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In Defense of Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily

Rupert Murdoch with the The Daily in his hand at its launchEveryone and their mother has been crapping all over The Daily since it announced just over a week ago that it was closing for good. What has struck me is that I think that someone needs to step in and contextualize what happened to The Daily and look at why the world’s first iPad only newspaper failed.  Read More »

News Corp closes iPad only newspaper The Daily after losing millions

Big changes at News Corporation today as executives comes and go and in amongst those changes News Corporation has also announced the closure of its iPad only newspaper The Daily. It was launched with much fanfare, and at a cost of $30m in February 2011, but seemed to very quickly run into trouble.

Those rumours that it was on borrowed time surfaced back in the summer when the speculation was that it was going to be axed as it cut around 50 staff. Today News Corp confirmed that and said that the Daily will cease standalone publication on 15 December. Read More »

Myspace shows off slick redesign [VIDEO]

New Myspace Screenshot

Another year, another ‘new Myspace’ (disclosure – my former employer), but since Specific Media and Justin Timberlake partnered in buying the property from News Corp for $100m in June last year there has been talk of a completely re-thought design built from the ground up, and that’s exactly what this video posted last night suggests. Read More »

FTSE100 companies have 25 million social media connections

FTSE100 companies have 25 million social media connections – LinkedIn leads followed by TwitterFTSE 100 companies, including BP, Burberry, ITV, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Unilever have a combined 19 million Facebook fans, but only 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

While there are 70 FTSE 100 companies on Twitter the bulk of those followers belong to Burberry whose Twitter account has more than 1.1 million followers although that is a consumer rather than a corporate account.

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Future of Murdoch’s iPad tablet The Daily hangs in the balance

The New York Observer is reporting that the future of News Corporation’s much hyped iPad only newspaper, The Daily, is hanging  in the balance.

The paper reports that The Daily has been put “on watch, according to a source and it will be reassessed after the November 6 US Presidential election.

The Daily, which is said to be losing $30m a year, faces an uncertain future after News Corp pumped  millions into its high profile January 2011 launch. We asked at the time how something that was said to have cost $30m to launch can make money? It appears the answer is now in.

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Google calls angry Murdoch tweets “nonsense”

News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch is proving that he won’t be reined in when it comes to Twitter. Over the weekend he has been using his shiny new 140 character account to rail against the injustices of the world calling Google a “piracy leader” and opining that Barack Obama had thrown in “his lot with Silicon Valley paymasters”. He is starting to sound like one very hacked off media chairman whose vast PR machine can not keep him quiet.

Google has responded to the elder Murdoch’s tweets and called them nonsense. Oh dear. Maybe not the response the billionaire media mogul was looking for. Read More »

A new year and a new Murdoch, as mogul joins Twitter and takes dig at UK

What would the hacking scandal have been like if Rupert Murdoch had tweeted through the whole thing? I’m guessing shouts of “lies, damn lies and that was our (humble) exclusive”. I could be wrong.

While the chairman and CEO of News Corporation was not among Twitter’s users for 364 days of  2011 all that changed on December 31 as Murdoch began to tweet and took the opportunity with one of his first tweets to take a dig at the UK — cause of his annus horribilis. Read More »

YouTube wants to buy Hulu, says report

Business Insider is reporting that Google is interested in buying Hulu after it was put up for sale last month by owners Disney, News Corporation, Comcast, and Providence Equity Partners.

YouTube is the latest buyer to emerge after Hulu was approached by Yahoo! just before it was being put on the block. Read More »

MySpace founder interested in buying back beleaguered social network

MySpace cofounder Chris DeWolfe has given a strong hint that he fancies another crack at the social network he set up and wants to buy it back from News Corp.

In an article in Businessweek he refuses to deny a bid and says only that he can not talk about it. Read More »

Music and games firms take their leave of MySpace

Music used to be MySpace’s strong suit, but Adweek reports that some in the music industry are now abandoning the social network.It carries a report about music ticketing startup Ticketfly. A natural fit for the News Corporation (for now) owned social network, but the site has almost zero dealings with MySpace. Its founder says the music business is now all about Twitter and Facebook.

The story comes in the same week when social gaming firm Zynga is also reported to be pulling some of its games from MySpace as well. Read More »