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If marketers can crack mobile, programmatic growth knows no bounds

Programmatic ad buying has experienced remarkable growth in the relatively short time it’s been around.


Last year for the first time in the UK, nearly 60% of UK display advertising was programmatic, according to eMarketer.

Given the efficiency of its optimisation, it’s no surprise that programmatic advertising and retargeting continue to be adopted rapidly, as AdRoll found in its most recent State of the Industry UK 2016 Report.

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Study: the Millennial perspective on native ads

girlwithPhoneMuch has been said about the ever-buzzworthy “Millennial.” With their eyes and thumbs glued to their phones, Millennials practically live online, spending nearly 18 hours a day with different types of media, albeit some of it simultaneously. They’re a generation of early adopters, with just enough life experience to influence the direction of trends, while being young and open enough to the ever-changing landscape of technology to not be stuck in their ways — at least not yet.

TL;DR: What’s important to Millennials today will be embraced by everyone tomorrow.

For these reasons and more, brands and advertisers are hungry for Millennial data and eager to understand this elusive, yet essential segment. Read more on Study: the Millennial perspective on native ads…

The Publisher Opportunity with Native Video and Outstream Ad Products

Man watching video on tabletOver half of all online video views now take place on mobile devices. To capitalise on this, publishers need to implement video monetisation strategies that resonate with their audience or risk falling behind in one of digital advertising’s fastest growing markets.

In 2016, Facebook is expected to sell over £500 million worth of mobile video ads, 100% of which will come from “native video” ad products like in-feed video ads. For anyone who has been in digital advertising for a while, it is jaw-dropping that a sizable amount of that £500 million revenue figure will come from ‘autoplay’ video ads. Instagram, Twitter, and now Pinterest, are all following suit with their own in-feed autoplay video strategies.

Publishers, it’s time to get moving.

The newness of native video, combined with its explosive growth, has left the industry scrambling for some standards. To help bring more clarity and structure to the new video landscape, the IAB recently released a new glossary that defines what exactly native video is for the first time. Read more on The Publisher Opportunity with Native Video and Outstream Ad Products…

Does Snapchat’s Super Bowl deal spark a new era for brands?

Snapchat was an official part of this year’s Super Bowl for the first time, landing four major sponsors – Pepsi, Amazon, Marriott and Budweiser, for an NFL approved Super Bowl Live Story.


Branded content in Snapchat is not new of course, but the content has predominantly felt rough and ready.

However, this time it’s different, this time we’re talking big budgets.

Does Snapchat’s relationship with the Super Bowl suggests a sea-change in the precision offered by the platform in terms of targeting and analytics?

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Fast forward to 2026: the potential of location technology

Location is becoming key to making the most of our favourite services, and it seems we are increasingly willing to allow our whereabouts to be identified if it will provide us with greater convenience.


We can order a taxi to arrive in minutes via Uber, find an emergency coffee at the nearest Starbucks and even search the crowds for our ideal partner with happn – a dating app that uses location technology to connect users with people they have crossed paths with on the street.

All of these futuristic capabilities have been made possible by advances in location-based mobile technology, such as wifi, GPS, and other propriety solutions.

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10 predictions for native advertising in 2016

At the end of 2014, we predicted brands would go mobile-first on content creation, content cards would become the de facto design unit, programmatic native distribution would take shape and the headline would become the new tagline.


For 2016, we’re looking at how hot-button publishing and advertising trends from 2015 will take shape in the year to come: from distributed publishing to ad blocking, native video and attention metrics.

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How to drive your brand’s online sales

As big brands lock horns to attract new customers with jaw-dropping prices in the sales, it’s easy for some to get left behind.


The good news is that people are spending. Independent retailers saw high street revenues increase by more than one-third on New Year’s Day, making it more important than ever for online brands to drive sales at this busy time.

From solving shopping abandonment and creating wide-reaching campaigns to mobile retargeting and message commerce, there are plenty of tools in the marketing armoury that can be leveraged not just for consumers, but across campaigns.

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5 strategies to boost your app’s reach

Addiction to mobile applications has reached fever pitch, with users spending 85% of their time on smartphones within apps.


But while rising demand presents unprecedented opportunities for mobile applications, competition is heating up too.

So, how can marketers optimise their apps to increase user acquisition, maximise downloads and outpace the competition?

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How 5 retailers are encouraging mobile sales

Smartphone use is on the rise, but there still remains a gap when it comes to buyers committing to a purchase on their mobile devices.

mobile shopping

Most customers prefer to use them for product discovery and customer support  but as the next generation of consumer prefers texting and chat as methods of communication, it is critical that retailers make customer support and communication easier for these shoppers by going to where they are, be it on on social messaging apps or text.

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#BlueMonday: the brands bringing colour back to January

Today – and every third Monday in January – is now saddled with the reputation of being the most depressing day of the year.


Popularly branded in the UK media as Blue Monday, this gloomy, post-Christmas, back-to-work day has been turning January even colder ever since the term was first coined in 2005.

But some UK marketers have used this time to get ahead, bringing back hope to a month traditionally full of resolutions and fresh starts.

Here is AdRoll’s list of brands that have brought cheer back to January.

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