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How important is digital and retail experience for brands?

mobile in store wall

Now in its second year, new Shopper Tribes research from Gekko has found that fewer shoppers are researching products online before buying in-store, with numbers falling by 7% over the past year.

As buying behaviours become more complex, with consumers increasingly taking a multi-channel approach when purchasing goods, the relationship between the digital and retail experience is ever more important for brands. Read more on How important is digital and retail experience for brands?…

Sponsored: Mobile, operational content and stories to make you cry

CMAThis article is brought to you by our partners the Content Marketing Association

Spoon’s marketing manager, Björn Owen Glad, and House of Fraser’s head of SEO, Jamie Peach, take a look at their favourite pieces of content marketing this year and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in 2015 ahead of being two keynote speakers at The International Content Marketing Summit on November 26. Read more on Sponsored: Mobile, operational content and stories to make you cry…

7 things brands need to know about the Internet of Things

Internet of things by Steve Jurvetson FlickrA tectonic technology shift is underway as the physical world becomes part of the web. Our real and virtual lives are merging, powered by smart net-connected chips and mobile devices. As the Internet of Things becomes a mainstream reality, this creates tremendous opportunities for brands: how they form direct, ongoing digital connections with customers, and how they make their business and marketing operations smarter by gaining real-time analytics about every product interaction.

Products are inherently more useful and desirable when they come packaged with personalised digital services to enhance the experience of buying, owning, using and sharing them. When a physical thing – from our clothes, groceries and medical devices to objects in our home and workplaces – becomes connected, programmable, trackable and interactive, and uses data to learn and improve over time, this profoundly changes how it works.

Read more on 7 things brands need to know about the Internet of Things…

Interactive advertising and the possibilities for marketers

Tetley Tea by Cross Duck FlickrVideo is one of the fastest growing mediums and accounts for 18% of all online and mobile display advertising. IAB’s latest research in the UK found that video advertising grew by 62% year-on-year to £324.9 million.

Marketers are now realising that online video is equally, if not more, important than traditional TV budgets (70% of marketers now using video as part of their online marketing campaigns) to target the digitally-connected consumer, as more and more consumers move away from traditional TV viewing in order to suit their lifestyles.

For brands and agencies this presents a hugely exciting opportunity – the possibility to increase the all-important time spent with the viewer. As the traditional marketing mix is now redundant there is great potential to capture consumers through the creation of an interactive video experience. So how can marketers capitalise on this boom?

Read more on Interactive advertising and the possibilities for marketers…

Data vs creativity: Mobile advertising needs both

binary dataAs confirmed by the IAB’s recent digital ad spend study, mobile is now taking up an ever greater portion of media plans today – which is great news for those of us deep in the trenches. But as marketers, and their agencies, increasingly invest in the mobile channel striking the balance between data-driven targeting and creativity remains a challenge.

When it comes to integrating mobile, marketers are increasingly being attracted by the targeting potential the channel offers to reach an individual in a certain place at a certain time on their personal device. And this is, without doubt, an exciting opportunity. But the growing emphasis on mobile-derived data, and its application within programmatic buying in particular, is potentially stifling an equal focus on creativity – as more decisions are being made on the basis of tracking data rather than consumer-centric design thinking. Read more on Data vs creativity: Mobile advertising needs both…

Every agency should strive to be ahead of the curve

multiple screens laptop mobile tabletIn response to Shaun Varga’s post published on The Wall on 8 May Mobile agencies soon to be surplus to requirements‘, Chris Minas, managing director of mobile agency Nimbletank, shares his contrasting views. Read more on Every agency should strive to be ahead of the curve…

The new face of mobile ads

appleiPad2In the past six weeks, three of the most visible companies in the digital world have made similar announcements: Google, Twitter, and Yahoo have disclosed plans for dedicated advertising products for app marketers.

Why the sudden rush of activity? Simple: the incredible success of Facebook’s mobile app install ads can’t be ignored. App-specific advertising products are the future of mobile app advertising – here’s why. Read more on The new face of mobile ads…

What does the latest mobile industry numberwang mean?

MobileholdingphoneChrist on a bike it must be dull being a mobile stats researcher:

‘Keith, we need another one of those research pieces into the mobile marketing’
‘But it’s just going to say what it always says’
‘More people doing more stuff on mobile – yes, we know. But there are media plans and start-ups hungry for the latest numbers, so get to it.’

Brace yourself folks. The latest numberwang from my world suggests people are spending more time on their mobiles than they do on their desktops.  Don’t say you didn’t see it coming. Read more on What does the latest mobile industry numberwang mean?…

How competitive is programmatic buying?

TurnThe online advertising market is a competitive one, with millions of brands, both big and small, striving for the attention of increasingly distracted consumers. As hyper-connected individuals move between digital touchpoints, the opportunity for brands to engage with consumers hinges on targeted communications at the right time, location and channel.

However, when multiple companies are challenging each other for share of voice, brands need to think about how their own strategy falls in line with the competition – what times of year are competitors failing to capitalise on? And how can smaller brands avoid being dwarfed by bigger brands with larger budgets? Read more on How competitive is programmatic buying?…

How to stop your mobile advertising from being ignored

laptop mobile tabletIf you ask the average person walking down the street what mobile advertising is, you’re likely to hear the response “spam”.

Of course, we are not talking about the canned precooked meat product that was popular in the 1940’s, but rather mobile spamming. Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, or spreading malware. So how can you avoid your mobile adverts from being ignored? Read more on How to stop your mobile advertising from being ignored…