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The ethics of attention and the inevitable future of digital advertising

GoldfishWe are living in an attention economy, as attention has become one of our most valuable yet fragile resources.

In the last 15 years, the human attention span dropped a third to about 8 seconds (now a second shorter than a goldfish!). In a lot of ways, this is a response to the increase in stimuli we are bombarded by on a daily basis, from email and social media to smartphone notifications and of course: ads.

As marketers we are spending more and more on platforms that command consumers’ time (i.e. social and mobile), but if our industry is to sustain itself we have a responsibility to think of the ethics of how we generate attention for our brands. Read more on The ethics of attention and the inevitable future of digital advertising…

Dmexco 2015: What makes a great mobile video ad?

WEB_Dmexco_mobile_video_adsMobile video was undoubtedly one of the hot topics at Dmexco with speakers including Robert Bridge, vice-president, head of international marketing & editorial at Yahoo, and Debbie Weinstein, director, brand solutions & innovations for EMEA at Google, discussing the critical importance of mobile video in today’s marketing landscape.

A common thread running through all the presentations was the need for brands to implement successful, multi-screen ad campaigns to enable them to retain consumers and build their reputation. Today’s consumer moves seamlessly across channels and devices, and brands that are unable to offer a personalised, engaging and relevant experience on mobile are potentially missing out on new customers, and alienating existing ones.

The one question that dominated the video debate at Dmexco was, ‘what makes a great mobile video ad?’ So let’s look at the facts. Read more on Dmexco 2015: What makes a great mobile video ad?…

The Daily Poke: More things begin with M

More things begin with MVoice assistants Siri and Cortana are already helping smartphone users with the big questions like, ‘Where did I leave my car keys?’, ‘Do you know the way to San Jose?’ and ‘Can you open the pod bay doors?’. But now there’s a new kid on the AI block. Read more on The Daily Poke: More things begin with M…

Inside the walled gardens: How Time Inc. is distributing content on other people’s properties

(Facebook/Time Inc)

(Facebook/Time Inc)

If Time Inc. and the rest of publishing’s “Old Guard” are going to stay relevant to modern audiences, they need to branch out, even if that means distributing content outside of their own ecosystems.

Few people understand this better than Chris Hercik, vice-president of the Time Inc. Native Studio. In a recent onstage interview at NATIVE 2015, Hercik talked with Buzzfeed’s Alex Kantrowitz about the importance of embracing offsite distribution models, such as Facebook’s Instant Articles.

“With some of the new technology that’s coming [out], we have the ability to reach younger audiences, we have the ability to reach more mobile audiences,” Hercik said. “We realise that we have to start distributing outside our own ecosystem.” Read more on Inside the walled gardens: How Time Inc. is distributing content on other people’s properties…

Mobile advertising has a measurement problem

Tape measure by Randen PedersonBrand investment in mobile advertising is growing quickly — spending is projected to reach $46bn in 2019, according to Forrester — yet only 1% of those ads receive any type of engagement.

What tools and resources do advertisers and agencies have to report and analyse the 99% of unclicked impressions? These ad impressions have value, but there are only flawed and debatable tools for measurement.

Impressions shouldn’t be wasted

Unclicked ads should not be universally discounted as wasted impressions. A recent mobile advertising neuroscience study from Sharethrough and Nielsen showed how impressions can influence brand perception. Analytics platforms, from Moat to IAS, have focused heavily on viewability by making certain that ads are viewable. Contrary to the IAB standard for viewability, which is “a minimum of 50% of pixels in view for a minimum of one second,” WPP agency GroupM and Unilever announced earlier this year that they would only count video impressions when 100% of the ad player is in view. Read more on Mobile advertising has a measurement problem…

The Daily Poke: Shop SMS

Shop SMSBefore calling or emailing, it’s more than likely we’ll send a text. Well, brands are cottoning on to this idea, and there’s now an influx of companies thinking outside the box, and inside our inbox. Read more on The Daily Poke: Shop SMS…

The Daily Poke: Take cover

Take cover 2In India, it’s common for men from small, rural villages to seek out a livelihood in larger cities. But the chance of a better income comes at a price – separation from their families, and concern over their safety. Read more on The Daily Poke: Take cover…

The Daily Poke: London’s calling

London callingIt’s clear that Marshall is still in tune with the world – having already branched out from their guitar amp origins into headphones and even Bluetooth speakers in order to broaden appeal and stay relevant with customers. Read more on The Daily Poke: London’s calling…

Mobile first video ad campaigns

User holding an IPad with Facebook home page on screen

Mobile first ad formats

Facebook’s announcement about their proposed new mobile ad formats provides advertisers with more flexibility on how content is displayed, enabling brands to spend more time with their audiences. It’s a move likely to be followed by other platforms as the playing field evens out. Read more on Mobile first video ad campaigns…

Infographic: Retailers have yet to truly connect with shoppers

ShoppingArcade According to new research from independent shopper research agency Shoppercentric, consumers are shopping more on smartphones, and yet retailers aren’t making them totally happy during this experience.

In the report called WindowOn… Connected Shoppers, more than 1,000 UK shoppers – aged 16 years old and over and owning a smartphone – 30% of smartphone owners have used their smartphone to shop in the last month. Read more on Infographic: Retailers have yet to truly connect with shoppers…