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How sexist is your Twitter account? Take the test to find out

A new Twitter analysis tool has been launched in the UK  to analyse a users profile.

However, instead of look at retweets, Klout or reach, it analysis how sexist your retweeting is!

The tool is called Tweet-Q, and was launched in Sweden as year ago. It has now been launched in the UK to coincide with the launch of Joan Smith’s book ‘The Public Woman’ that look at contemporary gender roles and inequality. Read more on How sexist is your Twitter account? Take the test to find out…

PeerReach looks to add some clout to social data

PeerReach seek to improve monitoring social media standingsJournalists, businesses, sports stars, musicians are all competing for social media influence. All that’s before the rest of us try and add our expertise. This all adds to a lot of noise on social media, and it can be hard to know initially who to take seriously.

Various services like PeerIndex and Klout seek to try and help users cut through the crowd and highlight authoritative figures online. They now have a new service to compete with called PeerReach that was founded in September 2011 by Zlatan Menkovic and Nico Schoonderwoerd  and already has a database of 50 million accounts.

Read more on PeerReach looks to add some clout to social data…

Big business: Social media grows up

Call it social maturity or social CRM, social media is no longer the new kid in marketing but has become a core part of corporate business strategy. Conversations around social media have shifted. Once the domain of the pimply kid wedged in the corner between marketing and IT, it now has a seat at the directors’ table and a space on the CIO or CTO’s agenda.

Factors driving this conversation centre around the shifting power balance between companies and their consumers, agree both Forrester and IBM. By ingraining social media into CRM management, companies are better able to navigate this chance, says IBM’s regional executive, Lotus collaboration portofolio for Southeast Asia, Christopher Blake. Read more on Big business: Social media grows up…

Does new look Kred have any clout?

Kred is a social scoring tool, that monitors how effectively people reach out to their followers on social media. It is similar to Klout and Peer Index, although the latter takes into account more of users social accounts.

While it is very easy, and quite reasonable, to be sceptical about such services, Kred claims to “value engagement and interaction over follower count”. Ultimately it all boils down to crude follower numbers though. Read more on Does new look Kred have any clout?…

LeWeb flies Union Jack as Brits make their pitch – 10 things from Day One

LeWeb has always been a slightly different type of web conference, some might say disorganised, perhaps as a result of its relaxed European heritage.  Run for the last eight years inParis, this year for the first time LeWeb has bought its eclectic line-up toLondon, filling the Central Hall inWestminster with 1,300 people from 50 countries and some heavy hitting speakers.

The audience may have been international but the event kicked off in truly British style. We heard from Brent Hoberman, of fame and latterly andPROfounders CapitalJonathan Luff and Rohan Silva, advisers to the government and Number 10 and Eric Van Der Kleij, the CEO of Tech City. Read more on LeWeb flies Union Jack as Brits make their pitch – 10 things from Day One…

Can you get a PR job using Twitter and Facebook?

Rory Mason tries to find a PR job in Leeds using social mediaWe hear all the time how social media is now key to helping those looking for work find their next role. Only last week I wrote about how a man in Canada lost out on a job, because he had a low Klout score and how people are starting to turn their CVs into infographics.

Today a 25-year old called  Rory Mason is launching an effort to find a job working in the PR industry in Leeds having set himself the challenge of gaining 1,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook to convince agencies in Leeds that he is worth hiring. Read more on Can you get a PR job using Twitter and Facebook?…

What your Klout score really means and why it doesn’t matter

The more I read about Klout the more convinced I am that it is really not much more than a game that people try hard to work while others neither care nor want to play.

In the US it is serious business and brands are looking out for people with powerful social networks as they want to reach those who can influence others.

Klout’s bunk – Everybody can be an influencer

Stephen Fry - Influencer?Last week we showed why Klout not only does not measure Influence directly, and we also argued that it also does not measure social capital as Brian Solis claimed for Altimeter in a recent report.

Now, whether Klout, PeerIndex and Kred measures social capital or status (as we believe it does), most marketeers are interested in the bottom line. Are these tools a predictor of a person’s capability to influence action? Read more on Klout’s bunk – Everybody can be an influencer…

Brian Solis says Klout does not measure Influence – he is right and wrong.

The star studded US media consultancy, Altimeter, has just released a report penned my Brian Solis on the Rise of Digital Influence, which has caused quite a stir.

Lets start with what they have managed to get right. Read more on Brian Solis says Klout does not measure Influence – he is right and wrong….

Saba – giving your role in business some Klout

Saba, a human resources software company, is realeasing a new social network designed to show your business what your work is worth. It is called  the Saba People Cloud, and it takes your social interactions on the network, and comments and feedback on the content you post, and gives it a value for the company, as your People Quotient (pQ) score. Think Klout, but for human resources.

Read more on Saba – giving your role in business some Klout…