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Panasonic’s influencer campaign at CES

Bloggers Speak with Panasonic NA Chairman Yoshi Yamada

Brian Morrissey in Adweek covers the latest influencer campaign from Panasonic:

Among the hundreds of journalists at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week there are five people producing reams of copy, photos and video about the show, new product demos and press conferences. Unlike the reporters, though, they are popular bloggers in Las Vegas courtesy of Panasonic.

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February’s Creative Showcase

The results of February's Creative Showcase have just been announcedTribal DDB with Volkswagen's new website won this month, with LMFM's Keep Discovering for Emirates coming in second and Lowe Brindfors's Le Passage for Artois taking third.

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Absolut Machines

The perfect way to loose half an hour of a rainy Sunday afternoon – go play


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January’s Creative Showcase

Another month, anotherCreative Showcase.January's winners are (cue drum roll)…

AKQA's Supersonic for Nike took the top prize, with AIS' Staff Blaster coming in second and Profero's Class A for FRANK taking third.

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The year of the Gorilla

A year ago, Cadbury's UK chocolate business was reeling from a salmonella-related product recall that had wiped 30m off sales, provoked a 1m fine and damaged the group's reputation. And then came Fallon's Gorilla which:

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The BBC’s new widgets

BBC Worldwide have launched a nice series of multi-platform branded widgets for Top Gear, Radio Times and Good Food. Good stuff…

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How Channel 4 engage with their audience

Contagious reports:

By taking the Skins brand into people’s real worlds, not only do a loyal community get to feel like we’re doing something for them, we get back what we spend in media value.

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VW’s new site

Tribal DDB launched VW's new website today, which VW have spent millions on, and it's looking good. This follows on from AKQA's new site for Fiat back in July, which is similarly endowed with 3D & configurator goodness. Will all the other manufacturers be forced to follow suit? I think so…

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Coca-Cola’s blog – is it the real thing?

Lloyd Gofton writes glowingly of Coca-Cola's new corporate blog. As you can see in the comments, I disagree. What do you think?

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Profero’s new work for Frank

Profero have put their latest online ads for FRANK on display for all of our perusal, along with an introduction on the Creative Social blog. It's all class A stuff*.

* forgive the pun

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