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Beyond greenwash to greatness: big brands are turning into society’s problem-solvers

Greenwash fotdmike:FlickrThe Economist Intelligence Unit says social marketing is a top five trend for 2014 and new research says that purpose-driven messages live longest in consumers’ minds.  If your brand wants to stand-up and stand-out with purpose it’s time to re-set your ‘guff’ detector. An era of brand trouble-shooters is here and they’re putting greenwash to shame.

Big global brands like Nike and Unilever are creating rather than waiting for a better world, and are stepping outside their traditional territories to do it.  They are embracing the future with imaginative, relevant and (only time will tell) powerful results, and their consumers and competitors are responding. Can established brands be both successful and revolutionary?  They are showing us how it can be done, and are redefining greenwash as they go. Read More »

Why marketers need to be directors of their brand’s online story

story booksDuring the course of the 19th century, writer George Polti compiled a categorical list of every dramatic situation which might occur in a story, which is now known as The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations.

Although there are only 36 possible narratives, there have of course been countless different films, novels and plays produced. This responsibility of crafting a single dramatic situation into a great story that people want to watch and engage with lies with the director, writer or producer, and their unique interpretation of a plot. Read More »

Audacity, bravery, commitment, ambition

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.15.59On November 9 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. I was 16 at the time and I remember watching events unfold live on television. As I and the rest of the world stopped and watched, spell-bound, thousands of Germans from East and West swung sledgehammers and pick axes and clawed with their bare hands at this concrete symbol of a divided world.

I’d been on a school trip to Germany the year before, seen the border, the sentry guards in their towers with their rifles and fixed stares. I remember the tears in my school teacher’s eyes.

As footage of falling mortar spanned the globe, I recall no one being sure what was going on. Was the Cold War over? Had the Arms Race bankrupted the Soviet Union? Was Communism over? Read More »

Brands taking tech into their own hands

tesco hudl tabletIt was only a few weeks ago that Tesco launched its Hudl tablet (pictured) and Argos has just launched MyTablet this week. It’s fair to say that everyone wants a piece of the tech pie. And the pie is not just for the tech giants. We are set to see more and more brands outside the tech sphere develop their own consumer electronics as an effective way to keep consumers close.

Amazon was one of the first brands to take tech into its own hands with the Kindle. Even Amazon has admitted that it makes little profit from the devices themselves but providing a medium to consumers that can help deliver Amazon’s online content – such as books and video – which have much higher profit margins, is clearly the strategy here. By offering consumers a device that costs as little as possible (which consumers will likely only buy once) to then purchase the company’s own online content over and over, Amazon is making a strategic move in both customer acquisition and retention.

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Social Brands 7: augmented experiences

Nike We RunWhen people buy brands, they’re usually paying for something more than a core product or service.

For example, they don’t really pay for the liquid inside a shampoo bottle; they pay for beautiful hair, and for the confidence which that brings.

Ultimately, people pay for benefits; products and services are simply a means to an end.

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The unwritten rules of social media

The latest ASA report highlights a plethora of issues that brands face in advertising, not least for highlighting the landmark first ever UK ad campaign banned on social media for inappropriateness.

Social media is clearly spearheading the change for many companies in terms of marketing priorities and it has undeniable reach and influence, and current levels of brand investment in the channel look only set to increase. However, as the medium matures, we are starting to see rules and guidelines for its use emerge, and brands can easily be swept up in its responsiveness while forgetting to filter campaigns through considerations of whether their campaign activation online is appropriate. Read More »

Innovation in Fashion – I’m too sexy for my tech

Wearable tech: Even Apple is getting in on the action with the imminent launch of the iWatch.Hello and welcome to this week’s Espresso of Innovation; the hottest news and strongest stories from the world of creativity and technology filtered into a quick shot of inspiration. This week we’re taking a little turn on the catwalk.

Following on from the launch of the intimacy dress 2.0 that we covered in our Valentine Espresso I wanted to find out a bit more about technology and fashion. Read More »

Associated Press stirs anger on Twitter with sponsored Tweets announcement

The Associated Press stirs up anger on Twitter over promoted tweetsThe Associated Press last night stirred up a small storm on Twitter as it announced that it will begin to run sponsored Tweets in the timeline of its main @AP Twitter account and signed Samsung as its first sponsor. The story has raised concerns among some journalists as to whether this would damage AP’s credibility as a news organisation. Some have gone as as far to say they were unfollowing AP, that it shouldn’t do it and that it devalues the brand (check out the Storify reaction below).

What these aren’t are official Promoted Tweets from Twitter, but rather promotional messages sent out as Tweets on @AP. Initially it plans to send out two a day this week timed with the 2013 International CES – the consumer electronics show — in Las Vegas. Hardly a huge deal. Read More »

Google and Nike are the most shared social video brands of 2012

Google is most shared social video  brand of 2012, helped by Project GlassGoogle is the most successful social video brand of 2012 beating Nike after the technology giant’s video campaigns attracted more shares this year than any other advertiser, according to new data released today by Unruly.

Thanks to the global success of such campaigns as Project Glass: One Day, Google increased the number of shares it attracted in 2012 by 196.8% from the previous year, beating Nike to the top spot by 421,359 shares.  Project Glass proved a huge hit for Google and was also included among Time’s Best Inventions of the Year 2012. Read More »

The Top 20 Most shared social video ads of 2012

kony 2012 - the most shared ad of 2012While Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, P&G, Nike and Volkswagen all feature prominently in the 2012 Unruly Global Viral Video Ads Chart it is a little-known non-profit that we all came to know the name of that is the year’s overall winner.

Kony 2012, created and released by the not-for-profit Invisible Children, was by far the most shared ad of 2012, generating 10.1 million shares since it launched on March 5. Read More »