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Infographic: digital ad crimes

Click-Fraud_infographicDigital advertising adoption rates continue to soar in the UK and is on pace to outstrip all other traditional formats combined. The total UK advertising market will hit £15.8bn in 2015, with just under £8bn of that going to digital ads.

However, the rapid growth of digital hasn’t come without obstacles for advertisers.

Although digital advertising makes it easier to target audiences, track campaigns and in many ways is more efficient than traditional advertising, it has its own host of challenges. At the forefront of the discussion are paid ad impressions that are not seen, ads appearing next to or within risqué content and clicks that are logged from non-human traffic. Read more on Infographic: digital ad crimes…

Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday

WEB_Twitter_advertising_infographicTwitter is now ubiquitous in the social networking world and many of us spend a good portion of our day on it. We even use it simultaneously while we watch TV.

Like most businesses, Twitter needed some element of revenue and so Twitter Ads were created back in April 2000. Initially they were rolled out to select partners but have now been made available to many territories worldwide. Read more on Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday…

Infographic: what do brands think of Vine?

vine sessionsWhat do brands including Agent Provocateur, Johnson & Johnson and Doritos think of Vine? Social video seeding agency The 7th Chamber asked these and other consumer brands, as well as media agencies, and found that a year after its launch Vine is widely seen as being a useful part of a marketing strategy.

Of the 70 brands and agencies surveyed, 38 per cent said they are currently using Vine for marketing and advertising. Almost half – 45 per cent – consider it to be a staple in their media mix.

If you’re a user who painstakingly creates six-second masterpieces (or have built up a big Vine following in some other way), you might expect to hear from an agency, with 60 per cent of the respondents saying they have or are considering using Vine influencers to promote branded Vines. Read more on Infographic: what do brands think of Vine?…

Infographic: the year ahead in digital

content marketingWe’ve had a lot of predictions about what to expect for the rest of the year, but here’s a handy summary of many of the main points. Going up – infographics, branded content and spending on mobile advertising. Going up even more – believe it or not, spend on PPC advertising (in spite of those concerns about click fraud) and branded video, with 86% planning to add it to their sites.

Click on the infographic to get a bigger version.

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Infographic: A (short) history of mobile marketing

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 13.31.04It’s a testament to how far Mobile Marketing has come in such a short space of time that it was just five years ago the category was introduced at the D&AD Awards. In 2009, the world may have looked largely the same, bar a tablet or two (the iPad was still a mere rumour back then), but mobile was a youthful new medium that both brands and creatives alike were tentatively getting to grips with.

As we look ahead to 2014 and the latest wave of innovation, we asked information designer Tiffany Farrant Gonzalez to delve through our historic data for the Mobile Marketing category and track its humble beginnings through to the present day. Read more on Infographic: A (short) history of mobile marketing…

Infographic: Consumer psychology and the e-commerce checkout

cash register checkout toy

I’m sure we’ve all been there – an online basket with something in it, ready to make a purchase. And then… we abandon it. So what are our thought processes? And is there anything a retailer can do to stop us from changing our minds at the last minute? Here’s an interesting infographic that tracks the psychology of a would be buyer from the moment they log on – where you’ve got just three seconds to get it right – right through to how they choose their payment method.

Key messages are that consumers do not like finding hidden charges part way through their transaction, online shoppers are highly likely to check out product reviews before they make a decision and that nearly a third will abandon their transaction if you try and make them register on your site to complete the sale.

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Infographic: here’s how to get your mobile email marketing to bomb

email sendDo you treat emails differently when you open them on your phone to when you open them on your computer? If so, chances are the same applies to your customers. So why aren’t you thinking about it when you’re designing email marketing too? You loser!

Here’s an inforgraphic that has some helpful pointers about how to start getting it right. Read more on Infographic: here’s how to get your mobile email marketing to bomb…

Infographic: forget about the selfie, get wise to the belfie

kim kardashian belfieAt The Wall, we know you want to keep up with the latest developments in digital marketing and social media, so we are duty bound to publish this important new infographic on the emergence of a major new trend.

It’s no longer enough to talk about selfies: you need to get on board with belfies, helfies and, for the more highbrow among you, bookshelfies. Read more on Infographic: forget about the selfie, get wise to the belfie…

Infographic: how to increase your email opening rates

gmail inbox google mail promotionsHaving trouble persuading customers on your mailing list to open your emails? WhoIsHostingThis? has compiled this infographic (below) for all marketers explaining email deliverability and the different factors that affect the chances of readers opening marketing emails.

The introduction of Gmail’s tabbed mailbox (pictured) has  added to the challenge. With most marketing materials now landing straight in the Promotions tab,  open rates have suffered a decline.

While highly engaged users (those who regularly open marketing emails) are now more likely to open them, research shows a decrease in rates in the low-to-medium engagement group. Meanwhile, medium engaged readers are likely to continue opening emails as they did before.

There’s some helpful advice to help marketers get over this obstacle.  Encourage subscribers to move your emails to the Primary tab by telling them how easy it is to do this  – blog about it and include a step-by-step guide.

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Infographic: 69% of Londoners use their iPhones on the toilet

iphone 5c 2013Where does the UK public use their iPhones? You may not want to know the answer. According to research by OnePoll and Arena Media 69% of Londoners use their iPhone on the toilet.  With the most popular iPhone activity being SMS  (96.2%), it may be something you choose to forget next time you hear the beep.

Calls are the second most popular activity (91.4%), web usage comes third (88.1%) and photos are fourth (79.7%) with pictures of families and friends being the most popular subjects. Only 6.9% of iPhone photographers confess to taking selfies and men are slightly more keen on self portraits than women.

Londoners use their iPhone apps the most throughout the day for everything except photos. The top spot for which is claimed by East Anglia, where 85% of respondents  claim to use photo apps daily. 78% of iPhone users in the North East and London both claim to use exercise apps daily and the region comes second to the capital for using social media and ebook apps.

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