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Free is the way to engage in Singapore marketing

FreeFree is the magic word in Singapore for any marketing campaign. If you use it you can promote anything.

I love Raffles Place in Singapore’s CBD as it’s always a hive of marketing activity. There are always a plethora of brands trying to capture the attention of busy business executives who are dashing around. You soon learn that “free” is the only message that truly works to achieve this objective.

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Infographic: Marketing slogans over time

cokeDo you know which global drink brand’s first marketing slogan from the 1900s was ‘The Great National Temperance Beverage’? Or where the ‘Guinness is good for you’ tagline came from in 1929? In today’s infographic we look at some of the world’s most famous brands and how their marketing slogans have evolved over time.  Read More »

7 ways to celebrate social community landmarks

NikeWhile fan numbers should only be a small feature of your social success metrics (better to be engaging people than merely collecting them), it’s always nice to reach a milestone.

If you’re on the verge of clocking up a notable number, here are some ways to mark the occasion that we’ve seen that really hit the mark, ranging from the simple to the extravagant.

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Great brand blunders on social media

Great Brand BlundersDissing President Obama, making light of natural disasters, launching fluffy promotions amid bitter industrial strife, mocking followers and actively inviting sarcastic put-downs: these are all real gaffes made by brands on social media. Ever wondered how digital marketers can get themselves in such a mess?

My new book Great Brand Blunders (The worst marketing and social media meltdowns of all time…and how to avoid your own)  covers more than 175 marketing misadventures spanning Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.  With a roll-call including Apple, BA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nestlé, Virgin, Ikea, Microsoft and many others on the global A List, it proves that even the mightiest brands can misjudge their marketing from time to time. Read More »

Is Snapchat worthwhile for businesses?

snapchat logoMcDonald’s has become yet another big brand to start using photo sharing app Snapchat to market themselves, joining companies like Audi, Taco Bell and MTV who have also got accounts.

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Fast food brands bolt away from Chinese Year of the Horse association

591634_638_365Everywhere I look I see horses. There are more horses in Singapore at the moment than people. Every brand has a horse associated with it. Why? Because we are about to enter the Chinese New Lunar Year (CNY) of the Wood Horse (don’t mention Trojans) and every brand in Asia has to include horses somewhere in their marketing.

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Tackling social’s obesity crisis; the curse of social junk

Social Media TomI read with interest the news that Aer Lingus has decided to put its Twitter handle on one the side of one of its planes. To begin with, I couldn’t fathom if this was a good idea or a bad idea. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was perfectly representative of the modern marketing curse of social media junk.

Sure raising awareness of a Twitter account might make sense to a business that wants to increase its follower numbers, but does it have any benefit to the customer? Has it been conceived with a customer need in mind? Would the customer even notice it? And if they did, would they use it? And if they used it, wouldn’t they use it to complain about the delays or rude service that customers all too often encounter when flying?

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Ramadan challenges brands to market sensitively

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 15.34.37Ramadan comes but once a year but unlike Christmas it lasts for an entire month and has a profound effect on the ways that brands market themselves in Muslim countries, especially in Asia. Just like Christmas for the West, Ramadan in the Muslim world is when brands spend the most mount of marketing dollars too.


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Gordon Ramsay and Hello Kitty engage Singapore

gordon ramsaySingaporeans love two things passionately: 1) brands and 2) freebies. When the two come together the mix is explosive!

Two great examples of this happened in the last few weeks with differing social media reactions:

1)      This weekend Gordon Ramsay came to town. As part of a SingTel PR stunt he challenged Singapore’s famous hawker chefs to a “cook off” which resulted in free Michelin starred meals for thousands of people who had queued for up to 10 hours to be photographed near Ramsay

2)      The McDonald’s Hello Kitty promotion has just finished thankfully as it resulted in riots and exasperation amongst Singaporeans desperate to add the ubiquitous smiling cat toys to their collection of other plastic memorabilia….

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McDonald’s Hello Kitty social media meltdown

It sounds like such a great idea. Create some Hello Kitty fairytale characters. Give them away when people order McDonald’s McDelivery in Singapore. Then wait for the customer backlash when you run out of stock and watch the customers rant and rave on social media!



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