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Can the NHS really teach us anything about customer service?

NHS LogoThe NHS announced the launch of its new ‘TripAdvisor’ style feedback system for patients last month, for the first time allowing its customers to quickly and painlessly give frank, honest reviews of the service they receive at hospitals around the country.

This change in strategy by one of the biggest employers in the world highlights how important it is for businesses of all sizes to be aware of real-time feedback, both as a customer service tool and a source of information to drive innovation.

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Twitter Olympics: Team USA takes Gold, Team GB takes Silver and Jamaica Bronze

Lizzie Armitstead (left), Marianne Vos and Olga Zabelinskaya in the breakaway that led to all three winning medals in the 2012 Olympic road race. Photo by DAVID ILIFFWith the London 2012 Games off to a flying start, it is Team USA at the head of the leader board in the Twitter stakes with over 190,000 Tweets made over the weekend and counting.

Team GB is currently in second place with more than 180,000 Tweets sent in support of the host nation’s athletes. Jamaica is hot on the heels of Team GB. China, Canada and Brazil just miss out on the weekend’s Twitter medals. Read More »

Digital healthcare: A listening exercise

Perhaps not too scarred from his last listening excursive, health secretary Andrew Lansley launched a crowd-sourcing initiative this week, calling on the general public and healthcare professionals to submit ideas for a series of health apps which could help improve NHS healthcare.

While Lansley has been lambasted for being seriously out of touch over his botched NHS reform plans of late, the move does touch on a wider trend in using digital technology to aid healthcare. Read More »

Can crowdsourcing save the NHS? Online groups to mobilise millions

The group that organised Save our Forest campaign, that played a role in reversing the national forestry sell-off, has turned its attention to the NHS.

Tens of thousand of 38 Degrees supporters suggested ideas on Facebook, its blog and Twitter and voted this week for the group to make the NHS its next big campaign priority. Read More »

How glue helped the Green Party win in Brighton

Here’s an insight into a successful political campaign. The Green Party’s two big aims for the general election were to elect MPs in Brighton Pavilion and Norwich South. Read More »

Making things better from a hospital bed


Pain can be a beautiful thing. And in my case quite an inspiring thing too. For the last 5 days I’ve been stuck in hospital with severe back pains – which have meant I’ve been totally bed bound, and completely dependent on the nurses at Kings College Hospital London (who have – by the way – been really great!)

Anyway, lying in bed – in pain – inspired me yesterday morning: could I be of any use to hospital lying here? The hospital staff are being great – but could I add anything – could I help improve how the hospital is run?

And the answer is of course YES. As a patient I – and the hundreds of other patients – are in the best place to help the hospital improve, as we’re the ones at the coal-face, experiencing the end products that the hospital delivers – whether that’s a quick fix in A&E, or a longer stay in one of the wards.
The only issue is how you collate and make sense of this collective experience. And the answer to that is the internet – create a crowd-sourcing website with a focus on collating “ideas of how to improve the hospital” and let patients share ideas, and self-organise the value of those ideas via rating and commenting systems. Given I’m the co-founder of an e-democracy company – Delib – that specialises in citizen empowerment – this was the easy bit!

So lying in my hospital bed – I asked a couple of my colleagues in Bristol to quickly put together a patient crowd-sourcing site using our one of our apps – and 2 hours later we launched “Help us Improve Kings”.

Check the site crowd-sourcing site here (and add ideas if you have any!)

With the prototype site up and live, I’m now in the process of getting patients to take part and share their experiences and ideas – a bit of a tricky feat given I can’t walk, but they’re coming in slowly as I lynch people walking past my room! I’m also in the process of talking to the Patient Involvement team @ Kings – as obviously to make this work, we really need them on board to actually turn the ideas generated into concrete actions.

So there you go – an example of bottom-up patient power – empowered by the wonders of broadband and a wonderful set of e-democracy apps. Social media empowerment at its finest!

And most importantly this is a lesson to all those brands / businesses / government departments out there who are trying to work out how to make their business work better – the answer: empower your customers and employees and they will in turn help power your business!