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How competitive is programmatic buying?

TurnThe online advertising market is a competitive one, with millions of brands, both big and small, striving for the attention of increasingly distracted consumers. As hyper-connected individuals move between digital touchpoints, the opportunity for brands to engage with consumers hinges on targeted communications at the right time, location and channel.

However, when multiple companies are challenging each other for share of voice, brands need to think about how their own strategy falls in line with the competition – what times of year are competitors failing to capitalise on? And how can smaller brands avoid being dwarfed by bigger brands with larger budgets? Read More »

How to stop your mobile advertising from being ignored

laptop mobile tabletIf you ask the average person walking down the street what mobile advertising is, you’re likely to hear the response “spam”.

Of course, we are not talking about the canned precooked meat product that was popular in the 1940’s, but rather mobile spamming. Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, or spreading malware. So how can you avoid your mobile adverts from being ignored? Read More »

AdChoices in the UK: mobile on the horizon

icon_enhanced_notice_lgAs Chief Privacy Officer of Evidon, a digital marketing intelligence and global privacy company, it is encouraging to see the UK ad industry taking all the right steps to ensure responsible marketing through the Self-Regulatory AdChoices Programme. The next place it has to go is mobile.

I meet with a lot of privacy thought leaders, policy makers and marketers around the world on a regular basis, and it’s no surprise that mobile is what everyone is talking about. Data around how mobile will supplant the desktop/laptop as the primary way that people conduct their online lives is ubiquitous. As recently reported by the Financial Times, new data is also demonstrating how everything from mobile sites to Angry Birds to your favourite health and wellness apps are becoming increasingly filled with third-party tracking, a reality that is of equal concern to both the businesses hosting that tracking code and their customers.

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Ubiquitous data is attractive but confusing

Mobile DataIn recent years, the UK has seen an explosion in terms of ownership of smartphones (55% penetration) and, more recently, tablets, (30% penetration) (Ipsos MediaCT Technology Tracker Q3 2013). Increased ownership of ‘smart devices’ has doubled the use of mobile data in the last year. With demands for mobile internet increasing so dramatically, so too are consumers’ expectations for accessing data anywhere on their device of choice. Read More »

Why hold technology when you can wear it?

Smartwarch - Wearable TechnologyIn the past year, the battle of smartwatch devices began. Crowd-funded start-up company Pebble Technology paved the way for a new development – smart technology that you wear on your wrist. Their pre-release of the Pebble has now been followed by Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Gear’, with speculation building over the date of Apple’s ‘iWatch’ launch and rumours that Google have also joined the race.

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Budweiser shows how content is King for Beers on mobile

budweiser made in americaBudweiser are really rocking with their mobile engagement of their “Made In America” concert and shown how bite sized chunks of cool and compelling content really does make you King of Beers.

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Ramadan challenges brands to market sensitively

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 15.34.37Ramadan comes but once a year but unlike Christmas it lasts for an entire month and has a profound effect on the ways that brands market themselves in Muslim countries, especially in Asia. Just like Christmas for the West, Ramadan in the Muslim world is when brands spend the most mount of marketing dollars too.


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Samsung, Jay-Z and their viral successes

Jay-Z and Samsung top viral ad chartSamsung are probably congratulating themselves for a win on bagging a partnership with Jay-Z.

According to social video expert Unruly, who furnish Campaign with data for our weekly viral ad chart, the recent tie-up that has seen the music mogul give away his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to a million Samsung Galaxy owners, has generated more than half a million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

The shares are across two recent videos by Mr Z (pronounced Zed) – a three-minute documentary-style offering that explores his creative processes and positions him as a digital-thinker who has seen a change in the music industry and wants to provide a better user experience – and, I’m sure at some point, make a shed load more money?

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Google Glass privacy concerns will last ‘six months to a year’

Google Glass: Matt Chapman, senior reporter, Marketing tries on Google's Project GlassConsumer resistance to Google’s Project Glass will last “six months to a year”, according to mobile agency Somo’s global innovation director, Maani Safa.

In the video below, Saafa describes how previous technologies have suffered “people reacting a little bit cold” to them before the technology hits the mainstream, up to a year later.

Previewing the new, prototype product, which featured in last year’s New York Fashion Week, for Marketing, Matt Chapman, senior reporter, comments: “I was cynical at first but I can really see there might be a place for this”.

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How to avoid the pitfalls of responsive design

responsive design It is estimated that by 2015, one billion new email accounts will have been opened worldwide, based on an average annual growth of seven per cent. Also during this time, the number of wireless email users is expected to more than double – from 531 million to 1.2 billion.

But while the email itself has enduring potential, marketers should not be fooled into imagining they can simply plough ahead with the same old communication strategies – email design and consumption is evolving, and so should the supporting strategies.

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