was running solely on Twitter during the Gadget Show Live. Read More »

Twitter’s keyword targeting is the next big thing (if you can afford it)

Last week we attended Twitter’s Twitter4Brands conference – an annual event showcasing some of the latest developments by the platform and some innovative or standout case studies.

The big news from a product perspective is real-time keyword targeting. This new (paid) functionality allows marketers to potentially put their tweet in front of anyone discussing a problem to which their product or service might offer the solution, or even ‘double target’ by highlighting those watching a TV show where a TVC has been aired, then following up with a tweet to hammer the point home. Read More »

Associated Press stirs anger on Twitter with sponsored Tweets announcement

The Associated Press stirs up anger on Twitter over promoted tweetsThe Associated Press last night stirred up a small storm on Twitter as it announced that it will begin to run sponsored Tweets in the timeline of its main @AP Twitter account and signed Samsung as its first sponsor. The story has raised concerns among some journalists as to whether this would damage AP’s credibility as a news organisation. Some have gone as as far to say they were unfollowing AP, that it shouldn’t do it and that it devalues the brand (check out the Storify reaction below).

What these aren’t are official Promoted Tweets from Twitter, but rather promotional messages sent out as Tweets on @AP. Initially it plans to send out two a day this week timed with the 2013 International CES – the consumer electronics show — in Las Vegas. Hardly a huge deal. Read More »

Twitter to give $1 million dollars to small businesses for #SmallBizSat

Twitter is giving away credits for its advertising products to small businesses.Yesterday Twitter announced that is will be giving $100 in free credits to the first 10,000 American small businesses that apply and are eligible. When they ran a similar scheme with American Express back in February, they brought thousands of news businesses into their advertising products.

In a blog post, Twitter said that the successful applicants could use the credit to purchase Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts services to help boost their online following:

“With Promoted Tweets, small businesses can extend the reach of their Tweets to a broader audience…Promoted Accounts can also speed up the growth of a loyal follower base for a small business.”

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Promoted Tweets on mobile are achieving more than 40% in terms of engagement

LG Ticket Hunter campaign on TwitterTwitter has released some data that provides interesting statistics that give an idea of the kind of performance Promoted Tweets are achieving for advertisers.

Most notably though is how mobile is performing. In one campaign for Volkswagen the best performing Promoted Tweet on mobile received 43.8% engagement.

While a campaign for LG saw a Promoted trend achieve an average engagement rate of 38%. Read More »

Twitter launches new enhanced geo-targeting for marketers

Back in July Twitter introduced new targeting capabilities for Promoted Tweets that allow advertisers to target ads at users in a particular region rather than sending a blanket message to all followers regardless of where they’re located in the world.

Last night while the world went nuts for the iPhone 5, Twitter unveiled enhancements to its geo-targeting capabilities for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts that allows marketers in the UK and Japan to target specific regions for the first time. Read More »

Barack Obama sets a new record for political moments on Twitter

Barack Obama delivers his speech to at the #DNC2012It was always going to be big and it was. President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last night at the #DNC2012 set a new record for political moments on Twitter, with 52,756 Tweets per minute, as he pressed his message of taking America forward.

Earlier this week at the Democratic National Convention Michelle Obama beat Mitt Romney as she gave her speech. The First Lady hit 28,003 Tweets per minute and the President almost doubled that. He left the peak of 14,289 TPM that Romney hit in the shade.

The Democrats, neck and neck in the polls with the Republicans, have shown they can dominate the conversation on Twitter and now, with the two conventions behind us, the online battle is about to step up a gear. Read More »