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#FacebookExperiment – was it all just a storm in a teacup?

tea cupAs the dust of the now infamous #FacebookExperiment begins to settle, we wonder what have we learnt? The experiment, which left some users renouncing their profiles and put the social media giant under investigation, has been described as everything from an important practice to an Orwellian nightmare – so let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

For a week in 2012, Facebook conducted an experiment to analyse the site’s emotional impact on its users. A collective of researchers, in conjunction with Cornell University and The University of California, San Francisco, varied the tone of some 700,000 of its users’ newsfeeds to see whether reducing positive or negative content would emotionally affect users or alter posting behaviour. Read more on #FacebookExperiment – was it all just a storm in a teacup?…

Infographic: which social media relics will rise again?

New Myspace Logo 2012The history of the commercial Internet only stretches back to the mid-’90s. But in that short time, it’s managed to accrue quite a number of extinct memes, technologies, and, of course, social media websites. With Facebook, Twitter and other sites dominating the modern social Internet, is there any room for old has-beens to “return from the grave,” or are they gone for good?

Whether by ignoring the needs of their users, failing to scale properly as they grew in popularity, or even running afoul of the authorities, once-mighty social media titans such as Xanga and Six Degrees have gone from household names to increasingly obscure fossils in less than a decade. Others, like Google’s second-tier social media endeavor Orkut, linger on as slowly-crumbling shadows of their former selves, their market share and user base under constant assault by their more popular successors. Read more on Infographic: which social media relics will rise again?…

Buying back in


TomCross_ScreenshotYears ago, when I was living and working in Sydney, one conversation that would often be repeated in the bar after work was around the merits of the social networks MySpace and Bebo. As MySpace was the first social network that I truly embraced*, I obviously fought its corner and was somewhat sceptical of the arguments of some of my fellow British colleagues in favour of Bebo. It was around the same time that another relatively unknown site began to be talked about, and tentatively explored by both sides of the divide; a site which would ultimately render our discussions futile. That site was called Facebook. Read more on Buying back in…

Predicting the ‘next big thing’ in social media

The next big thing in social mediaWith consumers participating in an almost infinite number and range of social platforms, brands can be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when faced with planning how and where they spend their social and digital marketing budgets.

The questions marketers are faced with are many and varied; is my audience on the platform; how are they using it; will they participate in our planned experience; are our incentives powerful enough; how can we control the experience (given we don’t own the platforms); how much paid media do I need to reach and engage the target audience? Read more on Predicting the ‘next big thing’ in social media…

Twitter isn’t a social network site, say some teens

Interesting research here from the research from the Pew Research Center points to how Twitter isn’t perceived by some teens as a social network in the same way as Facebook or LinkedIn.

The research found teens don’t always think of Twitter as a social networking site.

That raises the question as to what is Twitter? There has been a lot of discussion about this recently with a number of people increasingly describing Twitter as a news wire or as the sixth American news network. Read more on Twitter isn’t a social network site, say some teens…

Is Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr strategic, opportunistic or desperate?

There are three ways to look at Yahoo’s $1.1bn acquisition of photo-blogging service Tumblr.  You can view it as a considered strategic move to evolve Yahoo and give it a slice of social media.

That or it is an opportunitistic leap to rejuvenate Yahoo’s aging products and users.

Thirdly, it is possibly desperate. Mayer and Yahoo have just paid $1.1bn for a company with revenues last year of $13m.  Read more on Is Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr strategic, opportunistic or desperate?…

Social Brands – from platforms to communities

Second Life: the declines of Second Life, MySpace, and Friendster were all driven by the migration of their audiencesIn the first post in our series on Social Brands & The Future Of Marketing, we noted that, “the most successful brands don’t just predict the future; they define the future on their own terms.”

We’re continuing that theme in today’s second post in the Social Brands series, exploring the importance of building social marketing activities around the people you care about, and not around specific technological features or platforms. Read more on Social Brands – from platforms to communities…

Myspace will be the musical comeback of 2013

The Stone roses - were the musical comeback of 2012, in 2013 it will be MyspaceTake That, The Spice Girls, The Rolling Stones – yep, there’s no place quite like the Music industry for a good old fashioned comeback.  Did you know the phrase “Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back” was created for a Frank Sinatra comeback in the early 70s, even though he’d never been known as ‘Blue Eyes’ in his entire career?  Well done that PR man.  And if The Stone Roses was THE music comeback of 2012, what am I bid for Myspace repeating the trick in 2013? Read more on Myspace will be the musical comeback of 2013…

Facebook is driving brands away to rival social networks, says billionaire investor

Mark Cuban: Readwrite reports on another potentially damaging problem for Facebook concerning the billionaire investor Mark Cuban airing his dissatisfaction with the social network. It has echoes of the General Motors story earlier this year.  I’m sure you’ll remember when GM announced it was to cease advertising on the site, and concentrate on content, in a blow to Facebook as it headed for its IPO.

This time it is tech and media billionaire Mark Cuban, who also owns the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks, who says that he is tiring of the way that Facebook does business and is considering taking his considerable business elsewhere.

His issues relate to changes that Facebook has made to its algorithm, known as Facebook Edgerank, that means that many brands have experienced a considerable drop off in the reach of their posts. Read more on Facebook is driving brands away to rival social networks, says billionaire investor…

Myspace shows off slick redesign [VIDEO]


New Myspace Screenshot

Another year, another ‘new Myspace’ (disclosure – my former employer), but since Specific Media and Justin Timberlake partnered in buying the property from News Corp for $100m in June last year there has been talk of a completely re-thought design built from the ground up, and that’s exactly what this video posted last night suggests. Read more on Myspace shows off slick redesign [VIDEO]…