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Republicans turn to Silicon Valley to counter Obama digital supremacy

Governor Mitt Romney looking over his speech on his iPad at the #RNCThe Republican National Committee is scouring Silicon Valley in an attempt to find top talent to hire as its new Chief Technology Officer, in a clear attempt to challenge the digital supremacy of President Obama and the Democrat Party.

The GOP’s effort to use digital technology to propel Mitt Romney to the White House failed in 2012, with their voter data system ORCA crashing on polling day.

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Twitter unveils new search capabilities with major impact for breaking news

Big bird: Twitter improves search and improves breaking news resultsTwitter has announced changes to Twitter Search that could have a major impact on breaking news and how we find it. We all know that we go to Twitter when news breaks and either scan our timeline or do a quick search. A search can throw up a myriad of results not all of which will be relevant as it’s impossible for a computer to understand context. For instance how would it know that a search for “big bird” was referring to politics and not Sesame Street? Or that people searching for “horses and bayonets” are interested in the Presidential debates?

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A Year on Twitter – A look back at the Tweets that made 2012

President Barack Obama celebrates as he Tweets "Four more years".For the first time Twitter has created a dedicated website looking back at some of the most talked about moments of the last year in the UK and around the world in a year that saw London host an Olympic Games that beat all expectations, and create some inspiring memories for all. It was also a year that saw a Tweet from Mars, Barack Obama win four more years and David Cameron, Nadine Dorries, Gary Lineker and Girls Aloud among many others finally join the 140 character conversation. Read More »

Facebook users hit by ‘false likes’ of brands they have not interacted with

The FT reports on a new problem for Facebook where users are experiencing what they say are false “Likes” being attributed to them for products and causes that they have never interacted with.

The issue has caused problems and arguments for some where they have been shown to suddenly like causes that are antithetical to their point of view. One example that cropped up during the US election was of Barack Obama supporters suddenly finding that they liked “liked” Mitt Romney.

However, Facebook denies there is any problem and says that the issue could down to users accidentally swiping pages whilst accessing Facebook on their mobile phones. Others think there could be other issues at play. Read More »

Staying relevant on scale: How content targeting in the US election helped Obama secure a second term

The US election reached a frenetic climax this week, with the two main candidates leaving a huge digital footprint in their wake. From ubiquitous search-and-display advertising to virally seeded videos and social-media trends, an estimated 12% of a collective $8bn campaign spend (or $960m) has been poured into digital over the past few months.

As any technologically minded cynic will tell you, messages of empathy and conviction were crafted with greater relevancy than ever to carefully segmented audiences. For instance, micro-targeting enabled Obama’s team to direct radio ads to specific mining communities in Ohio. New data points from Facebook meant both parties were able to reach subsets of their millions of page fans with assurances on the policies that mattered most to them. Read More »

How US election night played out online

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embrace Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden moments after the television networks called the election in their favor.In the early hours of this morning President Barack Obama declared he had won a second term. On Twitter. “Four more years”, he Tweeted. As Editor Gordon Macmillan pointed out, this has become the most shared Tweet in history, and marks a watershed moment for the platform.

There was no reply of concession from Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney, whose final tweet of the campaign came five hours earlier:

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The Top 20 US election YouTube ads in the 2012 campaign

Mitt Romney Gangam StyleWith the election now decided we take a quick look back at some of the ads that made an impact and helped Barack Obama on the road to victory and a second term as well as some of those that Mitt Romney and his supporters put out against him.

Included here is Obama’s groundbreaking ‘The Road We’ve travelled’, Girls creator Lena Dunham’s controversial ‘First Time’ as well as Joss Whedon and Sarah Silverman all stumping for Obama. And, of course, no list from this campaign would be complete without Samuel L Jackson ‘Wake the F*** Up’. Job done on that front.

We were told over and over, and I have written it many times myself, that this election has been the Twitter election and it has been in so many senses. But looking back it is easy to see the impact that YouTube has played. Many ads, which barely played on TV, made their impact online making YouTub’e role a huge one during the 2012 Presidential Election with so many videos going viral and racking up millions and millions of views.

Here are some of those ads that have scored most highly during the campaign topped by Mitt Romney going (what else) Gangnam style. Guessing he won’t be dancing like this today. Read More »

Obama wins the “killer app” email battle against Romney [infographics]

This year’s US presidential election looks to be one of the most closely-run contests in years, with the candidates tied in various polls across the States. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been using every channel available to them to appeal to voters, and email is no exception. Digital marketing technology firm Silverpop began analysing the candidates’ email marketing strategies some ten months ago during the Republican primaries.

Email as Thomas Gensemer, managing partner at Obama’s agency Blue State Digital, told us recently remains “the killer app for fundraising”.

Since Romney secured the Republican nomination, more than 400 messages between the two candidates have been analysed to see just what their email campaigns say about them – and what they’ve been telling their country. Read More »

The Twitter election is almost over as Americans go to the polls

As the US election race winds down through its final hours Twitter has launched its election Twitter #Election2012 event page, which will curate Tweets from the candidates, their campaign staff, political insiders, news commentators, and government officials as the day plays out.

The 2012 US election has been dubbed the Twitter election from the start with CEO Dick Costolo making the claim back in January.

In 2004 it was blogs, in 2008 it was Facebook and 2012 has been about Twitter.  There is little doubt about that. Other platforms have made their presence felt like Tumblr and Instagram, but Twitter has made the headlines. Read More »

Mitt Romney is influencing more voters via social media than Obama

Mitt Romney could be influencing more voters via social media despite fewer followersInteresting slice of research here from media agency MindShare that claims despite his reputation as a pioneer of social media campaigning, which we covered extensively last week, President Barack Obama could be influencing fewer voters through social networks than his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

On back of a tough week for Romney when he slipped in the polls following Hurricane Sandy, the results of the survey could provide some good news for the Presidential hopeful despite more reports saying Obama is likely to narrowly win.

The Mindshare study says that while President Obama clearly has many more followers on Twitter and Facebook, Republican voters are more active on social media. Read More »