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The pink elephant in the room

pink busBranding and political parties are much more closely aligned than people think.

Both are based on delivering clever dressings of selective truths designed to build a perception, drive a desire or solve a problem. What they truly represent however, is not based on what marketing agencies, clever creative or politicians tell people they represent.

Brands (including political parties) are defined by the meaning people place upon them. Read more on The pink elephant in the room…

Tweets get Labour blogger reported for ‘death threat’

Tower Hamlets: Canary Wharf, seen from a high-level walkway on Tower BridgeAs Harry’s Place points out this is really quite absurd.  Labour blogger Rob Marchant has been reported to the police for making apparent “death threats” after joking on Twitter.

Marchant was chatting on Twitter with some other Labour Tweeters about the possible return of controversial directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, who quit the party and ran as an independent candidate.

The tweets were picked up by Rahman’s team, who have been at war with some Labour activists, and reported to the police. Read more on Tweets get Labour blogger reported for ‘death threat’…

Labour wins the 2013 Budget Twitter hashtag battle

george osborne made his Twitter debut in time for Buget 2013 #budget2013Labour won the 2013 Budget Twitter battle, with its hashtag #downgradedchancellor.

The Labour hashtag was mentioned around 6,000 times during budget day – three times more than the Government’s #aspiratonnation.

Ed Miliband used #downgradedchancellor as a jibe against the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who chose Wednesday to join Twitter. Read more on Labour wins the 2013 Budget Twitter hashtag battle…

Labour is failing on digital media when it could do so much better

Ed Miliband speaking at Labour's 2012 Manchester conferenceOne of the most interesting things about the US election campaign was the breadth of digital use and how the use of social media by the two parties evolved. Few stones were left unturned as the Obama and Romney campaigns progressed and even now that the election is over the Obama team continues to evolve its use of social and digital media with, for instance, its launch onto Pinterest earlier this week.

There is little the Obama team have not tried or experimented with from Tumblr, to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and Foursquare.

Then take a look back at what is happening in the UK with Labour and it seems that social and digital media campaigning appears to be going backwards. I’ve noticed a few things recently that have left me scratching my head. I saw another one yesterday and have rounded up a few things in this post. Read more on Labour is failing on digital media when it could do so much better…

British Party conference season breaks Twitter records with one million tweets

Now on Twitter @david_cameron and his Sam Cam momentParty political conference season has dominated UK Twitter over the last few weeks.

Followers have keenly Tweeted key quotes and messages while following the conference debates on television, while delegates shared comments and pictures from the fringe events and speeches that they attended.

It all prompted Twitter to share some of the data they had accrued over the conference season, which overall Twitter says racked up more than a million mentions. Read more on British Party conference season breaks Twitter records with one million tweets…

Lib Dems found to be asleep at the Twitter wheel

The Liberal Democrats have a history of dozing off on Twitter. Like social media narcoleptics. Whole weeks have gone by this year when the Lib Dem press office has absolutely nothing to say. Not a peep.

For one of the parties in government you might have thought the press team would have been busy all year round and making sure it was using Twitter and social media to get the Lib Dem message out there.

That’s what Twitter is for and for it to work you absolutely need to be consistent, as are the Labour and Conservative press teams in their tweets, even more so for a party struggling in the polls and one that has seen its prized pieces of legislation, in the reform of the House of Lords, crumble to dust. Read more on Lib Dems found to be asleep at the Twitter wheel…

Why buying Twitter followers is a total waste of time

We’ve written about the rise of fake Twitter followers a few times here before. Last year, for instance, when questions were raised about then Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s million plus follower count.  Some thought he had bought them, a claim that was denied. We looked at the ways people acquired these followers here.

What has become very clear about buying followers is that anyone doing a check up on who your thousands of followers actually are will soon discover that you are a phony, was how Lisa Devaney put it.

That doesn’t, however, seemed to have stopped people engaging in the practice including it seems former Conservative parliamentary candidate Mark Clarke.

Read more on Why buying Twitter followers is a total waste of time…

Labour supporters use Twitter to launch social network to organise campaigners

Labour Exchange: Labour social media network aims to unite grassroots supportersLabour Party activists in Manchester have come together to launch a social network, which is built around Twitter and that allows supporters to connect online, register their skills, and where others can ask for help.

Called Labour Exchange it uses social media to bring supporters and party members together and it nicely slots another piece of the modern campaigning jigsaw into place.

What it also does is recognise that the greatest asset of any organisation or party is its people and has worked out a way of doing something about that. Read more on Labour supporters use Twitter to launch social network to organise campaigners…

Major flaws in Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems digital campaigns

A report out today, timed to coincide with the local and London Mayoral elections, has found major flaws in the digital campaigns of the man parties. All three appear to have fallen back from the kind of work and activity that was evident in the 2010 General election.

It found that none of the parties’ websites rank before page 4 on Google for local election searches and that there were just 68 Facebook updates and 79 tweets across all three parties’ Twitter main accounts in April 2012.

Read more on Major flaws in Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems digital campaigns…

2012 London Mayoral Election – social media overview [infographic]

Boris Johnson leads his Labour rival Ken Livingstone in the pollsThe 2012 London mayoral election is less than a week away and social channels have played a large role in this campaign with both Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone’s teams making good use of it as have other candidates such as Jenny Jones from the Green’s.

With less than two days to go until the polls open and Londoner’s vote it is still to close to call although polls are predicting that the Conservatives will win against national polls and beat Labour.

Read more on 2012 London Mayoral Election – social media overview [infographic]…