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6 ways to put content in the hands of your employees

Hand Nicola since 1972 on FlickrTo make their brands known for sharing truly valuable content that gets to the heart of client problems, B2B marketing teams must increasingly rely on the experts within the organisation. But as anyone who’s worked in a B2B marketing team can tell you, it’s a tough job to source good content from already fully maxed-out employees.

Nonetheless, with search ranking being increasingly left to how valuable the masses find the content, companies need to seriously consider shifting the employee and marketing content culture to facilitate a more open contribution to corporate content development. Read More »

Facebook aged 10 – The smartphone crucial for future success

MediaCT_Like_us_the_wallFacebook is ten years old this week. Since its inception the site has been incredibly influential in altering the way that we communicate with each other. Recently however, the site has been compared by academics at Princeton University to a disease that people eventually build up immunity to. Its offer to purchase younger rival Snapchat was also rebuffed. So is Facebook in decline? Read More »

Anti-social behaviour: What’s the opportunity cost for brands not doing social?

burberry -- a digital brand that is just getting starteLast week a senior client-side financial services marketer asked me the following question: What is the opportunity cost for brands not doing social? While on the surface this appears to be a straightforward question, it’s trickier to answer than you may think.

The most high profile example of a brand apparently not ‘living social’ is none other than Apple. Is the brand suffering as a result? Hardly. In November of last year the brand once again dominated Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable brands. Read More »

Why brands should not ignore social video

burberry London Fashion Week catwalkThanks to 4G-led improvements in mobile infrastructure and the proliferation of social video platforms like Vine and Instagram Video, it’s beyond doubt that video now has a life way beyond TV and desktop screens.

People outside of a wi-fi connection can now access fast loading, high quality video content like never before through a simple data network. According to 4G trailblazer, EE, 4G mobile video uploads are five times faster than the average home broadband. Brands need to be aware of such continuing video quality and accessibility improvements because they’re shaping social networks and consequently having a dramatic effect on the marketing landscape. Read More »

Why I bought 8,000 Instagram followers for £9

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.59.34I love Instagram. It’s by far and away my favourite social network. I was personally a big Facebook user, and although I’m on it 24/7 for work, I’ve seen in the past 18 months it become a lot more saturated with naff content, lame memes and uninspiring marketing messages. Only a few weeks ago I witnessed my first auto-play video advert in my timeline from British Airways, it was a nice video but having it automatically play was jilting.
This morning, I was on the hunt for a freelancer to help out with a project and was told about People Per Hour via one of our SEO team. After trawling the site I was shown a trending, highly-reviewed advert for adding 8,000 Instagram followers for the princely sum of £9. Less than a six-piece bargain bucket at KFC. Read More »

Why latest social media ad sales moves don’t spell the death of the salesman

snapchat logoIn recent weeks we have seen something of a watershed moment in online advertising. Some of the hottest properties of the web, namely Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, all began opening up new advertising systems.

Twitter in November launched a self-service advertising platform in the UK, Ireland and Canada aimed, the company said, at SMBs. Then on 5th December Twitter launched its new ad-retargeting platform, a further move towards being a sophisticated advertising platform in its own right.

Tumblr and Instagram in the last few weeks began showing brand advertising in their users’ news feeds, which is new for both social networks. Tumblr is owned by Yahoo! and Instagram by Facebook, so it’s no surprise to see the ad offerings look the way they do. Read More »

AC/DC and Beyonce make social media sing

acdcFinally the music industry has woken up to the power of social media. Beyonce’s surprise new album has blown away all itunes records with no traditional marketing and AC/DC will have their biggest hit in 40 glorious years, both thanks to the power of social media.





Read More »

Picture perfect: the power of sponsored content on Instagram

Instagram-logo-005The introduction of adverts to Instagram comes as little surprise, with ads on the platform having been rumoured since the purchase of Instagram by Facebook in 2012. While there were user concerns surrounding the changes, particularly that adverts would ruin Instagram’s creative visual aesthetic, the first ads have been deemed a success.

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Instagram announcing direct messaging feature

instagramInstagram has become one of the hottest properties in social media, with millions of photos being shared on a daily basis.

I’ve been sceptical about the service before, especially when it was purchased by Facebook for $1billion, but the photo sharing and filtering service can now boast 150 million users, a number which is hardly to be sniffed at. Read More »

Infographic: forget about the selfie, get wise to the belfie

kim kardashian belfieAt The Wall, we know you want to keep up with the latest developments in digital marketing and social media, so we are duty bound to publish this important new infographic on the emergence of a major new trend.

It’s no longer enough to talk about selfies: you need to get on board with belfies, helfies and, for the more highbrow among you, bookshelfies. Read More »