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The IAB’s new Brand Engagement study

Guy Phillipson, the IAB's chief executive:

Predictably TV is still king, but online clearly performs well – especially on the key ‘trust’ metric – so it’s important that that FMCG advertisers allocate greater proportions of their media budgets online in order to fully achieve brand engagement with their increasingly digital audiences.

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Influence Ripples

David Armano on Influence Ripples and Social Media Fragmentation:

Successful personal and corporate brands alike will be the ones who take a holistic view when creating, maintaining and amplifying their ripples. This means avoiding the temptation to hyper fixate on one venue thinking it's a replacement for another.

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Network effects

Neil Perkin on social networks and what they mean:

Networks are fundamentally changing the profile of our communication and the way trends propagate. 'Exhaust data', 'phatic communication' – hugely powerful forms of communication about which we know very little.  Networks not only enable, they magnify trends – at a speed and power never seen before.

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Digital: The home of big brand ideas

Richard Huntington on big brand ideas:

Maybe it's time to free [above the line] advertising from the need to represent the entirety of the brand idea and recognise that other disciplines are capable of doing this in a richer and more rewarding way. In particular, for many brands it's their online experience that should be delivering the big brand idea in all its technicolour glory.

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Interesting 2007 films

Videos from Russell Davies' “Interesting” conference have started to be posted on his blog – a mere two months later. It is worth the wait nonetheless.

So far contributions from Sophie Dollar, Andrew Hovells, Grant McCracken, and my favourite so far Adrian from howies on how to split a log with an axe.

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Is advertising broken?

Gareth Kay asks 'Is planning broken?'

The sole responsibility of the planner is to ensure that the work works. Yet all the data suggests that this is clearly not the case.

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One word equity

Greg Verdino has an amusing rant about Maurice Saatchi and One Word Equity:

the premise behind one word equity relies on a faulty notion that your “one word” and my “one word” for a brand will be the same. No matter how much you invest in ad messages trumpeting your brand essence, the consumer (though they may be influenced by what you tell them) will always define your brand in their own terms.

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Why we buy the what we buy

Time sums up somes up some recent research:

Children given the same French fries and chicken nuggets in different packaging preferred the taste of the food delivered in McDonald's wrappers. “Ideally, a manufacturer increases the quality of a product, and that in turn increases word of mouth and media coverage. But advertising shortcuts this process. There's no longer a connection to quality.”

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Behavioural targeting gone mad

Yahoo have taken behavioural targeting (defined here and here) one step further with Smart Ads. As Adweek reported last month, Smart Ads:

automates the creation of banner ads, allowing advertisers to run potentially thousands of permutations tailored to user behavior.

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Human conversations

Etsy's Robert Kalin:

corporations try to sanitize all their outgoing messages for the sake of keeping face. It is very easy to identify this kind of behavior. Whenever you read something…

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