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Brands pay tribute to #StPatricksDay on Twitter

Happy St Patrick’s Day.


To mark the day that honours Ireland’s patron saint, brands including Red Bull, McDonald’s and, of course, Guinness have been taking to Twitter to celebrate and share their love of all things Irish with their specially themed marketing campaigns and promotions.

Frijj wants to know, would you drink a Lucky Shamrock flavour Milkshake?

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Digital campaigns to watch: Heineken, H&M and McDonald’s

heines2-20140711102258662Multimedia is at the heart of this month’s content campaigns to watch: Heineken, H&M and McDonald’s prove how crucial it is to understand what customers want to read and where best to engage them. From using traditional print to video they demonstrate how content marketing can take many formats to suit a breadth of brand messages.

Heineken unlocks London

England’s capital is celebrated in Heineken’s London Unlocked campaign; highlighting how to open up ‘the world’s best city’ in five nights. Partnering with the Metro, the brand tells London dwellers what they should be eating, drinking and doing that week, via print and online articles. From going to Leicester Square Theatre to secret dinners in unknown locations, Heineken understands how to make use of curiosity for discovery to promote their online portal. Once on the website customers can explore Heineken’s social media outlets, ads, the Heineken story and other promotional material.

The free and widespread distribution of the paper means the brand has access to the 1.1 million readers who are keen to know what hidden gems London has to offer. Online, Heineken’s sponsored articles tap into the viral ‘Buzzfeed approach’ of publishing snackable listicles which are easily read and shared. Noticeably, the campaign has had a good reach, with single articles being shared up to 350 times in under a day on social media platforms. Read more on Digital campaigns to watch: Heineken, H&M and McDonald’s…

Humans put the ‘hyper’ in hyper-personalisation

topshopUntil very recently, I was under the impression that when a TV football commentator said things like “And that’s the 27th time Wayne Rooney has received a yellow card against a team that plays in white”, they were simply surfacing one of the many facts swimming round in their brains.

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Chinese Year of the Sheep (or is it goat or ram?) makes brands follow each other

cheap-car-rental-for-chinese-new-year-2015I love Chinese New Year (CNY). Every year is different, a different animal for marketers to wrestle with. This Lunar New Year is the Year of the Goat. Although some say it’s the Year of the Sheep as apparently they are the same in Chinese. Some even say the Ram, which I guess is in between the two.

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Free is the way to engage in Singapore marketing

FreeFree is the magic word in Singapore for any marketing campaign. If you use it you can promote anything.

I love Raffles Place in Singapore’s CBD as it’s always a hive of marketing activity. There are always a plethora of brands trying to capture the attention of busy business executives who are dashing around. You soon learn that “free” is the only message that truly works to achieve this objective.

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Infographic: Marketing slogans over time

cokeDo you know which global drink brand’s first marketing slogan from the 1900s was ‘The Great National Temperance Beverage’? Or where the ‘Guinness is good for you’ tagline came from in 1929? In today’s infographic we look at some of the world’s most famous brands and how their marketing slogans have evolved over time.  Read more on Infographic: Marketing slogans over time…

7 ways to celebrate social community landmarks

NikeWhile fan numbers should only be a small feature of your social success metrics (better to be engaging people than merely collecting them), it’s always nice to reach a milestone.

If you’re on the verge of clocking up a notable number, here are some ways to mark the occasion that we’ve seen that really hit the mark, ranging from the simple to the extravagant.

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Great brand blunders on social media

Great Brand BlundersDissing President Obama, making light of natural disasters, launching fluffy promotions amid bitter industrial strife, mocking followers and actively inviting sarcastic put-downs: these are all real gaffes made by brands on social media. Ever wondered how digital marketers can get themselves in such a mess?

My new book Great Brand Blunders (The worst marketing and social media meltdowns of all time…and how to avoid your own)  covers more than 175 marketing misadventures spanning Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.  With a roll-call including Apple, BA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nestlé, Virgin, Ikea, Microsoft and many others on the global A List, it proves that even the mightiest brands can misjudge their marketing from time to time. Read more on Great brand blunders on social media…

Is Snapchat worthwhile for businesses?

snapchat logoMcDonald’s has become yet another big brand to start using photo sharing app Snapchat to market themselves, joining companies like Audi, Taco Bell and MTV who have also got accounts.

But is this the right social marketing platform for small or medium companies? Read more on Is Snapchat worthwhile for businesses?…

Fast food brands bolt away from Chinese Year of the Horse association

591634_638_365Everywhere I look I see horses. There are more horses in Singapore at the moment than people. Every brand has a horse associated with it. Why? Because we are about to enter the Chinese New Lunar Year (CNY) of the Wood Horse (don’t mention Trojans) and every brand in Asia has to include horses somewhere in their marketing.

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