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Gifographic: Happy fifth birthday Instagram

instagramIt’s been five years since the photo-led social media site Instagram landed on the web. To celebrate, Dublin-based creative communications agency One Productions has created this visual infographic to showcase some of the brand’s key moments.

Some of its highlight stats include users share 70 million photos daily on the site, more than 70% of Instagram users are based outside of the US, and 53% of users are aged between 18 and 29 years old.  Read more on Gifographic: Happy fifth birthday Instagram…

Infographic: UK retailers going mobile



The UK’s top 50 online retailers (by turnover) are missing out on opportunities to incentivise shoppers through mobile applications, according to Teradata research. Whilst 96% of the retailers in our study have an app, our findings suggest they are not using mobile communications effectively to engage customers, despite 44% sending in-app notifications.

We found that only one third of retailers that gather data reflecting their customers’ preferences and get permission to send targeted push notifications actually make use of that opportunity. Read more on Infographic: UK retailers going mobile…

Infographic: 20 years of eBay

Ebay -- the changing face of the eBay logoThis week marks 20 years since e-commerce site eBay launched, which now has more than 157 million active users. The brand was originally known as Auction Web when it launched in 1997 and two years later the company renamed to eBay.

In this infographic created by, take a look at some of the key milestones in the brand’s career including the one millionth item sold on the site, as well as the financial figures behind how eBay makes its money. Read more on Infographic: 20 years of eBay…

Infographic: Third of marketers reveal their ability to analyse data is poor

(Flickr/Tom Woodward)

(Flickr/Tom Woodward)

How do you cope with data in your role? The explosion of customer data is something marketers have had to deal with by the bucket load in recent years, and the below infographic highlights the importance of it, as well as the daunting nature of sifting through it for marketing purposes.

According to the data Yieldr collated for this infographic, one third of marketers in Europe and North America said their ability to analyse data in order to create personalised experiences is either poor or very poor. And just over a quarter (29%) believe that they are doing it well or very well. Read more on Infographic: Third of marketers reveal their ability to analyse data is poor…

Infographic: A third of marketers say their campaigns are not designed for multichannel

issues-when-integratingOne campaign, many channels. Marketers are lectured on this all the time but is it actually happening? It would appear not, as a new survey by Hotwire reveals that 46% of 300 senior marketers admit their campaigns tend to run in isolation, while nearly a third (30%) say campaigns are not designed for multichannel.

As audiences no longer get all their information from a single source, it would seem marketers are missing a trick by building campaigns in isolation. Marketers need to be smarter about identifying the right channels for each campaign and break down the self-imposed silos of the past 20 years. Read more on Infographic: A third of marketers say their campaigns are not designed for multichannel…

Infographic: Online behaviours of travellers

Airplane landing at Phuket International Airport

Does the type of hotel that a consumer plans to stay in or when they booked their room affect which types of marketing campaigns they are most likely to engage with? With the holiday season upon us, Rocket Fuel has looked into the online behaviours of travellers booking different types of hotels — luxury and non-luxury.

We looked at all of the conversion actions these travellers made between their booking time and the start of their trip. This comprised more than 1.2 million conversions from over 240 thousand unique travellers, and the results are quite surprising. Read more on Infographic: Online behaviours of travellers…

Infographic: Third of marketers aspire to be a chief marketing technologist

KIEV, UKRAINE - APRIL 15, 2015:iPhone 5s Space Gray with coffee and keyboard on wooden background. iPhone is a line of smartphones designed by Apple Inc.

Our latest infographic comes from DataXu, featuring statistics from the company’s The New Marketer: How Data and Technology are Driving the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist report, in partnership with Redshift Research. DataXu collatced responses from 250 UK-based marketing decision makers.

The report highlighted the importance of the role of chief marketing technologist (CMT), whether it will become more prevalent in UK business and, as a result, will it make the chief marketing officer (CMO) role redundant. Read more on Infographic: Third of marketers aspire to be a chief marketing technologist…

Infographic: Six in ten digital adverts are not seen by humans

MoneyStockshotDigital marketing may be the fastest growing channel, with spend set to consume around 50% of total advertising budgets in the UK. But how much of that investment is reaching the right audience?

With up to 35% of all web activity fraudulent or artificial and 54% of online ads not even seen by a human – the secret is out – up to 60% of global digital spend is potentially wasted and as a result failing to deliver the promised ROI. From bots to viewability, fraud to simple confusion, in the worst case just 40% of digital investment is reaching its target. But this is also about business value. When a poorly placed advert can have a detrimental impact on a brand, reputation or share price, no company can afford to get it wrong. Read more on Infographic: Six in ten digital adverts are not seen by humans…

Infographic: Mobile eats up everything

Our latest infographic from Yieldr takes a look at the impact of mobile in terms of traffic, advertising, video and consumer behaviour from around the globe.

Looking at the UK market, Yieldr has stated the UK will be the fourth highest mobile advertising country by 2018, under the US, China and Japan. Overall, the global mobile ad industry has grown by 34% in the last year alone, compared to desktop advertising, which only rose by 11%. Read more on Infographic: Mobile eats up everything…

Infographic: Why small companies are turning to marketing automation

Manual MethodsThis infographic from Software Advice coincides with the company’s latest edition of its annual Marketing Automation Trend Report. The 2015 figures revealed that that 98% of prospective small business buyers were looking to adopt marketing automation software for the first time, of which 37% came from the notoriously “slow to adopt” real estate industry.

Only 2% of buyers Software Advice spoke with already had a marketing automation system in place, with 61% of buyers using some type of software to manage marketing operations. Read more on Infographic: Why small companies are turning to marketing automation…