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The content river (or why Amazon is called Amazon)

Amazon by Nic Taylor:FlickrAmazon has recently surprised, with the success of its TV show Transparent at the Golden Globes. And it has more plans to create a new TV series with Woody Allen.

The Woody Allen partnership received a bit of a kicking from some quarters, but I don’t agree with this view. Read More »

Top take-outs from this year’s MIPCOM

Simon Cowell mipcomThe 30th edition of the annual MIPCOM TV market set a couple of records last week with 112 countries and 13,700 delegates attending – both all-time highs. Furthermore, of those who attended it has been reported that 1,300 were acquiring digital and VOD rights.

Many themes were explored over the four days but below are my main takeaway points for those who didn’t get to attend.

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Audacity, bravery, commitment, ambition

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 12.15.59On November 9 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. I was 16 at the time and I remember watching events unfold live on television. As I and the rest of the world stopped and watched, spell-bound, thousands of Germans from East and West swung sledgehammers and pick axes and clawed with their bare hands at this concrete symbol of a divided world.

I’d been on a school trip to Germany the year before, seen the border, the sentry guards in their towers with their rifles and fixed stares. I remember the tears in my school teacher’s eyes.

As footage of falling mortar spanned the globe, I recall no one being sure what was going on. Was the Cold War over? Had the Arms Race bankrupted the Soviet Union? Was Communism over? Read More »

Ten years after Facebook launched, we’re back to the days before Facebook

facebooklogoBefore Facebook, most social sharing among my group of friends happened on instant messaging via MSN. Depending on your own group of friends you might have used AIM or Yahoo instead. Most of the photos we shared were via e-mail, with large albums uploaded to YouSendIt or another cloud storage server. Most of my friends had social media profiles, automatically created by MSN, but few of us posted there regularly. Then Facebook came along. By 2006, when I started at university, practically every single student in my year had it. We shared everything on Facebook: what we were up to, our relationship status, movies we watched, pictures from events, classes we were attending, our plans for the weekend, everything.  Read More »

Using audience data to breathe new life into TV advertising

Netflix: House of CardsTraditionally, TV data such as audience figures has been collected through set top-based research panels, and used as trading currency by the whole advertising industry. However, the advent of digital, cable TV and on-demand platforms, coupled with changing viewing habits, mean broadcasting companies are increasingly mining their own data and are using it to exponentially add value to TV advertising.

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Second screen: from engagement to insight

netflix arrested developmentIt is pretty clear to all of us involved in this fascinating industry that broadcasting is evolving at a dramatic rate. Technology is playing a more significant role than ever in driving change, with both broadcasters and viewers adopting new innovations and learning new habits. It’s transforming how we engage with our favourite shows and in several cases, fuelling the creation of completely new formats.

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Losing the stiff upper lip: can the UK keep up with the sharing economy?

air bnbThere’s a lot of talk about the sharing economy, but what does it really mean? The seminal book  What’s Mine is Yours initiated the conversation and in the USA this has taken off immensely with Netflix, Zipcar, Spotify and Airbnb (pictured) leading the way – no surprise the sharing economy is popular there. In Seoul, the sharing economy is also starting to gain popularity, as it is in Brazil with initiatives like Catarse, Brazil’s first crowdsourcing platform.

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The Social Media era of sponsorship

As its legacy continues to grow, last year will forever be the year of London 2012, one of the greatest events ever to grace the sporting world. It also happened to fall within what the industry is calling ‘The Social Era’ of sponsorship.

So what have brands learnt from it? And what does that mean for sponsorship and the rest of 2013 – already dubbed ‘The Empty Year’?  Read More »

Google set to unveil subscription channels

The FT reports that Google could this week unveil “an à la carte subscription service” for some of its specialist YouTube channels as part of an effort to finance a broader range of content.

The initiative would echo recent moves by those such as Netflix and Amazon moving into original content. Read More »

Netflix’s House of Cards: Full house or trumped?

Netflix’s unique content play, “House of Cards”, starring Kevin Spacey, has satisfied its subscriber base in the US according to a small survey by Cowen. It has also made their subscribers more loyal.

However it failed to take off from a word of mouth perspective and the content was mediocre rather than exceptional. In light of this both move from Netflix what is the future of content v’s distribution channels in the digital age and who will gain the most from this change in dynamics?


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