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Vine represents another level for citizen journalism

I’m sure you’ve all seen a Vine, the six second looping images have been widely embraced by brands across social media. Some have got it completely right with well thought out directed mini movies whilst others just post content and hope for the best. A potential use for Vine, which has gone mostly unnoticed so far, is it’s potential use in Citizen Journalism.  Read More »

Bloomberg, data, and the new battlefield for customer trust

Bloomberg, data, and the new battlefield for customer trustThere’s been a fair bit of coverage in the city pages this week, around apparent misuse of Bloomberg customer data by the journalists in its news division.

The allegation, made in the FT and elsewhere, is that Bloomberg journalists had access to data on Bloomberg clients, which include pretty well every banking institution in the world.  Today, the plot has thickened, with news that secure instant messages – for example sent from trader to trader – have been posted online (though they seem to have been hurriedly taken down again). Read More »

CBS anchor says social media isn’t news, it’s gossip

Scott Pelley CBS news anchor says social media isn't news, it's gossipCBS Evening News anchor, Scott Pelley, has hit out at the media and its use of social media and said journalist are getting the big stories wrong over and over again.

Part of that problem, according to Pelley, lies at the door of social media, which he said wasn’t journalism but gossip. He said that in a world in which everyone is a publisher no one is an editor. Read More »

Twitter to hire a head of journalism to grow breaking news

Twitter and the media have been increasingly interlinked and there have been many articles looking at its impact on journalism.

And now it is looking to hire a head of journalism to manage Twitter’s partnerships with newsrooms in theUSas well its relationships with journalists and ensure the news continues to break in 140 characters first.  Read More »

The job of journalism now is not to compete with Twitter but to coexist

A good read from Suzanne Moore on the Guardian on how Twitter has changed journalism.

There has been so much written about its impact this past week, some of which I touched on yesterday regarding Boston, and last month in a piece looking at ‘how Twitter won the social media battle for journalism’. Read More »

Twitter at seven – Its biggest 140 character moments

With more than 400 million tweets sent each day and growing fast, its top 10 users, led by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, have more than 275 million followers alone.

It has worked itself so seamlessly into our lives that now no major event seems to take place without there being some kind of Twitter element, from celebrity break-ups to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the budget.

With talk of an IPO in 2014 and a valuation in the $9-$11bn (£5-7bn) ballpark, it is starting to generate the revenues that at the start people never thought the microblogging service could make and is on course to generate more than $800m (£527m) in 2014. Read More »

Facebook launches Graph Search and injects search into social

Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's "big" January 15 announcement

So Facebook’s big, and much speculated announcement, isn’t a search engine to rival Google as such, but it does involve search. It is social search and it does up the battle with Google as Facebook tries to bring the essence of search to social networking. What it doesn’t do is challenge Google’s control of the search engine market and the huge revenue stream that represents.

What Facebook announced, at its press conference at its Menlo Park headquarters, is something called Facebook Graph Search. It will allow users to search their network for photos, people, interests and places. Read More »

How a New York Times reporter got a social media minder

How The New York Times Jerusalem bureau, Jodi Rudoren, was given a social media minderThe Washington Post reports on the curious case of The New York Times reporter, Jodi Rudoren, who has been given her own social media minder who will be looking at every Tweet and Facebook status update that she writes to check and edit them before sending.

We all know that social media can be tricky and that its instantaneous nature can cause huge issues for us all, which is a problem considering how essential Twitter has become to most working journalists today. There have been cases of journalists Tweeting in haste and suffering Twitter storms at length. It has in the worst cases proved the undoing of some journalists. Read More »

Google advertising revenue surpasses entire US print industry [print is dead]

Google advertising revenue surpasses US print industry [print is dead]A milestone has been passed this year in terms of the growth of digital advertising in comparison to print media. Statista has published a chart that perfectly illustrates how the market has changed in the past decade and how great the decline of print has been across the board.

In the first six months of 2012 Google made $1.6 bn more in ad revenue than the entire US print industry — that’s not just newspapers, but magazines too. Google made $20.8 bn in ad revenue while US print media generated $19.2 bn.

This baton passing moment comes in the same year that the print edition of Newsweek was axed and others speculated about the future of papers like the Guardian. Read More »

Tips for PRs when dealing with tech journalists

Tips for Public Relations professionals dealing with technology journalistsFor perhaps as long as there has been the profession of public relations, there has been tension from the journalists served by this industry. I often see journalists complaining, frequently on Twitter, about poor approaches from PRs.

While there are hundreds of guides out there for how to handle media relations, I’m still surprised that the profession continues to fail on two universal “don’ts” that every PR should know enough to avoid.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned, and a bit of insight below from a few of the UK’s top tech journalists.

Read More »