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The Daily Poke: Brush up

Ever been away from home and forgotten your toothpaste?

poke_Brush up

It’s horrible. You brush away with water alone, then spend the day feeling certain your breath smells like a week-old ham sandwich wrapped in a gym sock.

But panic not. A Japanese designer has the solution to your dental dramas. Kosho Ueshima has collaborated with tech company Yumeshokunin, creating a toothbrush that works without toothpaste. Read more on The Daily Poke: Brush up…

The Daily Poke: Chocolatexture

We’ve written a couple of posts lately about chocolate. Anyone would think we were obsessed with the stuff.


Mmmm. Chocolate.

Anyway, back to the chocolate. Japanese designer Nendo has created a new kind of sweet treat: chocolatexture.

It’s a chocolate bar made of 12 squares, each with a different texture. Read more on The Daily Poke: Chocolatexture…

The Daily Poke: Home help

Technology is a mystery. Somehow, the industry can’t give us self-service machines that really know whether there’s an unidentified object in the bagging area.

Poke_Home help

But it can offer us virtual butlers.

Mark Zuckerberg has already said he wants to build his own digital assistant. And now, Japanese company Vinclu has announced Gatebox, a device to compete with Amazon’s Echo, including a fully holographic, interactive, AI personality.

It will use IoT (Internet of Things) technology to take care of everything in your home, from your lighting to your email.

Read more on The Daily Poke: Home help…

The Daily Poke: An emotional journey

An emotional journeyForget about back-seat drivers. The next character commenting on your parallel parking might be sitting on your dashboard.

Kirobo Mini is an ‘in-car communication companion’ created by Toyota, designed to help Toyota drivers improve their motoring skills. It will speak to drivers while they’re behind the wheel, presumably giving them tips about their three-point turns rather than commenting on last night’s Strictly. At the same time, it will learn about human emotions. And let’s face it, there’ll be plenty of emotion when you and Kirobo Mini spend three hours together on the North Circular. Read more on The Daily Poke: An emotional journey…

The Daily Poke: A quick(er) coffee

A quicker coffeeIf like us, you generally pick up your morning coffee at a running pace, then you’ll appreciate this latest innovation from Starbucks. The coffee giant has launched a smartphone case that lets customers order and pay for their preferred drink with just a quick touch. Read more on The Daily Poke: A quick(er) coffee…

The Daily Poke: Electric light orchestra

WEB_Sony_lightbulbBlinded by the Light, Shine a Light, White Light/White Heat. Oh yes, let the light-themed tunes rain down. That’s precisely what’ll happen when homeowners across Japan switch over to Sony’s new LED light bulbs.

Designed to screw straight into a regular light socket, the bulbs incorporate a 2W Bluetooth-enabled speaker. This allows users to play music by wirelessly connecting laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The bulbs also come with their own remote control to adjust the music volume and the light level. Read more on The Daily Poke: Electric light orchestra…

The Daily Poke: Sprint through departures

sprint through departures 1Check-in, passport control, security, not to mention duty-free; we all know getting through to your departure gate can be slow going.

Well, ahead of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games, Narita International airport has unveiled its new terminal, complete with a fitting sports theme.

Read more on The Daily Poke: Sprint through departures…

The Daily Poke: Whisky rocks

Whisky rocks 2Japanese whisky brand Suntory has distilled its creativity into a new format: ice. Using a CNC router (think 3D printing in reverse) these cooler than cool ice cubes have been carved by the latest technology. The router sculpts away at -7oC to keep its masterpieces from melting, while technobods use the Autodesk 123D app to prepare the 3D images for ‘printing’. Read more on The Daily Poke: Whisky rocks…

The Daily Poke: Bringing back the memories

Bringing back the memories 1Imagine over the course of a few days, losing your home, all your personal possessions, all your photographs, all your memories. Gone. In 2011 when the Tōhoku earthquake struck, this nightmare scenario became a reality for hundreds of Japanese families.

Much was lost in the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. But not everything. A number of Japanese organisations, among them Ricoh, stepped forward to recover what they could from the disaster. Read more on The Daily Poke: Bringing back the memories…

5 key differences between the Japanese and UK/US search markets

Tokyo Japan by Guwashi999 FlickrIt’s not often you get the opportunity to work in Tokyo, let alone in one of the region’s leading digital agencies. Luckily for me, our partnership with Frontier Digital Marketing in Japan gave me the chance to re-locate for a three month placement.

Here are the five key differences that I observed between the Japanese search market and that of the UK/US, including some top tips for anyone looking to run search campaigns in the region.

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