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How should agencies navigate the ‘post digital’ marketing age?

We live in an era of great transformation.


In the past 15 years, technological innovations have disrupted the marketing and media landscape time and time again.

As a result, agencies have had to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant, continue to be of value to their clients, and ultimately stay in the market.

Over the years this has seen many agencies go from being specialists to full-service, integrated enterprises. However, recently we have been seeing a return to the specialist agency model, with even more niche agencies popping up than ever before.

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Using narrative to engage your audience: three steps to successful brand storytelling

Everybody loves a great story.


The distinctive style of Hemingway, the mean-spirited wit of Wilde or the romantic scripts of Shakespeare – storytelling has always been a cherished British pastime.

As the UK celebrates National Storytelling Week, we explore how the age-old practice has moved beyond bedtime reads and into the marketing plans of branding experts hoping to breathe some literary delight into their marketing campaigns.

Already, there is a rich history of inspiring and powerful storytelling in the design and advertising industries.

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The rise of Under Armour into a Super Brand

Johan-Hegg-Under-ArmourDid you know that Under Armour is now the number two sports apparel brand in America overtaking Adidas? This is despite the World Cup where Adidas is an official sponsor.

It is now only behind Nike, but with 22 successive quarterly profit increases surely it’s a matter of time before it overtakes Nike too. Americans love an underdog and that’s where Under Armour began and is positioned against the much more conservative and corporate Nike, Adidas and Puma.

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SMEs urged to recalibrate AdWords campaigns ahead of close variant changes

Google adwordsFrom September, advertisers using Google AdWords will no longer have the ability to de-select close variants. Close variants matching is an AdWords feature that allows ads to occur on misspellings and close variations to keywords within a campaign.

The ability to de-select close variants gives smaller advertisers the flexibility to run more optimised Adwords campaigns and avoid triggering unnecessary ads, which can be a drain on budget.

With close variants automatically activated, however, campaigns will cast a wider net with search terms and SMEs will struggle to reach the same level of precision as before. Read more on SMEs urged to recalibrate AdWords campaigns ahead of close variant changes…

Content marketing – beyond the hype

contentwordcloudHype surrounding content marketing reached fever pitch in 2014. Heralded as the saviour of everything from digital display advertising to the 30 second spot, was there really any substance behind the content marketing spin?

If you talk to ten digital marketers, you’ll get ten different definitions of content marketing – we were all too busy relabeling whatever we did as content marketing to make much sense. But at its heart, content marketing is simple – it’s the use of publishing channels as opposed to advertising channels to achieve marketing goals. It’s about publishing YouTube content as opposed to advertising on YouTube; it’s about publishing apps, games and magazines as opposed to advertising in them. Read more on Content marketing – beyond the hype…

Taking social seriously: the real World Cup winners

Germany World CupMost tweeted, most memed, most watched on two or even three screens, most ripped to YouTube, the list of mosts goes on and on for social sharing and interaction in the World Cup (can we say World Cup now it’s over without fear of litigation? Hope so).

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Apple’s HomeKit and HealthKit explained

Apple HomeKitThere were two big announcements at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and unusually neither of them concerned new hardware, instead the focus was on software.

Chief amongst these were HomeKit, a framework to enable the control of multiple smart home apps via one central iOS app, and HealthKit, a developer tool that allows all health and fitness apps to share their data with the new health app, as well as each other. As the iPod and iPhone did before, these technologies are set to revolutionise the way people go about their day-to-day lives and anticipate the next phase in technology, the Internet of Things. Read more on Apple’s HomeKit and HealthKit explained…

Hoverboarding, human vs shark, and calls for dads

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 15.59.37

Thankfully, the huge influx of footie ads has relaxed a touch now that the World Cup has actually kicked off.

Last weeks brand chart was stuffed to the brim with footie stars and balls flying everywhere, but this week we’ve got a bit of a break with Father’s Day related campaigns and water sports that are of a sci-fi standard.

Sure, Samsung has dragged out their next enthralling instalment of aliens Vs Galaxy 11 and Pepsi Max have brought out an Unbelievable football match with teams of free runners and an inflatable pitch, but it feels good to see a chart that isn’t completely dominated with all things foot and ball.

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Who’s getting the beers in for World Cup 2014?

NikeDespite the disappointing result at the weekend, with the World Cup finally underway, the noise from Fifa 2014 marketing campaigns has become almost deafening! Or maybe this is because we lost – after all, brands need to make the most of the opportunity while we’re all still glued to watching England play (even if we’re watching it through our fingers!), writes Emma Jones.

The campaign that was pretty much the first to kick this all off was Nike’s ad – an epic and fantastically filmed piece of advertising.

When I first saw it, though, there were no surprises. A plethora of highly paid players – tick. Cool footwork – tick. The latest boots – tick. The underdog coming good in the end – tick…

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Instagram and the native ad movement

indexNative-social ads – ads that are integrated into the social stream, matching both the ad format and function of the user experience – are proving to be hugely effective, and are receiving a remarkable level of engagement from end users. Read more on Instagram and the native ad movement…