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That’s it, the 5th edition of LeWeb, the largest web 2.0 conference in the world, is now over; much has already been said by the likes of The Guardian,
about the nonexistent wifi at the event or about how the place was so
freezing cold they had a sauna installed at the back. What you probably
don’t know yet though is that on the basis LeWeb’08 was taking place at
the newly refurbished 39,000 sq meter artistic hub Le 104,
which used to be a Parisian mortuary, an historic place where you could
find more than 600 coffins and 150 hearses on the move, it’s not such a
surprise the place was so cold…

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Reconsidering the Advertising Industry

What marketing leaders want from their agencies

Alain Thys and Stefan Kolle of Futurelab have published a thought provoking report on the advertising industry:

There is a growing disconnect between what advertising agencies offer, and what their clients are looking for

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So welcome, friends, to The Age of Snark

I’ve been busy, what can I say. Meanwhile, somewhere in darkest Sussex:

Like boiling bilious lava, white-hot furious consumers vent wherever they find an outlet – spraying burning fluorescent looping lances of aggregated, unified rage

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The Rise of The Ad Man 2.0

Iain Tait with a must read post, prompted by the must watch The Rise and Fall of the Ad Man, asking:

assuming that the time is right, what would you do to create a brand new agency, like they did in the 60s?

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Clusters + Connectors

David Armano:

forums, blogs, widgets and whatever alone are not where the action is at. Community clusters and connections are building blocks of our individual and group social systems. But what happens when these touch points become orchestrated? When they compliment each other and act as functional parts of a larger organism?

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Adam Curtis on the internet, bloggers and the current malaise…

It's worth reading this interview with Adam Curtis, the auteur behind The Century of the Self, The Power Of Nightmares and The Trap. He has a lot of thought provoking things to say…

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Is online display advertising dead?

As a direct reposnse medium, perhaps. A recent study shows that:

Heavy clickers represent just 6% of the online population yet account for 50% of all display ad clicks. Heavy clickers are not representative of the general public.

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Why your brand is more at risk than ever before

Andrew Walmsley:

In the past, companies had an inherent edge. With resources and funding superior to that available to campaigners, they could co-ordinate media coverage more effectively. One effect of web 2.0 is that this advantage may now have been lost.

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Online PR is more important that offline PR

A wake up-call for the complacent PR industry:

Pollsters surveyed 1,000 people – Among those aged 15 to 44, it found that 45 per cent read online news on a daily basis. Only 38 per cent of this age group read national newspapers every day. The figures are the starkest warning yet to the industry that it can no longer afford to rely on traditional forms of media relations.

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