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Social media doesn’t matter in politics

Ron Paul the Republican social media candidate Interesting piece in Ad Age arguing that social media in politics has no real impact on the outcome. It points in part to research saying that “if no one under the age of 30 had voted, Obama would have won every state he carried with the exception of two” as evidence that it wasn’t the social media savvy who got the president elected, but an older population of Democrats and independents who were galvanised.

In the current election it points to Republican social media leader Ron Paul who despite his and social-media prowess has failed to win a single primary and argues that despite the increased “importance of social media in business, there is no solid evidence that it matters in politics”. Read more on Social media doesn’t matter in politics…

Twitter censors French “My David Cameron” as accounts are suspended

I’m sure you remember the very succcesful site that ran during the 2012 General Election parodying David Cameron and friends. Now there is a French version targeting Nicolas Sarkozy although the French President is not taking the spoofing so lighlty.

His team appear to have complained to Twitter about the Twitter account related to “Ma France Forte” (@_nicolassarkozy) and it has been suspended along with three other accounts spoofing Sarkozy. Read more on Twitter censors French “My David Cameron” as accounts are suspended…

LOLCats inspires LOLCleggz: I can haz ur vote?

LOL Clegg iz awesum

“Fank you, fank you!” Nick Clegg might say. If he was a feline. In the midst of all the negativity and mud flinging in the political press, there’s a small community of people satirising the general election with a basic Photoshop skills and deliberately misspelled captions (maybe that should be ‘capshunzz?’). Read more on LOLCats inspires LOLCleggz: I can haz ur vote?…