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Social media remained negative during Thatcher funeral [infographic]

Margaret Thatcher funeral - pic via @frasereC4Three infographics here looking at social media reaction to the Margaret Thatcher’s semi state funeral yesterday, which lit up the Twittersphere. While the talked of protests turned out to be something of a damp squib, and few appeared to agreed with them, there were crowds of supporters and many more curious onlookers lining the streets of London leading to St Paul’s Cathedral as the military procession marched slowly by.

The first two infographics look at overall social media sentiment while the third looks at the reaction of national newspaper readers on Twitter. Read More »

The Wikipedia battle over the death of Margaret Thatcher

Good piece in the New Statesman looking at what happened on Wikipedia in the hours after the death of Margaret Thatcher was officially announced on Monday.

A battle of editors broke out on the site with almost 80 edits in the hour following the news breaking. Maybe it is no surprise that many who had previously not been heavy Wikipedia editors all wanted to jump in and add something.  Read More »

The Thatcher brand – social media is divided the world over

It’s truly a fascinating experience living in Singapore and seeing the world’s reaction to the joyful, sorry, very sad death of the wicked witch, sorry Margaret Thatcher.

As you can probably tell I am no hypocrite and will happily speak ill of the dead that I had no kind words for in life. If you can’t be true to yourself how can you be true to others? Death makes no difference to how you should feel about someone or something (not implying Thatcher was something but she was often call inhuman…..).

We saw yesterday how quickly news of Thatcher’s death spread on social media now see how the message materialised around the world.


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How news of Margaret Thatcher’s death spread on social media [infographic]

As news of  Margaret Thatcher’s death broke yesterday lunchtime it was ITV that won the race on Twitter after the Press Association sent out its historic news flash while the BBC had the most read story.

That sparked the touch paper for more than one million mentions of the former Conservative Party leader, and three time British Prime Minister, on Twitter in the four hours after the announcement. Read More »