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The Guardian celebrates reaching one million Twitter followers

The Guardian celebrates passing the one million Twitter follower milestoneNice idea here from the Guardian to celebrate reaching the Twitter  milestone of one million followers. To mark the occasion it wants to find out more about its followers and where they are tweeting from.

It is asking @Guardian followers to share their view by taking a picture of where they are tweeting from and tweet the picture to @Guardian with the hashtag #1msides – apparently a “selfie” is also acceptable if you’re that way inclined.

It has been promoting the occasion with a Promoted Tweet, which the paper has employed a number of times to date. Read More »

Why the Guardian will eventually have to put up a paywall [part II]

I thought this was a timely moment to repost this piece from the summer where I argued that “the Guardian will eventually have to put up a paywall”.

The case then appeared pretty strong, at least to me, and it seems even stronger now. These past couple of weeks have seen a flurry of paywall announcements both in the US and in the UK. This week alone has been a hugely significant one for UK newspaper with both The Sun saying it will put up a paywall in August and the Telegraph announcing its own plans. Read More »

Telegraph introduces metered paywall with £1.99 a month charge

Telegraph to introduce a paywalThe Telegraph has introduced a metered paywall joining the FT and The Times as major British newspapers asking readers to pay for content.

The move follows the launch of a paywall on its international site in November 2012. Like the original New York Times paywall, and the recently announced Washington Post, The Telegraph will offer readers 20 stories for free each month before they hit the paywall.

With the Telegraph joining the rush to a paywall The Guardian remains the only major upmarket British newspaper, other than the Independent, not to have a paywall.

Readers are being offered a number of subscription packages including ‘The Telegraph Web Pack’, which offers unlimited access to the Telegraph’s website, plus access to its apps, for £1.99 per month or £20 per year. Read More »

San Francisco Chronicle and Irish papers join paywall move

San Francisco chronicle launches paywallThe San Francisco Chronicle has launched a paywall around its premium content as it becomes the latest major US newspaper to make the leap to paid content.

The Chronicle follows the Washington Post, which last week announced its plans for a metered paywall, and its fellow Californian paper the Los Angeles Times. The LA Times put up its paywall in February.

News of the Chronicle’s move comes as it is being reported that the Irish Independent and Irish Times are to begin charging for access to news content this year, according to a report in the FT. Read More »

Guardian reports record mobile traffic — its site is too good for iPad sales to rise

No surprise if you ask me that the Guardian’s mobile website has attracted record levels of traffic with 17.2 million monthly unique browsers last month.

The latest ABC digital audit shows that February 2013 was a record month for the Guardian’s mobile site, attracting its highest ever level of traffic. The figures for February are up 7.9% month-on-month and 44.7% year-on-year. That beats the previous record of 17 million set back in April 2012.

At the same time though the paid for iPad app for the Guardian & Observer sits at somewhere over 23,000 subscriptions, which is a far cry from the 280,000 active iPad users the Guardian had last June before it began charging. If you recall when first launched Channel 4 sponsored the Guardian iPad app for six months making it free to access. Read More »

Times paywall drastically hits reach as it sinks below Indy and Standard

The Times: articles the paper are not shared around social media networks as they are locked behind a paywall.The Times has seen its readership fall way below that of its rivals, according to the latest National Readership Survey’s PADD report covering January to December 2012.

The survey found that The Times is now read by fewer people than any other general quality newspaper brand. It has a combined print and digital readership of 5,506,000. That puts it along way behind the The Guardian, Telegraph and even the Independent and the London Evening Standard.

Read More »

The Washington Post to launch a metered paywall this summer

The washington Post plans to introduce a metered paywall this summerThe Washington Post is to follow The New York Times and erect a metered paywall this summer.

The move to a paywall future will likely give newspapers struggling for survival around the world pause for thought, particularly in the UK. In November, the Telegraph introduced a metered paywall strategy for overseas users.

The latest move makes The Washington Post one of the last big American newspapers to erect a paywall. Read More »

“Adapt or die” – The Mail, Independent, Newsworks and Expedia on tablet take-up

Guy Zitter, group managing director, Mail Newspapers

Tablets are not killing newspapers, they’re offering a lifeline to the revitalisation and rebirth of ‘news brands’ beyond the dreaded paywall, say the experts. Assembled at Newsworks’ Tablet Summit, representatives from the likes of Guardian Media Group, Mail Newspapers, The Independent, Expedia and News International gave their take on the future of the newspaper industry as tablet take-up rockets. Guy Zitter group managing director at the Mail put it starkly. He said it was a case of ”Adapt or die”.

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Why tablets are good news for advertisers (and media owners)

Rupert Murdoch's defunct The dailyI keep reading that if media owners put their content behind paywalls, then advertising revenues will suffer. The theory, I guess, is that fewer people will access the content, and so the value to the advertiser will decrease.  But people have always paid for good content, and advertisers have always targeted subscribers, whether that content is a game, news, or a glossy magazine. What they pay to access it on, is – or should be – irrelevant. An active, engaged subscriber is surely worth more to an advertiser than an anonymous ‘eyeball’.  Read More »

The Times tempts digital subscribers with a Nexus 7 for £50

The Times is attempting to win new digital subscribers with an offer to pick up a 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablet for just £50 as part of an 18 month subscription deal. Under the digital deal the cost of The Times and The Sunday Times would be £4 a week. Read More »