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Content: The unifying belt

On Saturday evening in front of a thunderous home crowd Anthony Joshua defeated Charles Martin to become the IBF heavyweight champion of the World.


For the first time in almost two decades, speculation of a long-awaited unified champion could be heard amongst spectators and commentators.

With domestic bouts against David Haye and Tyson Fury on the cards and an international tie with Deontay Wilder in the offing, the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO belts could soon belong to the same champion.

Heavyweight boxing has been divided between four championships for almost 30 years. Each belt signifies a different facet of the heavyweight division, yet they all belong under the same umbrella, and ultimately perform a singular function by regulating and administering the sport.

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#PancakeDay on Twitter: Xbox, Red Bull and McDonald’s join in

It’s Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day Three

#PancakeDay is trending on Twitter, boosted by brands celebrating and offering advice about how people can buy, cook and eat their eggs, milk and flour before Lent.

The Big Four supermarkets have all prepared for #PancakeDay with recipes and ideas that encourage a little overindulgence in the kitchen.

Other big names including Xbox, Red Bull and British Gas have jumped on board with some imaginative tweets.

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Social media gaffes of 2016 so far (yes, already)

We haven’t even made it to the end of January yet, but already there have been enough blunders, oversights, inaccuracies and indiscretions from international brands on social media that we can compile a list of the top mistakes to learn from (and let’s be honest, laugh at) from 2016 so far.


All of the following stories are prime examples on what NOT to do in the year ahead when trying to engage your global audiences.

Look and learn from these spectacular errors in judgement and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes with your international digital strategy.

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RIP press release?

GravestoneWay back in 1906 the first press release was issued by Ivy Lee, to provide information to journalists following the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck. Decades later, PRs are still writing and distributing press releases to alert media to our client’s news.

But is the press release dead? With social media, blogs and so many online tools to share news, would a journalist rather get a tweet than receive a press release? Read more on RIP press release?…

Calendar of more than 120 events for UK marketers [infographic]

Marketers Events Calendar for the UKContent, data, digital, marketing, mobile, PR and social media… The industry changes so fast and to stay on your game you need to be tuning into great resources like The Wall (yay for you, you’re already ticking that box), the ever decreasing number of trade magazines and of course events.

There are a handful of big, agenda-setting conferences in the UK that everyone knows about and many will attempt to go along to one or more during the year.  But, there are a number of other events that may fly under the radar, and many niche (social media for the military, pharmaceutical or utility industries for example)  or focused conferences (if you’re looking for an event solely about content or data – 2013 is your year) that are worth considering. Read more on Calendar of more than 120 events for UK marketers [infographic]…

The Business of Being Social: brands need to plan, listen, analyse and engage

For years, large organisations have employed press officers or PR agencies to protect their brand against incorrect or damaging allegations and stories. Such activity was reasonably straightforward when there were just a handful of different media channels to police.

However, with the explosion in the use of social media sites and also the number of people with access to an online audience, brand reputation management has become much more complicated and problematic. Read more on The Business of Being Social: brands need to plan, listen, analyse and engage…

SEO and PRs – Who Owns Social Media Now?

SEO and PRs – Who Owns Social Media Now?The debate over who ‘owns’ social media is one that will no doubt rage on for some time. In many ways the argument is arbitrary – does it really matter?  Nonetheless it is a battle that I occasionally get drawn into so let’s grasp the nettle.

PRs think that social media should fall under their remit, because they’ve been managing their clients’ conversations and reputations for decades. That’s all well and good, but what is the point of talking for conversation’s sake? Can PRs really measure the impact of social media? I’d argue, ‘no.’  Read more on SEO and PRs – Who Owns Social Media Now?…

SEO PR: the future for online visibility

For many years the worlds of public relations (PR) and search engine optimisation (SEO) have existed separately, providing companies with their benefits in a very disparate manner.  However, the time has arrived for the two strands to work together in order to offer the best possible online result, particularly in light of the changes brought in by Google Penguin.

This is where SEO PR comes in.  It focuses on the ‘credible’, places for brands to be seen online, and the ‘genuine’, organic activity such positive online conversations about the company. Read more on SEO PR: the future for online visibility…

How PRs use Twitter

Kate Russell (@katerussell)

Two tools of all public relations professionals is the phone and email, but in recent times PRs are turning more and more to using Twitter. At a party, I met Kate Russell (@katerussell), a journalist for BBC Click’s Webscape show, and we got to talking about how she is using Twitter. She told me that many of her stories are sourced from tweets, and she often asks people to send her story ideas in 140 characters, or less. She told me that Twitter is the best thing that has happened to journalism in many years.

Following meeting her, I tweeted her with an idea for a story about a client I am working with (on behalf of the agency PR Savvy) called Blue Badge Style. In one tweet, I explained to her how it is an app offering a disability access guide to stylish venues. It caught her attention and she asked me further questions via Twitter, and let me know it would be proposed to the editorial planning team. Read more on How PRs use Twitter…