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So who has the upper hand in social media when it comes to agencies?

Digital, and especially social media, has disrupted the media industry. The shift from broadcasting to peer-casting; the amount of user generated content; the new paths in which brand related information reaches consumers; the required speed of response and the multiple new brand touchpoints are only some of the challenge brands and agencies are facing today. Read More »

Meeting social media’s ethical challenges

Recently, I had lunch with the editor of a marketing publication for a discussion about the state of public relations. After exchanging some pleasantries, I asked whether she felt public relations and marketing professionals were comfortable with social media, or at least getting comfortable.

Her response took me by surprise: not even close. Read More »

Superinjunction story shows brands need to think beyond PR and bring social to whole business

So now we all officially know what we already knew. Whatever one might think about the importance of alleged affairs by alleged footballers with alleged models though, the past few weeks has dramatically demonstrated how the rules of engagement have changed for anyone wishing to fully control the flow of information about themselves.

In short, you can’t. A whole new set of social skills needs to be employed if you don’t want to end up with 75,000 people tweeting about you for all the wrong reasons. Read More »

SEO – the Glaring Gap in the PR Skillset

Let’s face it: most PRs probably don’t have a grasp on search engine optimisation. They might have heard of the term and may know a little bit about Google’s Keyword Tool and on-page optimisation, but how many PR firms could actually hold their hand up and say that they could offer a full SEO programme beyond just content creation?

By this I mean website re-architecture, link building, keyword position tracking and all those other things that help organisations compete effectively on search engines? Read More »

Facebook admits it didn’t want name used, but denies Google smear campaign

As the Facebook and Burston-Marstellar Google smear story continues to rumble the social network has come out and said that while it is true it didn’t want its name used it argues that its intentions were never to smear Google anonymously.

It said it wanted to see if people thought the this Google Social Circles tool was more of an issue than just a competitive one between Facebook and Google. That is why, it says, it didn’t want its name used – not because we are scared of the issue or don’t think it’s legitimate. Read More »

Top 5 innovative PR tools that really work

Want to find a way to get some traction for your latest marketing initiative or press release? If that’s what you need then it’s time to embrace social media – and there are some great tools out there to help you find journalists and sources and identify the people you want to connect with. Read More »

Facebook hired a PR agency to plant negative stories about Google

We’re always reading about how the big battle online is and will be between Google and Twitter.  Earlier this week we had Esther Dyson predicting that in the long run Facebook will be bigger than its rival and prior to that we learnt what a threat Google sees in Facebook with its new focus on social

So it is always interesting to learn if these companies see it the same as the pundits. And with the story breaking that Facebook hired a PR firm to plant negative stories about Google we know they do. Read More »

Diary of a start-up: Use your contacts: I know a man (Part 3)

School room daysOK, so we had had the idea and found a name but how were we actually going to execute this grand master plan? As I have mentioned, I had a background in IT but not actually using it, just flogging the idea of it to other people. Luckily, I had a plan.     Read More »

Was Oreo’s bid to amass the most Facebook ‘likes’ nothing but a PR stunt?

If like me, you enjoy social media AND cookies, last week’s Oreo story can’t have escaped your attention.  Oreo, the world’s ‘favourite’ cookie attempted a world record on its Facebook page.

The premise was simple: amass the most number of ‘likes’ for a Facebook post within 24 hours, creating a huge raft of PR and thousands of new ‘fans’ in the process. Read More »

Your Insight Wanted: Help build a B2B social media plan

Along with Kate Warwick, the founder of PR Savvy, we are developing a social media public relations plan, and workshops, to help a number of the agency’s B2B clients prepare for how they will approach this emerging medium.

While social media for B2C companies is better defined, with terrific case studies to look at such as what Comcast, Skittles and JetBlue have achieved, we are finding that it is harder to find a lot of examples of many relevant and successful B2B social media PR campaigns. Read More »