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New year: New personal brand and 15 reasons why you need one

linkedin is ten years old this weekMany people make New Year’s resolutions which are well intentioned but fall away.

If you want to achieve your business objectives in 2015 you should make a new years resolution to focus on developing your personal brand on LinkedIn and keep it going throughout 2015. It’s now more important than ever.

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Linkedin and Taken 3 connect for innovative partnership

Picture1c20th Century Fox has created a very innovative Linkedin-based promotion for the new Liam Neeson film Taken 3. In what I think is a first, it has created a profile for the character Bryan Mills and a showcase page for the film itself and asked you to connect with Mills to enter a competition.

The whole premise of the campaign is around skills that you would have on your Linkedin profile and in this case those of the character Mills.

These include contract negotiation, international relations, transportation logistics, multi-party conflict resolution and the recovery of valuable assets. Very amusing given his character.

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Why are brands like IBM so bad at B2B marketing?

MinionsI recently chaired a B2B Marketing conference in Kl and we had the marketing director of IBM do a very interesting presentation. Before he did this he asked everyone in the room whether they thought IBM was cool or not. Out of 100 people only one said yes.

Then he did a presentation where he explained all the different companies and brands that IBM were either responsible for or were a catalyst for or were the power behind.

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6 Reasons why social selling is replacing cold calling

IMG_20141128_063959Social selling is in the process of replacing phone selling/cold calling and here’s why:

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Standing out in today’s content meritocracy

Pineapple AirbnbWhat’s pineapple got to do with content marketing in November? Ask Airbnb.

It has just boosted its content marketing assets with Pineapple – a high-end 128-page travel magazine, rich in content without advertising support. Has it done the right thing? It all depends on the quality of the offering. 

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What marketers can expect from Facebook at Work

FacebookPhoneScreenAs rumours of a ‘Facebook at Work‘ network surfaced earlier this month, this latest announcement, aimed at rivalling the likes of LinkedIn, Yammer and Google Drive, was not unexpected.

Aside from the obvious security concerns that this will raise from businesses and individuals alike, it will also fuel questions from marketers in terms of how Facebook will plan to monetise this new platform.

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Why brands must overcome ageism to succeed in paid social

Social mediaBrands can no longer assume that young people use all social networks or that older people are not getting involved. It just isn’t the case anymore. Different groups of people use different social networks and it continues to evolve. Brands failing to realise this will find their social media campaigns falling at the first hurdle as they throw good money after bad.

With Social Media Week London taking place this week, we analysed the demographic breakdowns for each network. We found that an impressive 45% of Facebook’s users are aged 35 and above and the number of users aged over 55 has increased by almost 10% in the past two years. All other ages have declined. Facebook is clearly no longer just a young person’s game. Read More »

5 ways LinkedIn beats Facebook for B2B marketing

1400 x 425There appears to be a very ill-informed debate about whether LinkedIn or Facebook is better for B2B marketing. To me it’s a no brainer, LinkedIn wins every time. Why bother wasting time on facebook when it won’t work for you?

Here are five reasons LinkedIn beats Facebook for B2B marketing:


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Can your LinkedIn company page replace your corporate website?

LinkedInSSThere is a raging debate amongst marketing and corporate communications professionals as to what is more engaging and important. Is it your company’s LinkedIn page or your company’s website? Undoubtedly I believe that it is your LinkedIn company page and here‘s why:





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Your LinkedIn personal brand never sleeps so how do you manage it?

2d34b87Are you too busy to manage and develop your own personal brand on LinkedIn? Everyone has a personal brand. Whether you like it or not it’s how you are perceived and just like a corporate brand it’s made up of various brand attributes and values, some of which you may not be aware of and some of which you may not like. But you do have a brand. Everybody does.

If you want to know what your brand is randomly ask people on LinkedIn that you know and those that you don’t to describe you as they would a product or service in terms of a brand. They will all describe you in different ways. You will be surprised by some answers and some will confirm your own self- perception. Read More »