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Infographic: The growing investment in mobile programmatic



It looks like advertisers are keen to invest in mobile programmatic, according to Millennial Media’s latest research. The company’s latest report, called The Growing Investment in Mobile Programmatic, highlights a growing interest in the format – 91% of buyers who invested in mobile programmatic last year are increasing their spend in 2015. And 40% of respondents started investing in native advertising for the first time, and video ads are on the rise.

While much of the focus seems to be on America (63% of programmatic buyers are located here and 78% of programmatic campaigns are targeted at North America), interest within the EMEA region seems to be picking up pace.

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Infographic: The stats behind social media

Social mediaThe Wall has come across a rather handy infographic this week delving into the stats behind social media, as well as six key platforms for businesses and why.

Produced by Pixel By Pixel, the ‘Let’s Get Social’ infographic has some interesting insights into the world of social, including 80% of online users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook and 56% of customers tweets on Twitter are being ignored. Read more on Infographic: The stats behind social media…

Infographic: How social media influences customer behaviour

woman-confused-with-social-media copyIt’s no stranger to us that social media has become the number one channel for consumers to vent their frustrations, with the ability for social media users to contact companies direct via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to vocalise their complaints.

The Institute of Customer Service has published a new report – Service Goes Social: how organisations can deliver customer service through social media – based on the views of 2,195 consumers and 12 in-depth interviews with senior customer service executives.

It found that one in four social media users in the UK have used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ to make a complaint over the past three months. Read more on Infographic: How social media influences customer behaviour…

Infographic: what marketers really think about programmatic advertising

WEB_Infectious_Media_programmatic_ad_spendLast year the programmatic advertising industry grew to £1bn in the UK alone, doubling in size from the previous year. In February, we conducted a survey with 200 digital marketers from leading brands asking them their thoughts on programmatic.

The results highlighted that brand marketers are now well aware of the benefits of programmatic advertising, but at the same time there have been certain questions that could restrict how much they want to spend, namely lack of transparency. Read more on Infographic: what marketers really think about programmatic advertising…

Infographic: stories behind brand slogans

WEB_Apple_Think_Different_commons_wikimedia_orgCertain slogans have become so influential that people everywhere recognise them. Take Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ or L’Oreal’s ‘Because You’re Worth It’, it’s hard not to recite these slogans in front of someone who is not familiar with them.

Contrary to popular belief, a successful slogan doesn’t necessarily have to take endless man-hours to produce; in fact, some of the most famous slogans are the result of a rapid brain wave by their creators.

This infographic looks into the background of some of the most popular slogans of all time and the stories behind them. Read more on Infographic: stories behind brand slogans…

Infographic: digital ad crimes

Click-Fraud_infographicDigital advertising adoption rates continue to soar in the UK and is on pace to outstrip all other traditional formats combined. The total UK advertising market will hit £15.8bn in 2015, with just under £8bn of that going to digital ads.

However, the rapid growth of digital hasn’t come without obstacles for advertisers.

Although digital advertising makes it easier to target audiences, track campaigns and in many ways is more efficient than traditional advertising, it has its own host of challenges. At the forefront of the discussion are paid ad impressions that are not seen, ads appearing next to or within risqué content and clicks that are logged from non-human traffic. Read more on Infographic: digital ad crimes…

Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday

WEB_Twitter_advertising_infographicTwitter is now ubiquitous in the social networking world and many of us spend a good portion of our day on it. We even use it simultaneously while we watch TV.

Like most businesses, Twitter needed some element of revenue and so Twitter Ads were created back in April 2000. Initially they were rolled out to select partners but have now been made available to many territories worldwide. Read more on Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday…

Infographic: what do brands think of Vine?

vine sessionsWhat do brands including Agent Provocateur, Johnson & Johnson and Doritos think of Vine? Social video seeding agency The 7th Chamber asked these and other consumer brands, as well as media agencies, and found that a year after its launch Vine is widely seen as being a useful part of a marketing strategy.

Of the 70 brands and agencies surveyed, 38 per cent said they are currently using Vine for marketing and advertising. Almost half – 45 per cent – consider it to be a staple in their media mix.

If you’re a user who painstakingly creates six-second masterpieces (or have built up a big Vine following in some other way), you might expect to hear from an agency, with 60 per cent of the respondents saying they have or are considering using Vine influencers to promote branded Vines. Read more on Infographic: what do brands think of Vine?…

Infographic: the year ahead in digital

content marketingWe’ve had a lot of predictions about what to expect for the rest of the year, but here’s a handy summary of many of the main points. Going up – infographics, branded content and spending on mobile advertising. Going up even more – believe it or not, spend on PPC advertising (in spite of those concerns about click fraud) and branded video, with 86% planning to add it to their sites.

Click on the infographic to get a bigger version.

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Infographic: A (short) history of mobile marketing

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 13.31.04It’s a testament to how far Mobile Marketing has come in such a short space of time that it was just five years ago the category was introduced at the D&AD Awards. In 2009, the world may have looked largely the same, bar a tablet or two (the iPad was still a mere rumour back then), but mobile was a youthful new medium that both brands and creatives alike were tentatively getting to grips with.

As we look ahead to 2014 and the latest wave of innovation, we asked information designer Tiffany Farrant Gonzalez to delve through our historic data for the Mobile Marketing category and track its humble beginnings through to the present day. Read more on Infographic: A (short) history of mobile marketing…