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The 10 worst MPs on Twitter (and some of the best)

brandon lewis on TwitterMPs are learning, slowly but surely, that communicating online via Twitter and other social networks is becoming ever more important.

Some, like Labour’s Stella Creasey or Conservative Robert Halfon, have built huge followings and support for issues they are campaigning on. Some of their colleagues are less successful though, and politics.co.uk have compiled a list of the 10 worst MPs to follow on Twitter.

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How much of a head start does Twitter give you in politics?

Prolific tweeter Cory_Booker to run for US senateThis is perhaps increasingly commonplace, but still striking to hear all the same. As CNN reported the news that rising Democratic star and Newark mayor, Cory Booker, was officially declaring his candidacy for the US Senate one of the first things that the news anchor said was that Booker is “a prolific tweeter”.

There is no doubting that. Booker has 1.3 million followers and has sent over 28,000 tweets. He is prolific and he doesn’t just collect followers, but has a lot to say as well.

More interestingly, it was the way that the CNN presenter framed it when she noted his Twitter prolificacy as she implied that having that million plus follower count was going to be a big plus in the hotly contested political race ahead. Read More »

Downing Street develops Twitter media strategy as it hands reporters exclusives

Seven months after joining Twitter David Cameron has almost 300,000 followers and his No 10 communications team is developing a Twitter media strategy.

Downing Street is handing Twitter exclusives news stories to favoured reporters before they are issued to the rest of the media.

It is also using Twitter as a key part of its media relations to extinguish negative stories before they catch fire and gain wider momentum in the news cycle. Read More »

The Wikipedia battle over the death of Margaret Thatcher

Good piece in the New Statesman looking at what happened on Wikipedia in the hours after the death of Margaret Thatcher was officially announced on Monday.

A battle of editors broke out on the site with almost 80 edits in the hour following the news breaking. Maybe it is no surprise that many who had previously not been heavy Wikipedia editors all wanted to jump in and add something.  Read More »

The Thatcher brand – social media is divided the world over

It’s truly a fascinating experience living in Singapore and seeing the world’s reaction to the joyful, sorry, very sad death of the wicked witch, sorry Margaret Thatcher.

As you can probably tell I am no hypocrite and will happily speak ill of the dead that I had no kind words for in life. If you can’t be true to yourself how can you be true to others? Death makes no difference to how you should feel about someone or something (not implying Thatcher was something but she was often call inhuman…..).

We saw yesterday how quickly news of Thatcher’s death spread on social media now see how the message materialised around the world.


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How news of Margaret Thatcher’s death spread on social media [infographic]

As news of  Margaret Thatcher’s death broke yesterday lunchtime it was ITV that won the race on Twitter after the Press Association sent out its historic news flash while the BBC had the most read story.

That sparked the touch paper for more than one million mentions of the former Conservative Party leader, and three time British Prime Minister, on Twitter in the four hours after the announcement. Read More »

By George the chancellor has arrived: here’s a few tips for political tweeters

George Osborne arrives on Twitter his first tweeted got quickly spoofed via @ElliottClarksonSo George Osborne (@george_osborne) has chosen budget day to reach for his virtual tin hat and join the legion of tweeting politicians. The twitterverse can be an unforgiving place for politicians. Ask Ed Balls who back in 2011 tweeted his own name (presumably while searching for tweets about himself). Although his Twitter skills have since improved that’s probably his most tweeted post with 6,000 tweets two years on. Read More »

Republicans turn to Silicon Valley to counter Obama digital supremacy

Governor Mitt Romney looking over his speech on his iPad at the #RNCThe Republican National Committee is scouring Silicon Valley in an attempt to find top talent to hire as its new Chief Technology Officer, in a clear attempt to challenge the digital supremacy of President Obama and the Democrat Party.

The GOP’s effort to use digital technology to propel Mitt Romney to the White House failed in 2012, with their voter data system ORCA crashing on polling day.

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Twitter gaffes show Tories still grappling with subtleties of digital campaigning

Shamed Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne whose speeding ticket lies sparked Eastleigh by electionThe by-election to replace shamed Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne is heating up, and the Conservative Party yesterday came in for criticism after many of its MPs tweeted exactly the same phrase attacking the Lib Dems on housing policy in the Eastleigh constituency, and accusing their coalition partners of ‘broken promises’. Far from showing the party as united and on message, the gaffe highlighted that the Conservatives are still finding it hard to conduct a digital campaign effectively and subtly, and left them open to ridicule from political opponents.

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Labour is failing on digital media when it could do so much better

Ed Miliband speaking at Labour's 2012 Manchester conferenceOne of the most interesting things about the US election campaign was the breadth of digital use and how the use of social media by the two parties evolved. Few stones were left unturned as the Obama and Romney campaigns progressed and even now that the election is over the Obama team continues to evolve its use of social and digital media with, for instance, its launch onto Pinterest earlier this week.

There is little the Obama team have not tried or experimented with from Tumblr, to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and Foursquare.

Then take a look back at what is happening in the UK with Labour and it seems that social and digital media campaigning appears to be going backwards. I’ve noticed a few things recently that have left me scratching my head. I saw another one yesterday and have rounded up a few things in this post. Read More »