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Manchester City launch 10 new Twitter accounts to communicate with fans around the world

Manchester City take the Premiership: pic courtesy of www.mcfc.co.ukManchester City Football Club has a team filled with top players from across the world, and this has given them a growing international following.

They are understandably keen to engage with these fans online, and a key part of doing this is making sure that  they have content and messages are posted in the correct language. With that in mind, City have announced the launch of 10 new Twitter feeds in different languages Read More »

Liverpool FC to give fans Wi-Fi access as it encourages social media use

LIverpool FC's Anfield stadium to get Wi-Fi networkLiverpool Football Club is to begin the rollout of a wireless network at its Anfield ground so that fans can get online on during match days.

As any football fan will know, Premier League or otherwise, getting access via 3G networks when watching your team play can be a nightmare.  While many top clubs do great things digitally, including the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City, it is a different story when it comes to using smartphones in the ground. Read More »

Twitter unveils Premiership football league tables: Man City, Chelsea and Spurs lead

Manchester City Football Club tops Twitter Premiership Football Club League tablesSport is huge on Twitter and social media more generally. We last week saw how John Terry managed to make headlines as he revealed on Instagram that Frank Lampard was leaving Chelsea. Anyone who uses Twitter in the UK can not escape Saturday football as Premier League related hashtags fly freely (other leagues are available). To highlight that Twitter has created the #TwitterLeagueTable to show some of the great uses of Twitter by Premier league clubs, players and fans.

We’ve known for a while that some clubs are better at social that others. Manchester City has long been a leader in digital and has Chelsea. Recently we saw Man City create a virtual sticker app and put a hashtag on the pitch. In West London, Chelsea was recently revealed as the most social Premiership club and more than a million tweets were sent to mark its win over Bayern Munich. Read More »

How news can break on Instagram as John Terry reveals Lampard is leaving Chelsea

Lots of excitement among Chelsea fans today as John Terry possibly revealed that his friend and team mate Frank Lampard is leaving the Premier League club. The  fact that Lampard is leaving is no surprise to football fans, as speculation about his future has been rife, but how the apparent confirmation from inside the West London club came is more note worthy.

We never think of news breaking on Instagram and we haven’t seen it used like that very much to date. What we have seen in recent months is Instagram achieve its ‘big citizen-journalism moment‘ as it became a key social channel during Superstorm Sandy in the US. Read More »

Chelsea is the most social Premiership club and Man Utd is top for search

chelsea Premiership's most social media team.While Chelsea Football Club currently lead the English Premier League, the Manchester United website is winning when it comes to visibility in Google UK searches, according to new research.

The two clubs’ positions are reversed again when it comes to social media, with the London club leading the way thanks in part to more people sharing links to the Chelsea on the Google+ social network.

The findings come from a study looking at the online visibility of the 20 Premier League teams by search and social analytics firm Searchmetrics. Read More »

More than a million tweets mark Chelsea’s win over Bayern Munich [infographic]

ExactTarget have put together this infographic for Saturday’s Champions League final, which saw more than a million tweets sent as Chelsea went on to beat Bayern Munich on penalties.

On Twitter, and on the field, the man of the Match was Chelsea hero Didier Drogba. Read More »

Manchester City v Manchester United derby scores a million tweets

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany.With all eyes on the Manchester City and Manchester United derby that might have decided the winners of the Premiership on Monday night, we were glued to the activity on Twitter.

With over a million tweets (1,008,134 – source: Sysomos M.A.P.) sent about the game, this generated more than double the 455,000 tweets about The Voice last Saturday – or four times the 245,000 tweets about the first episode of the new series of The Apprentice. Read More »

Joey Barton says he’s ready for jail over Terry Tweets

Joey Barton says he's ready for jail over John Terry TweetsThe Attorney General’s office is to investigate a series of tweets made by Twitter’s biggest Premiership footballer, Joey Barton, about the John Terry racism case.

Over the weekend the Queens Park Rangers captain took to Twitter after Terry was stripped of his England captaincy on Friday in the wake of the coming court case that will  deal with allegations that he racially abused Anton Ferdinand during a match at QPR last year. Read More »

What inspires a Belgian most? Manchester City to find out via Twitter

Vincent Kompany: inspire him on Twitter

The football world has a chequered history when it comes to social media, from Joey Barton’s rants on Twitter to Rio Ferdinand’s eloquent rebuttal of Sepp Blatter’s “there’s no racism in football”.

Now Manchester City is taking its chances on Twitter with a competition it is running ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup clash with Manchester United.

Read More »

Viacom will fight on against YouTube afte $1bn lawsuit loss

MTV on YouTube: it's not their fault

So Viacom’s promised that it will appeal against yesterday’s copyright ruling, in which a judge threw out its $1bn lawsuit and said that YouTube was not liable for people uploading content that they did not own. Read More »